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  1. Disturbed - Land of Confusion : http://youtu.be/YV4oYkIeGJc
  2. I caught a few trailers this morning, as it was the first I heard of it. I'm excited but I don't have HBO. If it was Starz Play on the other hand, I would have access to it on Netflix. =(
  3. The PSP remake of Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together is fantastic. Got it 2 weeks ago, and I play it every free chance I get. I already beat it, twice. The World System that allows you to go back through and replay the game to make different choices is a great way to keep you hooked.
  4. HAHAHA. I didn't even notice that. He's probably one of the writers of the song. I bet the writers of this song are just huge trolls, getting their laughs that everyone is paying attention to this garbage.
  5. EVEN BETTER http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3CBzT2pv1Jc Comments disabled and 90% dislikes. Haha.
  6. You could just watch it on Netflix. Haha.
  7. Tell Amy Jo Johnson she gave me my first... nevermind. TMI.
  8. Hotz goes to school where I graduated last year, RIT. I'm sure the amount of girls he picked up from jailbreaking the iPhone should hold him over for a while if he goes to jail. You'd be surprised how well it helped that doofy mother fucker pick up chicks.
  9. I rape myself everyday. It's quite traumatizing.
  10. I stopped reading when people kept mentioning the standard Chrono Trigger and Secret of Mana, like you don't already know what those games are. I'd go with the first two Star Ocean remakes on the PSP. Why? Multiple story paths/endings. In depth characters that can be explored through "private action" sequences throughout the game. FUN FUN FUN battle system. Unique ability/tech system. Beautiful graphics. Downside... HORRIBLE VOICE ACTING =(
  11. I like to play and listen to drums. I used to play Viola, and I loved it. I enjoy listening to orchestral arrangements.
  12. Rabble Rabble Rabble Rabble Yeah, I think I summed it up. Carry on if you need to, but I think that should end it.
  13. I was getting worried that somehow I got the wrong address through a typo. I'm happy it got to you safe and sound. I'm glad you liked everything. Happy Holidays!
  14. Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.
  15. I haven't seen my recipient post anything about it, but USPS said it's arrived. So I hope it arrived safely. Anyways, I have been enjoying my gift. Golden Sun is a fun game. =D
  16. Yeah I scoured the inside of the packaging looking for note, but there wasn't one. I hope the note I added to my package gets put in. Thank you so much man. I am so excited to play this game. I recently just finished Golden Sun 2, again. So it's perfect timing. You made my Christmas. And I mean that.
  17. My girlfriend goes to visit her Mom in The Isle of Man starting Sunday. For TWO weeks. So I'm sure I'll be able to play this game start to finish, without wanting to put it down. Still want to know who sent it. And according to USPS: -Delivered, December 16, 2010, 3:01 pm, RIVERDALE, MD 20737 So mine arrived yesterday.
  18. I got mine today! Like my festive Xmas getup? SO EXCITED TO PLAY IT! I love the Golden Sun games. Someone either took a lucky guess or somehow scoured the forums hardcore. THANKS! Now tell me who sent it so I can thank you personally! =D
  19. I hate NSMB Wii on multiplayer. So much room for causing friendly fire. Anyways, kids always seem cooler and more fun when you you don't have to deal with them 24/7. I.E. not your kids.
  20. With the Wii, I recommend Kirby Epic Yarn for fun easy going co-op. My girlfriend can't get into any games I play, so I picked that up, and she loved it. We had a ball co-oping it all the way start to finish. Also, get her the old Harvest Moon game on VC. That will start her on a long road of great fun.
  21. If you haven't seen the website you should check it out. http://www.badassoftheweek.com Also, according to USPS my gift arrived today. But USPS has never been trustworthy for me, so we'll see.
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