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  1. Maybe, I should elaborate..haha. Last year at RIT we introduced a Video Game Design Bachelor's Degree. If they had had that when I graduated high school in '05 I would have applied to that instead of CS. But Computer Science, then switching to IT, killed my ambition for designing games and love of computers. I'm still at RIT but now I am a Hospitality - Restaurant Management major. I hear good things about the VG Design major though. So look into it.
  2. http://games.rit.edu/degree_programs/bachelors_in_game_design_development/
  3. I don't want my DS to take pictures and play music. I already have stuff to do that. The SD card does open up a lot of possibilities though.
  4. I don't know if anyone saw that Ragnarok Online thread that Bleck posted. But he posted his opinion on private RO servers, and then as soon as I had anything to say about my own opinion he went off the handle, throwing insults and acting like he was supreme ruler of the thread. I think he actually got banned afterwards. It's not split personality, it's just people behind keyboards that know that they can get away with such behavior because there are no repercussions. I can guarantee that 90% of the assholes on this message board would never act like that in real life. To anyones face at least.
  5. I figured, that's why I clarified. No worries.
  6. I was specifically talking about people who turn into assholes behind a keyboard. Thats not uncontrollable anger.
  7. I think that saying someone has split personalities based on the fact that when they're anonymous they get nasty...is just stupid. Thats not split personality, that's just that person taking advantage of a situation where they know they can get away with being assholes. In America we get so excited at the opportunity to find reasons to diagnose more people with mental disorders that we cross lines between normal human behavior and twisting that behavior to fit some form of mental disease. We do this so the pharmaceutical companies can make more money. It's bullshit. We wonder why America has insurance companies going under.
  8. The RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology) Brick City Singers acapella group did this too. Awesome song.
  9. Why does nothing ever happen in NY? Not cool.
  10. I think Blade was just a made up character to give more characters that involve Sonic.
  11. I played on a PSP slim and the slowdown was almost non-existent. I loved the re-translation, and didn't have any problems adjusting to the new skill names.
  12. If you need someone to sing off key, I'm your man!
  13. Back in the SNES days my mom would stop in at the local Video-to-Roll store, and pick up games based on the cashier's recommendations to surprise my brother and I. One day she came home with Harvest Moon and Final Fantasy 2. Forever changed my life.
  14. F***ING AMAZING!!! Minus my theater being extremely hot. The theater I went to had 1000+ people for the midnight showings.
  15. He said there's a Chinese version. Maybe they charge them?
  16. Hawkwing

    Sony PSP

    I know some people hate remakes to portables. But I love it because i barely have time to sit at home and play my favorite games anymore. So with CT coming to the DS and now Star Ocean coming to the PSP, I'm a happy happy person.
  17. no shes not... she said this as one of her posts "o_O; Um. Whoa wait a minute. Okay, not to further any problem. I wanted to give not only myself but the people to experience FFVII's music in different music instruments. Now. That link you posted. That is not even compared to the work I do, I can show you some remixes I made from scrap. Same goes for the other ones I layed out here, I have to actually pinpoint the notes and place them with my instruments. Now, Here is this thing. Whether you like the album or not is none of my concern. As long as others are happy about it, That's fine with me. So sorry if remaking music offends you." comparing what she is doing to actual remixing.
  18. Odd..Earlier today I actually heard the Code Monkey cover on Tha Sauce's myspace page. So I went to your website and downloaded the album and snagged your Code Monkey cover. Listened to all of it today. Good stuff.
  19. I always pronounced Cecil like See-sill. Oh well.
  20. I'm student manager at a dining hall at RIT, and we're open for the summer. I walked by a bunch of my student workers two days ago, about 6 of them, ages 18-21, and said "Chrono Trigger is coming to the DS" and all of them were excited. I guess it just depends who you are. Because there gamers and then theres RPG gamers.
  21. try having sex with her before you go to bed, that should tire her out....hopefully.
  22. maybe i should have included a </sarcasm> tag...
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