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    prophetik music got a reaction from ad.mixx in *NO* Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team "Cowboy"   
    there is a surprising amount of sub-20hz bass in this mix for how little there is at 40-80hz. it's a clear scoop down at 30hz and back up but fairly quiet at 40hz so it's intentional and not just a bad 40hz cut.
    intro is hip. there's some fun effecting on the vocals initially, but they're pretty quiet vs the backing part. i agree with MW that the bass is nowhere near as loud as i'd expect based on the rest of the background.
    there's some more neat effecting on the vox at 1:07 onward. there's a break and the 'chorus' comes in at 1:22, and i realized what's bugging me - the track has no punch. the lack of significant compression to give the background a punchier feel (which you're obviously going for based on that drop at 1:07) is a real miss. having no bass is a big deal too...there's nothing in the range that most headphones are going to put out, although it does sound beefier on a system with a lower freq range like a car system.
    the arrangement itself is pretty solid. it's clearly from RRT and doesn't ever really get lost (no pun intended), and the execution is definitely competent. i thought the lyrics were kind of meandering and dumb, but i can't really talk having written the worst lyrics of all time on a remix before. i thought they were spoken/sang well but would have preferred the vocals to be a bit louder.
    overall this is pretty darn close for me. i do think the lack of punch and bass is a dealbreaker, and i think it's not a huge change to fix that given the headroom in the mix right now. it just feels quiet rather than low and intense.
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    prophetik music reacted to Flexstyle in OC ReMix Announces Bold New Crypto/RFT Direction   
    Finally! I can’t tell you how long I’ve been waiting to see this site align with my values as a professional musician. Looking forward to my payouts in that sweet, sweet bitcoin. 
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    prophetik music got a reaction from CalloftheJay in *NO* Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild "Queen of the Sandstorm"   
    the opening is beautiful, but i agree with rexy that there's a lot of mic pressure noise (ie. you recorded wind contacting your mic instead of what wind sounds like) that needs to get cut out.
    the melodic presentation is competent and well-handled. the phrasing and instrumentation reminded me of some of the desert tracks from FFXII, actually, in terms of how they use melodic content and move through instrument groups. the brass that came in near the end of the first melodic presentation was also really nice, great use of contrasting timbres to keep it interesting.
    i agree with rexy that the entire rest of the track is original, or far enough removed that it doesn't matter. i'd pass this at 3:45 while complaining about the volume of the last minute, but it's not functional in this state. it wouldn't be difficult to add melodic content to the area between say 3:10 and 3:50, at least enough to make it viable at its full length. i will note that the track is again comically quiet after 2:30, and it's entirely possible to use compression to allow for a quiet tail that isn't utterly incomprehensible at normal headphone or speaker volumes. this is a consistent problem in rebecca's music and it's one that needs to get fixed here if it's to be passed at full length.
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    prophetik music got a reaction from CalloftheJay in *NO* Unreal Tournament "Facing Horizons"   
    oh, right away i really like the slower pace. that's a really fun way to add some difference to this track. i agree with jive right away that the synths have little to no volumization to them - it's a lot of layering synths in similar ranges on top of each other. the first full hit at 0:48 immediately had me bobbing my head - what a great feel. the drums have zero low end to them, which is unfortunate, because i love what they're doing. jive's right that there's a ton of noise in the lower ranges in the synths that needs to be cut before the drums speak out and feel right. once you've isolated those middle synths, making the kick and bass speak clearer will be quite easy.
    the break at 1:38 was well-timed, and gave it a bit of time to breathe. i liked the build as well, although throughout i just felt that the backing synths were simply too loud. i get that - it you write a fun part, you want everyone to hear it! - but it's just too much. turn your volume way down until you can only hear one thing - if that one thing isn't the melody, you're likely doing something wrong from a mixing perspective.
    the drop into 2:25 was fun, and i liked the arp that's right in front. there's still not enough bass clarity here, but it sounds real fun. i like the liberties taken with the melodic line here, but the drums underneath dropping and doing more d'n'b stuff was actually kind of disappointing because i just couldn't hear what they were doing. i love the idea but it wasn't really executed well. the ending is fairly sudden but not problematic.
    overall i think the arrangement is fine - it's certainly not groundbreaking, and it didn't take into account some of the mid/later parts of the original, but it's recognizable and different enough to make it over the bar. i like the synth work itself, but agree that it needs a mastering pass before it really feels ballsy enough to have the punch that you're going for. filtering out the low end of most of those textural synths is a great place to start.
    i'd love to hear a resubmission but this doesn't pass muster just yet.
