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  1. ...it's still functional? i guess i don't know what you're asking.

  2. a mission statement? really? pretentious, if nothing else :

  3. an fyi - the theremin isn't manipulated by light, it's manipulated by the interaction between the natural electrical field of your body and the field of the theremin. fluctuations cause the sound.


  4. as soon as amazon delivers it, i will be!

  5. aw, i'd have taken that about a month ago. i need to update the sale/want thread - i got one now, so i'm good.

  6. bad idea, dude. you'd spend way less if you just saved the money in an envelope, because of how much tech depreciates in cost over a short amount of time.

  7. because, you know, i never am online here. or check my pm box.

    what'd you get?

  8. boy, that flamerwolf guy spammed like every judge's profile, didn't he?

  9. ccleaner would probably help. if it won't let you run mbam, boot into safe mode and use it a few times. run ccleaner while you're there, too.

  10. check your email, broseph. i sent you a highly important email.

  11. consider your wall cherry broken

  12. depends on how high you want to go. a computer using one of the new i7 processors, 4gb of ram, good graphics, decent power supply, would likely be around a thousand or so if we skimped a touch on little things like the optical drive and silencing options. lots of hd space, bigger processor, either one big or two decent-sized graphics cards, etc - you can just go on and on with customization. i could easily do a 5k system with stock parts and not even scratch the surface of high-end customization of components and case structure.

    give me a money range over pm and we can talk. if nothing else, i can work up a build so you've got a reference. not like i'll charge for that or anything.

  13. doesn't recognize TB drives? did you flash the bios on the new mobo and/or test the drive on someone else's system?

  14. don't call saturday unless you want to talk to my wife again. i'll be driving most of the day and at a wedding for the rest of it. maybe sunday afternoon?

  15. eh, i got to the moon and got lost, and since the random encounter rate is so damn high i can't go three steps without hitting very difficult enemies. i just got sick of fighting the same few amoebas over and over again and stopped.

  16. good to see you, too =)

  17. got a spot in your group? =)

  18. great sig, man. chrono cross is a fantastic game.

  19. Ha ha, Xenogears album comment fail.

  20. halt says that it's yours. 100$ plus shipping for the system and charger, no memory card or anything.

  21. hey man, check your pm inbox. or your voicemail, which would probably be a better idea.

  22. hey man. i just listened to some of your stuff with flickerfall. i think it's great! excellent work!

  23. hey rexy - we're nearing release of LAproject, and i need a .wav of your track (if you have it) and a name for your track, please! =) thanks so much.

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