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  1. i actually have the original warcraft sitting around my parents house somewhere. that game was awesome.
  2. I was more talking about how I had mistaken a song for video game music. I wasn't trying to talk about the actual Robo/Rick Roll. Hence why I said "I guess we can just turn this thread into a mistaken music thread." Not "Let's discuss the exact thing I was talking about."
  3. So, I was at the RIT hockey game tonight, and our band was playing a song. Next thing I know, they transition over to another song, and I've been playing so much Chrono Trigger lately, I thought they were playing Robo's theme. Turned out it was just a good ol' Rick Rolling. I did some Google searching, luckily I'm not the only one who has had this happen to them. There's even YouTube videos of the song behind Rick Astley's song. I hope you all liked my anecdote. I guess we can just turn this thread into a mistaken music thread. Whatever.
  4. As of right now my DS is reigning supreme. But after Christmas, I think it's either going to be even (Blade of the Exile) or the PSP is going to take over (Breath of Fire 3 and Star Ocean).
  5. I never said fat. I just didn't think he would be a beanpole.
  6. What is up with Butz? I didn't think he would be that skinny for one. And why does he have the buster sword, and since when can he merge swords?
  7. I think he looked more like Clay Aiken...in about 15 years.
  8. Finally rolled out of bed and it smells AWESOME here. And America got Rick Roll'd. Today is a good day.
  9. Watch out for that tryptophan. I'm excited about the stuffing and the apple pie. One of the few times of the year I get it, since I moved out on my own. Anyone going Black Friday shopping? And if so, what for?
  10. I like the viola better. But that's just my two cents.
  11. Pokemon Diamond definitely got me back into Pokemon. I haven't really liked any since Red/Blue/Yellow. Great game. Lots of fun.
  12. I have some friends that are in love with Fable 2. Two guys and one of the guys girlfriend. So if the girl likes it, she never plays video games, then it must be good.
  13. Well it's only a couple months away, and friends and family start bugging you about what to get you for Christmas. So I decided that instead of relying on reviews on GameFaqs or Gamestop we could ask each other about first hand experiences with games. So far I'm looking at: Lock's Quest - DS Harvest Moon Island of Happiness - DS Harvest Moon Tree of Tranquility - Wii Final Fantast Tactics A2 - DS Star Ocean: The First Departure - PSP
  14. I'm trying to get my girlfriend into the type of video games I play. So I booted of Secret of Mana on my SNES. Then the next day it came out on VC. She says she's really confused but she's having fun playing it. We'll get there haha.
  15. Yeah sorry that was me. The bathroom was occupied.
  16. Still don't see the problem. Every one will die eventually and this planet will cease to exist sometime down the line. That's what those lines mean, and they are true. People need to stop being sissy little girls.
  17. "Oh no, we have reference to a religion in our game!" I don't see the big deal.
  18. I don't believe I did? Haha. Maybe? I don't really remember seeing an e-mail from OCRemix. Except saying i have a new private message once in a while. Edit: I just checked, and I have it enabled. I never see e-mails from OCRemix that I would consider spam anyways.
  19. If you didn't want e-mails why did you check the box that said you're okay with them sending you e-mails?
  20. I know the SNES version had an issue with lack of space for a proper translation. Also it was done in 30 days. Is this a direct port or did they spruce up the translation?
  21. I actually booted up my cartridge of SoM yesterday. I was getting an urge to play it, after seeing how Japan has it on their VC already. But I'm not going to get it. I want them to make an WiiWare that allows you to boot up a VC game and play it over the web. When they do that, I will buy SoM. Or, if someone can tell me if they changed the game somehow, and convince me its worth it.
  22. The best thing about this thread....the ad for Colbert ring tones.
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