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    prophetik music got a reaction from CalloftheJay in *NO* Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island "Chill Times in the Garden"   
    classic tune here. also, you went with polygonjohn instead of polyjohn? missed opportunity 
    filtered drums and some sfx start this track off, along a very bass-heavy bass and some quiet bells. the melody comes in at 0:35 with some nicely-sequenced gliding synth. this does a nice job sitting back on the beat which fits the background well. there's a silence break at 1:22, and a fade-out for the last 25 seconds of the song featuring a bit of noodling on the A section of the melody. aaaaaaaand...that's it. the melodic content takes up less than a minute by itself. so this isn't going to pass since there's nowhere near enough development here to call it. things that i liked included the general vibe of the drumloop (more creativity and fill use there would help a lot as the track's duration progresses past where it is now), the automation on the melody (i'm a sucker for glides), and the approach overall of a more relaxed version of the original track.
    i did not care for how bass-heavy this is. there's a lot of overlap between the bass synth and the chorded bell tones - those need to be squared off with an EQ so there's not so much mud in the low end. adding a bit more highs overall to both instruments would actually help i think - it's very low/low-mid focused, and while that can help it feel relaxed it also makes it harder to tell what's what. i also don't understand not including the B section of the melody on a track that is so short. even just a single run-through of that bit would have helped lengthen the track by 20 or 30 seconds, which is approaching what i'd consider the minimum.
    on the topic of arrangement, this definitely feels like a demo. mixing it up in instrumentation, chords, or style with a second run-through of the (entire) melody would add a lot to the track and help wrap it up into less of a demo and more of a finished duration.
    overall this is too short to really consider. there's some really nice ideas but it needs more content.
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    prophetik music got a reaction from CalloftheJay in OCR04287 - *YES* Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time "It's Dangerous to Go Alone"   
    oh, what a great intro. the scoop on the lead is delicious.
    this is a really fun vibe right away. i agree with emu that there's some r'n'b here. it's irritating to me that the dx7 and the piano is ahead of the beat almost the entire time, but that's a nitpick. feels like it got stamped in a touch earlier than it should have been. the variety of backgrounds by the two minute mark help keep it interesting. the pads at 2:15 is a nice transition too.
    the guitar is fun when it comes in, albeit pretty out of tune. solo was nice and does a nice job mirroring some of the melody's shape while making its own way through it. the chiptune-esque synth at 4:11 is a really fun idea, and then the exploration it does is neat. it's a little loud though. the fadeout is fine, i didn't think it was too abrupt or too early.
    my complaints on this track are primary in the details - the keys being ahead, the guitar being out of tune, some balance. overall though it's over the bar. nice work on a fun style.
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    prophetik music got a reaction from CalloftheJay in *NO* Darius Twin "Narukinians at War"   
    the opening is pretty rough. the snare sample is super electric and sounds pretty weird being machine-gunned like it is. the bass has a fun tone but it's panned and also has a ton of sub-bass, which makes it sound muddy (and it'll sound worse on a big-sub system). the kick is also panned oddly and is mostly beater sound without any bass, which is an odd sound. the pitch-shifting of the snares is an interesting idea, but not shifting the formants as well makes them sound kinda odd when they get farther from their natural pitch.
    at 0:41, there's some of the melodic content coming in. the synth work here still features too much bass, but i liked the block chords idea (they're still a little spare and an octave too low IMO). the lead synth is a fun tone and clearly delineates the melodic content, so that's good.
    there's an obvious loop point, and we go through the build-up to the melody again, which comes in at 2:20. i did like the glide synth for the arp, and that was a neat change, but other than that it felt pretty much the same as the first time through the same material with no break in between.
    at 2:55, there's a synth-only part that noodles around some bits of melody that builds back up into the rest of the groove. it was a nice break from the original idea, but i started to get tired of the lead at this point. the song noodled some more around the initial riff of the melodic content and then sorta ended.
    overall this one needs a lot of workshopping from the synth and instrument choice side, i think. the drums sound strange - they feel like they're in an electronic song but you're using them in a classical fashion, and it doesn't do them any favors i don't think. the synths are mostly static throughout - some shifting timbres and new instruments part-way through would help relieve some of the oppressiveness of the repetition. beyond that, i'd think hard about putting a hard EQ on most of your synths so they don't sound so muddy and bleed into sub-bass range.
    this one isn't there yet.
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    prophetik music got a reaction from BloomingLate in *NO* Donkey Kong Country "Prime Factor"   
    rubber stamping this. the arrangement is pretty minimal (it's there, but i agree there's less personalization than i'd want on a track that's as remixed as this one is), the synths are not terrible but definitely need some work so they're not so "FL preset" sounding, there's some variation of drum patterns but few fills or transition sweeps so it feels very similar, and some of the synths (for example 1:41) sound almost sloppy because their sustain is just a touch too long and it doesn't cut itself.
    i want to call out the lack of verb specifically. this style is usually super wet, with tons of reverb filling in the backend of every synth sound. this felt very thin at first and i couldn't understand why until i realized there's essentially no verb here, just synth sustain and sample sustain. some significant attention with reverb will help this a lot.
