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  1. This was the perfect intro to the epic Impresario. This mix set the stage up, and the Impresario blew our minds. Can't really listen to one without listening to the other.
  2. This album is fucking balls to the wall awesome.
  3. Wow, it's been a while. Is this project next?
  4. Your album even made it to Google News:
  5. Groot definitely gave me an Iron Giant vibe pretty much because of Vin Diesel
  6. This album is all sorts of awesome. Definitely worth the price.
  7. They're doing two episodes a week starting next Friday, so gonna end in early August
  8. I remember this project starting around the same time as the MISSINGNo Tracks projects. That album beat you guys by three years but hey, better late than never. Looking forward to tomorrow, or whenever this album comes out.
  9. Loved Essence of Lime. Definitely will give this one a listen
  10. I wish people would mention what songs they use in their videos in the credits or descriptions. They'd make it easier for that song to get more attention and listeners
  11. 8 min 38 seconds should be fine. Blue Lightning by Disco Dan is 8:41, and that was posted in 2001.
  12. Anyone happen to know Cura? That's unfortunate, and I hope he recovers quickly and comes back stronger than ever.
  13. You guys should change Vig's name in this thread to Vig - Grammy Award Winning Judge
  14. Waiting for this album is like walking up a flight of endless stairs with the end always in sight
  15. I don''t think anyone's ever put together an OCR set, so you're probably the first.
  16. I anxiously await a real pic of Dave's daughter wearing headphones.
  17. She's definitely improving, which I guess is all we can ask for. Good to see she used the mass criticism from Friday to improve her skills.
  18. I have three: Start losing weight and get into shape Move out into my own place Get a GF The first one is the simplest, but seemingly the hardest one for me. Second one will require me to actually push myself to finding an apartment and moving out, while I'm still at a loss for the third one.
  19. Chris Huelsbeck had a kickstarter a while back for a Turrican Soundtrack Anthology, and it's officially out on his bandcamp profile! Volume 1 Volume 2 Volume 3 Volume 4 Haven't downloaded it yet, but based on the previews it sounds pretty badass.
  20. Not only are they vocal tracks, but they're rap tracks. The haters gotta love that.
  21. I am completely mesmerized. I mean, at 2:10, bah gawd. This song is completely awesome and I look forward to hearing more from Beth.
  22. Yeah, US Stardust Bad Future is my favorite US track and I miss it on the album. But they made up for that with Titillating Tempest and Road Trip (US Stardust) being fucking incredible
  23. Wow, you guys finished this and got it out in just over a year. Is that a record for an OCR album? Listening to it right now. I've always preferred the US soundtrack to the JP soundtrack, but I'm a fan of both today
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