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    You have seen Sunshine, I hope?
  2. I find his original work to be his best. SGX is a madman. It's almost crazy how much better he gets better with every track he does. I'm the biggest fan of his epic trance material, personally. Span is up there with Deep Breath and Haven for me. Good shit.
  3. Yes, dude, dead serious... I was at work an hour earlier and when I came home, bam, the mix was already on the site. The mix was eerily spot on too. It's a good thing you didn't do a Lufia 2 remix, otherwise a month and a half of work on my part might have gone down the drain haha... Hell march on, my friend.
  4. Yeah man, probably my favorite version to date... Connie Dover's voice is just crazy gorgeous
  5. Wasn't saying I wasn't familiar with Latin hymns, Gregorian chants or the mass... but it was refreshing to hear that in a pop electronica setting, I would have never thought of it. Latin is an epic language, and it was an awesome touch Ubi Caritas is also amazing, don't know if you've heard it before: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5M0VzsZgsAA Look forward to hearing more of your stuff!
  6. Nice work on the latin lyrics... it's really unusual to hear latin in an electronica track, but this sounds really cool... both the production and singing work really nicely together, really cool sick synth work imo. It's awesome to see an original collaboration here. Either I've been away too long or they're all too rare. Or I'm way out of the loop Either way, I'm impressed.
  7. Woa, fucking sick. My appreciation of Roe music skrillz just went up times forty. I wish I could bust out something like this on famiTracker but I just don't have the patience haha... I just keep asking myself where the 'export to soundfont' button is in the instrument editor... Speaking of sick chiptunes, check out covox or lo-batt: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZQxiPf-KIQ Prefer Covox meself...
  8. This is pretty fucking cool. Shit like this gives daft punk a run for their money if you ask me. If you could bring the bass synth out a little more it would be a little groovier, but i'm a bass fanatic. i have to say, though, the first and half of the song is way cooler than the second. i felt like the song had a really concrete, danceable style going and then it suddenly became uncharacteristically abstract and unfocused. the first half is gold, though, awesome awesome work on that. i feel like the song could keep going that direction, but it would need lyrics or a new section in the same style.
  9. gaaah... my bad. i think i listened to the first two tracks and then track 4, but after 3 tracks with skit material i decided the whole album was probably in a similar vein. i'll have to go back and listen to the other tracks and get back to you with some new feedback.
  10. No offense... but this is weird. Interesting project, but it's like a radio talk show played overtop of radiohead's "treefingers". Not bad, but not my style. If it were funnier, that would make up for its weirdness, but at the same time, I applaud your efforts. I definitely haven't heard something like this before. The thing that comes closest to it might be the arab strap, since they basically tell a story overtop their music. But seriously cool album design though. I'd say make the music more prominent next time, and less talking, because the music had more potential than it got credit for, being a backdrop most of the time. I was liking certain parts, but then it would just kind of dissolve away and not go anywhere. I'll definitely be checking out your next thread.
  11. I was just thinking to myself, "Why the hell hasn't someone done a metal orchestral remix of Hell March from Red Alert 2 and called it Hell March to the Apocalypse"? Well done on anticipating my every whim. This remix is stellar. I guess I'll just have to wait for a remix of "Mechanical Man" from C&C though
  12. I think this a solid start, but the synth textures need sharpening and the whole mix feels like it kind of meanders. That does capture the mood of exploration, but it doesn't really pay off unless there's also a feeling of discovery / awe for me. One issue is the clashing aesthetics from the beginning, which is a very mechanical, post-industrial kind of mood, and the idea of a shimmering ice cave. I also thought the bass synth was kind of goofy and could be replaced with something a little darker and more alien. Overall though, the parts just before the breakdown and the breakdown about halfway through the mix were the parts I liked the best--with the exception of the sour second run of the phendrana piano synth. I love the sound of the synth, but the second run sounds off to me. I don't remember if it was part of the original composition, but even if it was I'd tweak it because the first run of the synth brought a cool mood to the mix that the second run kind of ruined. I guess after the breakdown I was expecting some kind of new intensity but the mix just sort of went back to what it was doing before. Basically I agree with Rozovian; clean it up some. Looking forward to the next update, but still, nice work so far. You've got a cool concept and some cool textures, and I think if you really develop those aspects and play them up with some intensity this will be an excellent remix.
  13. Win, mix is win, but work on your acoustic sounds before submitting.
  14. REPLY REPLY >:3 Really nice work! Very animeish. The composition is quite pretty, light-hearted, but also has some real tender moments. It has a nice lush sound to it with just the right mix of happy/touching quality. thanks for posting, i haz enjoyed it
  15. Thanks, dude. I thought ocr original feedback had died. I guess I'm wrong. Based on your feedback, I might go back and add somethings later : ) thnx again for listening
  16. YES Is this the judges panel? Did I did it right??? Anway, damn slick. The ending needs work, but again, the mix is pretty sick. Definitely OCR worthy imo. Just try to bring the sound out more in post production, make it sound fuller/louder? Little dry, like someone else was saying. I think the problem might be that lows are not low enough to making the fat beats. Add another octave down on the bass = penultimate? Nice work, dude...
