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  1. My girlfriend got me that. =D
  2. Byuu, Have you received any bids for the prototype yet?
  3. I've pretty much gotten a good grasp of the gameplay and some of the heroes. The items are where I'm lagging. Trying to learn where all the items are in the shops, and what they do. I spend too much time looking through shops trying to find something that fits my hero. Any tips?
  4. I just tried playing, and even in noob only games, people aren't very friendly or helpful. I haven't played DotA in a couple years. I haven't really played any games in a couple years. And everyone with a mic was just yelling at me. Holy shit. REAL BIG turn off to the game. EDIT: It was a game that said NOOBS WELCOME on it too.
  5. Can anyone send me a beta key?
  6. Well if someone can send me a beta key I'll play. I use to play DoTA all the time on WC3.
  7. Looking at the videos it looks exactly like WC3, even the animations. Is that legal?
  8. I can answer this in one word. Patience. Another word would be time. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle games were a testament to that also.
  9. And that's all I have to say about anything.
  10. Well, my mom ordered this for me over a year ago for my 21st birthday in August. And it kept getting postponed. It finally came in the mail while I was visiting them for the weekend. I didn't have my DS on me, and so I started yesterday. I've been plpaying for 3 hours but most of it was grinding for G so I could get the best equipment available to me. I like the battle system, its definitely different from what I've seen before. I like the 16-bit graphics a lot. The music is boring, and could be much better. They add a lot of secret passageways, I've already found a bunch of things that I only found because I'm OCD about exploring maps. Overall I like it so far. We'll see what happens when I actually get into it.
  11. So, I was lying in bed just now and I looked over at my Chrono Trigger poster that came with CT DS. I noticed something. Marle is casting Fire onto Crono's sword. Lucca has fire magic not Marle. As you can see that's definitely Fire magic. I just wanted to make a thread about this kind of thing. Anyone else notice stuff like this?
  12. Hawkwing

    Star Trek

    All I'm gonna say is now my girlfriend is pissed that it's cool to be a Trekkie ever since this movie came out. Everyone always makes fun of her for liking Star Trek.
  13. Well in Final Fantasy III the warriors of light are battling darkness. But there's a background to the story where the heroes of dark had to battle the light, and the light was evil.
  14. Try Lock's Quest for the DS. It's a completely touch screen and does it well. It's more of a Tower Defense RPG. Not very much like Dark Cloud at all, but very fun.
  15. Yeah, I for one refuse to be educated. =)
  16. I'm assuming that if they deem that the test cities went well with the capped tiers, that they will move on to more cities. Then, repeat the process till everyone's screwed.
  17. Ever hear the phrase: "Just the tip, just to see how it feels?"
  18. I believe he means they have no substantial evidence to JUSTIFY themselves to the customer.
  19. Actually big cities are typically the worst. In Rochester, like I said before, it's Time Warner or Frontier. My friend from NYC said theres Optimum and that's about it. A lot of Rochester, including Massa our Congressman, has shunned TWC. It hasn't stopped them at all. They don't have to stop, being as big as they are. Also...on a side not...who changed my topic title???
  20. I sure hope not. I live in and go to school in Rochester, where their testing the bandwidth caps, but my parents live outside of Rome, which for the rare occasions I go home I'd be afraid to use the internet and cost my parents overage fees.
  21. Ok, so here's a link: http://www.businessweek.com/technology/content/mar2009/tc20090331_726397.htm?chan=top%2Bnews_top%2Bnews%2Bindex%2B-%2Btemp_top%2Bstory Update: http://www.democratandchronicle.com/article/20090410/BUSINESS/90410003&referrer=NEWSFRONTCAROUSEL They're doubling the original tiers. That's it. With one of the biggest company in ISPs changing their rate plans to actually cap bandwidth usage per month, this is going to put a huge cramp in the side of flourishing online media outlets. Maybe not iTunes as much, but Netflix and other online HD movie streaming sites will feel the pinch. Also, many people who surf a lot of YouTube will be hurting. Also sites like Fox and ABC which stream their shows online may lose ad revenue. Also, IM clients like AIM, Yahoo, MSN, Skype, etc may also have to start being used in moderation. Skype more than the others I assume, but not only using webcam over them, but leaving them on all night soaks bandwidth. Many people might have to end up turning their modems off at night just to be sure no bandwidth is being used. What are your thoughts an opinions? If you currently use Time Warner (Road Runner) are you going to stay or switch? And who are you going to switch to? I'm in Rochester, NY and I'm having a hard time finding another ISP. It seems that Road Runner (Cable) and Frontier (DSL) seem to be my only options. I know I will go over the 5GB cap easily, and the 10GB cap is more than what I pay for currently. My girlfriend watches Lost on ABC.com, which one episode could almost kill that bandwidth by itself.
  22. Leaf Green/Fire Red are great places to start to get a feel for the series. I didnt play any between Yellow and the remakes of Red/Blue, except for playing around on some ROMs, so I can't comment on those. I have Diamond, and it's awesome.
  23. I was in Game Craze the other day in Rochester, and they had a 3rd party system that loaded NES, SNES, and Genesis games in one unit for like $40.
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