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  1. I know. I just don't want to get my hopes up. But I am excited about this game
  2. It's enhanced my music collection and taste, and has introduced me to some games thanks to the music
  3. The latest issue of Nintendo Power has massive coverage of the Sonic RPG for the DS. It's going to be called The Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. Here's some info on the game: -Cover Story with nice artwork -In game graphics have a water color look, all hand drawn -4 party members at a time -Each character can do certain things ex: Tails can float over things (standard stuff) -11 party members total - 7 known are Sonic, Tails, Amy, Knuckles, Rouge, Shadow, Big the Cat -Control done fully with stylus - think Hourglass -Able to split party into teams at certain moments -Rings are used as currency -No random battles, see enemies on the field -Turn based battles, choose commands for everyone in your party before they actually follow through. Want battles to be fast paced -Elite Beat Agents style special attacks -Team attacks (like Chrono Trigger) -"Fatigue Points" instead of MP -Choose which attributes to increase when you level up -Purchase and level special attacks -Bits of story - Sonic's on vacation from defeating Eggman 2 years ago. Gets a call from Tails that Knuckles has been kidnapped by a group called the Marauders, and that 6 chaos emeralds are missing. Eggman not the main villain. But Bioware wants to make him a creditable bad guy again. Something about a "twist" between Eggman and Sonic that goes back to the earlier games. -2 acts - first takes place in standard Sonic areas. 2nd takes place in a darker world -Remixed classic tunes -"fully animated cut scenes" -simple dialogue trees -Side quests The bitchin cover art can be found here: http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=226943 So far, the game looks amazing, but so did Sonic Next Gen
  4. Hey, anyone remember back, before the project was released, a poll that was on the Hedgehog Heaven website? It was a poll on which of the three Robotnik remixes would be on the album and Robeatnik's Theme won. Does anyone have links to the other two remixes that were in that poll?
  5. damn, is it down again?
  6. There is only one word that can describe this mix: EPIC This is one of my favorite mixes on the album. Amazing work, dude
  7. Nice! Love the atmospheric and climatic feel to this piece! Both this and the Beta mix are awesome pieces. I'd love to heat the Forerunner Mix (Gamma) to serve as the conclusion to this mini-series Keep up the good work. Hope to hear more from you
  8. Well, this movie has a chance of being good. It is being made by the same people who made The Matrix and V for Vendetta.
  9. I support this quote I love how you turned a short title song into a nice vocal song! Love your music and hope to hear more from you! Oh, and happy birthday
  10. You may be gone, but the music that you left behind will forever remain among us. You put your spirit into your works, and many people have and will feel that through your music for generations. Thank you for using your talent to bless us with some of the best music that I have ever heard. Your masterpieces, Legend of the Snake 1 and 2, along with your other pieces will be loved for many ages, and you will be remembered in our hearts forever. Death is always tragic when it happens to the young and promising.
  11. Your remixes on the FF7 project were amazing and awesomely epic. This mix doesn't disappoint. Congrats on getting your mix on OCRemix. Hope to hear some more works from you
  12. I was thinking about how slow 2007 was in terms of Site projects, but it's going to be insane in 2008
  13. Good thing you did. That track is definitely one of the best in the project. Mastered so beautifully
  14. sorry, I forgot it's harder to display sarcasm on the internet. Still haven't figured out how to use emoticons on these boards The title is a little meh to me, but it'll grow on me. Looking forward to this project very much.
  15. The Missingo Tracks? You can do better than that
  16. cool. Better to have a complete and finished project at a later date than a rushed project at a promised release date (take notes, Sega)
  17. nice. As a trombone player, it's nice to see some brass (especially some low brass) love here. Awesome piece, dude
  18. Portrait of a Plumber? Is that the title of the album?
  19. Not Found The requested URL /public/PokemonProjectMedley.mp3 was not found on this server.
  20. Meh, Groudon should use Eruption. It'll send a ton of burning rocks raining onto the field, maybe causing small earthquakes when they hit. Kyogre's should be Water Spout, which is Eruption, but only with huge water drops instead of burning rocks
  21. Lyrics? I could definitely see the ending theme with lyrics
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