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    prophetik music got a reaction from chriskaudio in OCR04272 - *YES* Pokémon Diamond Version "Where It All Began" *FALLTHROUGH*   
    starts off real peaceful with some pretty piano and strings. from there the flute and strings pick up the main melodic section over some rhythmic strings. this is fairly straightforward writing but it's competent and sounds nice. there's a break for the piano at about 1:04, and this is really well played/sequenced again. we get back into the full group at 1:47, and the arrangement is again in the flute and then strings. this is very similar to the earlier section from 0:25-1:04, nearly copy/paste territory. there's a fun brass chorale at 2:32, and some string ensemble work to follow that up. the solo violin isn't great quality but it's passable. a light flourish in the bells and we're done.
    this feels very pokemon, which is pretty nice. the copy/paste section though is pretty egregious. the intro, piano solo section, and ensemble section at the end is really nice, however, and throughout the ensemble writing is pretty solid. this could probably go either way for me, but some more creativity in that second copy/paste section and this is an easy pass in my book.
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    prophetik music got a reaction from djpretzel in OCR04398 - *YES* Xenogears, NiGHTS into dreams... & Tales of Innocence "Semper Saltare"   
    some really stellar originals here. also the track clips a bit, a little more than a db, but it's not audible as far as i could see.
    there's a ton of great stuff here. there's lots of shifts of style so it doesn't feel the same for six minutes, there's lots of use of acoustic and electric guitar alternately, there's some double time stuff, there's lots of interesting backgrounds in the synths behind the (featured) guitars, and there's no really awkward transitions where something just feels weird. there's scads of arranged melodic content, so nothing to worry about there either.
    the drums are a touch loud (which is a stylistic consideration for the DJ set idea, vs a standalone track, so i get that). in the first few minutes i also felt that the lead guitars were a touch loud as well, and the ending's guitar delays sound a bit weird. but the whole thing sounds so clean that i can't really complain - it's all very intentionally handled and it sounds great. easy yes by me.
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    prophetik music got a reaction from djpretzel in *NO* Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom "Celery Forest"   
    this is a great original track! i've never even heard of this game. lots of playing with time and downbeats, and a big scalar run which i love in chiptune tracks.
    sfx opening into the traditional slammed keys and kit sound of lofi. the melody's obvious right away, and i like the chopping done to it. the full melody comes in at 0:30, and sounds great. i like the addition of strings to the big ascending scalar run. beat and bass are good too and the vocal sample isn't obnoxious (i don't like vocal samples in downtempo and lofi but i get it's part of the style).
    there's a break at 1:23, and when the drums come back in they're doing something new, which is nice. at 1:47 we get a new runthrough of the melodic content, and there's some new synths and a countermelody being used, which is great. there's an outro around 2:40.
    this sounds great, has a lot of melodic content that's mixed up in different ways, and does a good job adapting the track to the genre. nice work.
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    prophetik music got a reaction from djpretzel in OCR04296 - *YES* Secret of Evermore "Everstreams Through Evermore"   
    32-bit float?! they called him a madman...
    the intro is really nice. the filter on it is enough to catch it but not enough to stomp out the character. the bass swell is also well-handled and comes from absolutely nothing. the presentation of everything at 0:39 is really great - i particularly like your unfiltered bass synth. gario's right that there's a backing pitch that's not fitting everything else (seems like a minor sixth right at 0:54). the melody when it comes in is quite loud as well, at least when it's higher in the register. once it drops lower it's more balanced. the drum entrance is great, the soundscape is just very idiomatic. 
    2:56-3:06 (arguably 3:12) feel like 1:44-1:53ish of the original, and while they don't follow the chord structure they do follow the shape of the line (in arguably a more listenable fashion). the earlier section is also similar in its exploration of a line's shape vs. its specific melodic content. i feel this is relevant because the original's melody noodles so much that it's almost unsingable - it just keeps wandering, and the artist here did a nice job making something that is more cohesive without losing the songlike feel that made the original interesting. this is also separate from how the artist continues to use the adapted arpeggio from the original throughout the entire track as another tool to relate back to the original. the addition of even just the initial descending parts of the three passages that gario calls out make it to 50%, so i'm good there.
    looking at it as a whole, there's a clear and consistent relation to the original, and the soundscape like i said is great. even with that one note at 0:54 (which isn't really wrong as much as it is a dissonance that wasn't set up) this is definitely good enough to post.
