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  1. Glad I could help. Good luck mate, Protools can be quite the little bitch sometimes
  2. To my knowlege, instrument tracks are only for midi. I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure that's how it works. Also, with an instrument track, you have to have a sample or a VST loaded to have any sound at all. Pretty much, it's just a midi track whcih is why I believe that is the reason it's only for midi keyboards. The Xpand! plugin is the new one from Digidesign
  3. Oooooooo, an instrument track and not a Mono audio track?
  4. How many tracks are you using? Just the one right now or are you using a master fader or an AUX tack?
  5. And when you start the playback to record, the blinking "R" button goes to a solid red?
  6. Does the track start turning a pink color when you start to record? Meaning that when the marker moves, everything in between where it started and where it is becomes pink?
  7. And like you said, the area that you're recording doesn't show any kind of wav? It's just a straight line? Also i added another question to my previous post, check it .
  8. Hmm. That's very interesting. When you start the playback to record, do you hear yourself still (as you did in the record mode before playback) or does the sound cut out? Also, is the input from the keyboard a XLR cable or a 1/4"?
  9. You may have alluded to this, but I want to clarify: before you start the recording and when you're in the recording status (i.e. the "R" light is blinking but you haven't started the playback), do you hear anything coming out of the speakers? I'm assuming you do if you're able to fix the gain meter so that it doesn't clip. However, if you can't hear it and your doing it just from sight, then you'll need to check the output of that track/channel and make sure it's being routed out of the Mbox outputs. You can do that thru the mixing window and thru the sequencer window if it's displayed.
  10. This track keeps getting sweeter and sweeter. You guys are in for a treat when he's done with it, believe me
  11. Prolly a pretty obvious question, but are you using Reason or Reason Adapted? Also, have you been able to have multiple NN-XT's and have them work properly before?
  12. Or be prepared to shell out the big cash (or gil, rather) for those blessed Astral Rings and other MP+ gear .
  13. Try the iTunes Music Store. Since they let you listen to 30 secs of the songs, you can try to find it that way. If it's recent (which it sounds like it might be) it may be one of the more popular downloads and be in that small list over to the right of the window .
  14. I'm gonna have to second what sephfire said on page one: If the visual concept and aesthetic of FF11 was put together with the gameplay from WoW, I would be hooked immediately. Don't get me wrong, I LOVED 11 when I played. Level 74 BLM, 61 WHM, 63 RNG Taru (plus all the other jobs up a good ways ways). I did Sky, Dynamis, Sea, etc, so I definitely put in the time and really enjoyed it. I will say, however, that people with busier schedules with blocks of free-time that don't exceed 2-3 hours prolly ought to not pick up FF11 . This is prolly why I have enjoyed WoW so much recently. It has been a nice relaxing break . I can play when I like to, and can stop relatively soon after I start playing if needbe.
  15. I mentioned to you before that you need more low end. I specifically said a bass, but I didn't specify exactly what I meant by that. The kick drum that you put in does help, but you still need one of the most important instruments in there: a bass guitar or some other synth that can hit those low frequencies. That will help fill the sparseness of the soundscape. Since you're using Reason, I would suggest taking a listen to the bass samples in the Maelstrom and the Subtractor devices. The Combinator may have a few good ones aswell. Give it a try and see what you hear .
  16. I use Reason 3.0. If you want me to, I can look at the file. Let me know.
  17. LOL. I'm doing this track for the Pokemon remix project. It's really funny to hear another WIP of the same track since I've been listening to nothing but mine . I agree with what EC said. It still sounds really thin and sparse. Out of curiosity, what program are you using for this?
  18. Like everyone has said, good mix. The drums are spot on in their sequencing, however, I do not like the sound of them. The samples you're using are just fine, but it sounds like you've got a filter or some kind of phaser on them and it's bringing the high overtones out so loud that it's almost uncomfortable for my ears. I think you need to tone whatever effect is on them down a bit. I hear it more on the cymbals, including the high-hat. I hope I'm not the only one who hears this. This may be written somewhere in this post, but I'm gonna ask anyway. What program are you using for this?
  19. I saw a person on OCR with a link to a piece of software that was very similar to iTunes in their sig, but I can't, for the life of me remember what it was called or the person who had it. I think it may have been called something like "Blackbird" or something similar maybe. Any ideas would be great. Thanks guys!!
  20. Other than a few slow parts and a couple sound technical difficulties, this is classic!!! Enjoy http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/video/mariolive
  21. Considering this track was made in Reason, I doubt it. To be honest, I'm not even sure what you're referring to .
  22. All of the percusion in my track "Final Panic" is done with the Doru Malaia Superdrums 8000. Tetris Attack is the game. It's on the site.
  23. Fixed the quote . And yes, seph speaks the truth concerning the possible "cheese" factor. However, I'm tempted to try it again at somepoint .
  24. Both . All the Rex files are broken down into combinator patches. They give you a lot of freedom!
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