  17. Not bad, man. This is the only theme from prime worth remixing in my opinion, and the concept for this remix is nice enough. I'd say do a search for some free drum samples, you'd be surprised what kind of quality you can find. Honestly the drums are seriously lacking the mix. The composition keeps nice, except for 2:30 when you hit a really sour note by going up on the scale from the original composition. Otherwise, when you're done, I would export all the different tracks and different synths, and do some compressing and panning to make them sound both full and louder. There's lots of tutorials out there on how to do it, and I think it would push the quality of your mix into acceptable standards. i'm not a pro by any means, but basic stuff is important too : ) peace
  18. OA: This owns so furiously. Lufia may be seriously under-remixed, but the mixes that have been posted so far are of epic quality, yours included. I hope the mix I am currently working on will also be added to the list, when it's done and submitted. Two Lufia mixes in the same year? Now that would be progress. I think Lufia fans have had to wait long time since the last mix was posted, so I'm glad to see that your mix got posted. It's got great energy, and when you break into the source material, it's fucking poetry. Damn sick job, it's a great track that sorely needed remixing. LUFIA FTW.
  19. This is a short (2:35) piano piece that's kind of twilight zone interlude. I was going more for strange textures. Let me know if my piano composition is painfully noobish. I want to know if the composition, outside of being eerie, makes the listener feel uncomfortable or cringe, because I'm not going for that. I'm kind of happy with it as is, short and sweet, but it always helps to hear what people have to say. http://www.mediafire.com/?y0gommmzogk Many thanks for any listeners and feedback : )
  20. The composition is fairly nice and chilled out, I think you did quite a good job on that, but good samples are hard to come by. I feel your pain. the ones you have now are alright for composing the piece, but i would say try to find some better ones for the final mix. the acoustic samples don't sound bad, but they're still easily identified as samples : / Still, like I said, I think the piece as a whole sounds pretty nice, even with the samples you have. because the sound of something really depends what your end goal is. like if you're planning to make pop music, game music, just for fun, etc... there's all kinds of different standards. i usually judge from an indie music standpoint, which is why i say the samples could use some work. but like i said, i definitely feel your pain. definitely one of the most challenging aspects of making electronic music would be finding sounds we are happy with. i think you've got the music part down, just work on your production : )
  21. "Please sign up or log in to listen to this track." Is there another hosting site you use? I use filefactory since I'm lazy and there's no signup required. http://www.filefactory.com/ I'll check back later.
  22. Alright, bruvas... my second mix out of FL Studio. There are no preset sounds, because I hate them all. I used a couple soundfonts, though, and sampled a whole lot NIN tracks for a kick here, and snare there. Some of the 8bit sounds I made myself with FamiTracker. Samples from Megaman as well. I'd say this mix is rough and all over the place in terms of flow and meshing at the end, so I'll probably give it another go sometime. http://www.filefactory.com/file/ahbcedc/n/02_PSI_FIRE_mp3 All comments welcome.
  23. Not bad. A little frenetic though, and it needs some volume adjustment on certain synths and drums imo. The mix flows pretty well, but I think the sounds you're using need work--there are holes in the mix when it comes to sounding "full". Your highs are really high, your lows are low, but there's not much in between. The synths also need improving so they sound more full and unique. I'm a huge fan of this song, actually. It was nice to hear your take.
  24. Yes for Claire haha she's coming to visit me so i've written her a 'my first song' all about sparkles I honestly didn't expect a response here until tomorrow, but lo and behold, I find gold. Thanks for the instant feedback Roe! Yes... I suppose the stuff going on for about 2 minutes is a bit bizarre, but I guess I was going for the chill effect. I'm surprised you didn't like the vibe that come in around 1:05 though. I thought it was pure sex, but what can you do... I do agree cohesion is a problem in the mix. The horns come in quite suddenly even for me haha. I think when I revamp this in a week I'll maybe restructure it and find a way to make things gel all the way through like they do from 3:00 on. All I did to create the background ambiance was scattering a few notes (until they sounded more like ambiance than random hits) with the music box, vibes and glockenspiel, added some reverb, then reverse it in audacity. Then I stacked the sounds (forward and backward) in the mix and there you have it. I lowered them once the main glock loop came in though, because they destroy any distinctions between the what notes are playing. I'm quite into soundscapes and the like : ) Thanks for ripping me to shreds. Just wait until you hear my electro shit haha...
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