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  1. One of my hobbies is devoted to the blurry lines between all forms of transformative or derivative works. It is fascinating to hear how the source material of a remix may in fact have been influenced by several other things -- if you bypass a "source" and remix a tune that inspired the source, what is the resulting track?
  2. Congrats on the album release, and I'm not just saying that because I came up with the title.
  3. I've just had an apostrophe. R.I.P.
  4. Well, he is 95 years old. He could use probably use some Viagra.
  5. I was kind of under the impression that he had multiple shields. In the earlier scenes, the shield seemed to have darker paint job, and later when Cap has his classic suit on, the shield has the bright USA colors. Maybe it was my imagination about the coloring, but if it's true then I'd think the classic shield is the only pure vibranium one, and all the other ones are made with a similar-but-not-exact alloy. Also I would think the Winter Soldier's arm has some magic 'punchtanium' properties as well. On a related note, I think "punched him in the shield" is a a hilarious phrase
  6. Good job! I'll also point out that the digital download of the album includes artwork with various additional notes that expand upon the lyrics and spoken word segments. Cheers.
  7. ...but nah, I don't buy that. Well, I preceded my spoilers by saying "I was spoiled right away by..." If only the theater and the guy behind me had been so kind. Anyway, I watched the film again (this time it was technically impossible for anyone to spoil me) and I enjoyed it. It's pretty much in a different genre than the other MCU movies, largely a political thriller with a little spy-tech mixed in. I think my initial boredom came from my own expectations of what the film would be, since my mind was coming off of Iron Man 3 and Thor: The Dark World.
  8. I could not be more pissed off right now. So I made a point not to spoil myself and avoided ads and trailers. When I went into the theater, I was spoiled right away by a featurette about Falcon that precedes the feature film. Yeah, cuz it's not like the film goes out of its way to gradually reveal aspects of Falcon's character (or even the Falcon name) or anything. That was bad enough, but it got worse: a promo for the S.H.I.E.L.D. tv show also played before the film, talking about the rift within the organization (again, not a major plot point in the movie, right?) To top it off, a guy behind
  9. Minor update: Stevo handed over some preliminary vocal stems for me to work with on March 31. I guess that was an early April Fool's gag, having me think he wouldn't send me anything.
  10. Looks like Stevo missed the first deadline for sending me his vocals. I sent along my instrumental for now. Cheers.
  11. Heh, I didn't realize McVaffe was in Brooklyn. I guess you can plop me somewhere in the New York, NY area.
  12. Cool stuff. I'll definitely keep this label in mind for any album projects I work on in the future.
  13. Just so we're all updated: I've laid down an instrumental for Level 99 to sing on. My guess is that his vocals won't get recorded until after the first WIP deadline though.
  14. I sent my sources along in more specific wording, since I only vaguely mentioned what they were in my comments. Congratulations on putting this album together!
  15. So my Duosis idea didn't pan out, however I managed to do a quick something for the compilation. Normally I sleep on a mix and do some final tweaks the next morning, but I can't remember if the deadline is midnight tonight, or 11:59pm just before the 18th.
  16. I can take that. Oddly enough I once did a "Super Sonic Racing" mashup for one of my Duosis mixtapes.
  17. I guess you can pencil me in for "A Duosis Christmas Part II".
  18. I vaguely remember saying I would join this project when it was first mentioned on FB, but I don't recall being contacted about it later when the project began. Anyway I would like to join this project if there are still slots left.
  19. I've been drawing this webcomic for a while, and I never had a place to post about it on OCR before. It's about Matt, a man who is unable to function in society and frequents a therapist. My current story arc is about Matt obsessively watching the new Starship Hope movie (the CRACKTON-universe equivalent of Star Trek Into Darkness). The webcomic is hosted via tumblr, so you can subscribe to it that way if you want, and provide feedback as the story arc goes on. Thanks. http://comic.jhsounds.com/
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