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  1. Which one do you like better? M64 or Galaxy? What I've read so far says that this game is better than M64. I truly hope so.
  2. That sucks, why does he even bother to play this game then, or any game for that matter? If the main goal is to have fun. How can someone like that have fun?...
  3. My record is 61% on hard. Im very far from trying expert though.
  4. Can I sue GameStop for not getting the game today, but tomorrow? I remember when I preordered the game I was told that they would get it on the 12th, not the 13th. Im so fucking angry at them! EDIT: They better get Brawl the 10th, or that'll be the last time that I buy with them.
  5. So, I fallowed your advice, and we discovered a piece of plastic stuck in there. Then we put it back together and it worked perfectly. I just wonder how that lil piece fell in there. :S
  6. Normal settings to Black&White, IDK what else you could be talking about. Very new Yes, but that didnt solve it. nope Its any file I try to print. It was printing perfectly find till now. No, how do you do that?Heres the first time it did it:
  7. I thought it was a pretty good one Oh yeah you could also try downloading SF2T for the Wii and buying a normal classic controller.
  8. The best you can do IMO, is buy a ThrustMaster Classic Controller for the Wii and the buy CapcomVsSNK2 for the GCN The Classic controller plugs into the GameCube port, so It'll work as a normal Gamecube controller. Thats what I was planning on doing at least. Links: Click here for the Classic controller. And check on Ebay for CVS2 for the GameCube. Its really cheap. And that is the legal way. You could Also try to download the Dreamcast version of the game (that I also have). Download an emulator and the get 2 XBOX 360 wired controllers and play. It works fin in my pc, but I got no XBOX360 controllers my friend did. And I think 2 XBOX360 controllers will be more expensive than the other alternative. But you can always try to play with the keyboard (but its hard to get used to, and a mess) I hope that help a bit.
  9. Well since I trust you guys more than Dell, and the Dell web site didn't really help at all. I'd like to ask you guys. Well... The printer is only printing the sides of the page but not the middle, and I really have no clue whats going on. Any help?
  10. This video was so fucking awesome! Gosh, I hate we are still 3 months away
  11. Talking about SSFIITHD, Check this video out: And about the video, is it me or the song in the background is the "Made in USA" from Blood on the Asphalt? If it is, then. Major props to Sixto Sounds.
  12. I wish I could even play all starts, but the stupid used copy of this game wont work with 2 stages. Rainbow cruise and LoZ Temple The MiniCD is scratched up and that the only Melee I got in 5 different stores. (3 years ago though) Also I cannot beat the game with Samus, if I do the game will freeze up at the end
  13. Im not sure if anyone has posted about this already, but... http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/SSBBDemo Please y'all sign the petition. It will be for the benefit of us all!!!!!!! ...
  14. Nintendo used to do it a lot back in GCN days, I remember many of the games I bought came with demo CDs, like Mario Kart, LoZ Collector Edition and a couple others that I cant recall now.
  15. Hey guys, Do you guys think that you could make me a nice sig about Evil Ken? These are a couple of cool picts of him (and ERyu): , Thx in advance
  16. Going back on topic, I posted this a couple of pages back, but got no answer. Do you guys think that Nintendo will release Brawl's Demo with some other game (like Super Mario Galaxy)? Because I'm dying to play it. I also think that would be a good way to promote the game even more.
  17. I still have like 6 more months of subscription, so it would be a waste of money if I change now. Even though I really want to
  18. Pretty much the same here. I cant play PC games at all unless I uninstall my Norton A-V, because the bastard sucks all the juice out of my processor. My problem is that either I get a better car or a new PC. My car is reaching the 100k miles and no A/C, so a better newer car would be nice. but My PC is 4 years old: Pentium4, 2.5Ghz, 1Gb of RAM and 128Mb on the Video Card. And I would just buy more RAM, but my manufacturer says that 1Gb is the limit for my [old] Mobo. So ASA my time with Norton is over I'll definitely get rid of it and try a new Anti-Virus. EDIT: Yet, I'm still undecided about the car. Because A/C is very much appreciated in the heat of Miami.
  19. Do you guys know what would be incredibly cool, but doubt that will really happen. If Nintendo offers the demo of Brawl in all the Super Mario Galaxy's copies. I think I'd actually play the demo more than SMG. At least for a while. Also the demo would probably keep me busy until the actual release of the game.
  20. Actually, updates are at 12pm Japan. And about ZSS, I think it was obvious that they were gonna use the stun gun. It came from Zero Mission, but remember that ZSS has to be less powerful than Chozo armored Samus.
  21. lol that video was some funny shit, ROFL! That guy's a genius, lol XD I'll probably dl'd the game later on today, it looks like fun.
  22. Landmaster owns, but I was actually expecting the Great Fox. So, wavedashing is going to be doable in this game, huh?
  23. I maybe a little late, maybe someone has mention this already, but I think this song would perfectly go in a funeral. I also think it'd be a nice pick for Guitar Hero 3
  24. ROFL! I don't think so. Probably just a pick of your face. 1Q? Is this game with stupid rules china only? or do people in other countries gotta fallow those rules too?
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