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    prophetik music got a reaction from timaeus222 in OCR04206 - *YES* Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening "Hacking the JANUS System"   
    love the backstory, really fun idea. very creative. i love this source since it's one of the first original tracks i ever remixed.
    the intro is really atmospheric, and i like the feel of how latent the energy is. i think the synth stacks lend a lot of power to that section. the addition of distortion over time is a fun idea too. the transition to metal was handled fine and the melody is still apparent. the mastering in this section is clear and sounds good.
    next a shift to 12/8 and electronica. you continue to play with the melody here, which is fun, and i like the detuning to keep it weird. i found the three-step feel to be a nice shift as well to make it more yours. and then a vintage The Algorithm funky stylistic transition, utilizing both distorted kick and a time change to clearly delineate between the sections without making it take too long. i love this transition, it's really well handled and does a good job getting back to the balls of the arrangement without dawdling in transitional territory.
    2:56 onward is just a rip-roaring power-metal tribute to what's honestly a really intense and driving theme despite the quiet dynamic of the original. bringing in some sustains in the guitar at 3:26 is a great idea (that i used in Facies Templum fifteen years ago!) to add interest to a source that doesn't have much of a melody. 4:13's gating (obviously post) is another big Algorithm shoutout, and i like that you didn't gate the drums too, but let them ring.
    the ending is kind of sudden but i like the fadeout into glitches again. it kinda just ends, but the nature of the original doesn't naturally lend itself to anything other than a fadeout so i don't think it's as egregious as it could be.
    this is a great track in a technical, asymmetrical style that i think really fits VGM as a whole. there's little in terms of melodic content that this original track brings on its own, so the work that's done here really demonstrates and emphasizes the underlying movement and force that makes this original so interesting. 
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    prophetik music got a reaction from Tab Newflax in *NO* Mega Man 2 "Heat Up (Twelve Thousand Degrees)"   
    right off the bat, the lagging guitars caught me off guard too. i like the idea, but it's significant and notably distracting. the rest of the build is pretty nice. 0:54 is a significant change, and it sounded pretty good. rexy's right that everything's pretty vanilla, but it's put together in a fun way that is better than the sum of its parts. i loved the build from ~1:40ish to 2:15, but the payoff wasn't near as good as i'd hoped. the backing synths (notably the mid-range synths and some pads) were quite loud, the kick and snare weren't nearly loud/EQed properly enough, and so overall it lost a lot of power.
    there's a nice little breakdown and build back to another big presentation of the melody, but the same issues persist - quiet/muffled drums, mid-synth domination, etc. a lot of those big synths need some serious EQ to keep them grouped together and not overlapping each other. the delayed guitar in the build needs to be fixed again as well.
    around 4:30ish, i started feeling that this song had told me what it was trying to say, and it started to get repetitive. i think the last quarter or so is pretty much saying the same as the beginning, and so it got stale. trimming it down to mayba just under 5 minutes would do some wonders with keeping it moving.
    the ending was nice if abrupt, calling back to the opening. i liked the chord changes and the shutdown motif with detuning down.
    overall this is a track that's pretty close and just needs some cleanup before it's ready for primetime. an EQ pass to notch in most of your synths and allow the kick and snare room to do their thing is desperately needed. a volumization pass that tones back most of those mid synths doing harmony and focuses each section on what's most important will really help as well. finally, correcting the delayed guitar parts will tie those two sections together a lot more cohesively. good work! it's almost there.
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    prophetik music reacted to Doulifée in OC ReMix Secret Santa 2020   
    I'll buy the postal package today and the gift will be sent in the following days.
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    prophetik music reacted to Pavos in OC ReMix Secret Santa 2020   
    I got mine today, on my birthday! I'll post a pic of it later, but great timing
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    prophetik music reacted to Jiggery-Ponkery in I want to build you a computer   
    I didn't get a custom-Proph-built computerr, due to being in another country... but he did help me with understanding how to shop for parts, gave good recommendations, and was just super helpful and kind! I was able to figure out what I wanted, and building it myself was not too big a problem. Even though some of the assembly manuals could have been more helpful, like the motherboard should have a "DID YOU PUT THE STANDOFFS IN FIRST???" section on page 1.
    I'm quite happy with it! Gotta make some music so I can get a new GPU though. One part I couldn't find/afford...
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    prophetik music reacted to Daylectorbr in I want to build you a computer   
    Learned a lot from this thread for assembling my new PC. 
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    prophetik music got a reaction from Daylectorbr in I want to build you a computer   
    you're keeping the budget low so there's only so much you can do, really. i would definitely recommend a case that has front and back fans (front pull, back push) to keep air moving, but it doesn't need to be a complex decision past that. pick one with good reviews that doesn't complain about quality and you'll be fine. as for the motherboard, you need a mobo that supports your CPU and has at least one pci-express x16 3.0 slot and two fan headers. if you need wifi you'd need an uncovered pci slot as well probably (uncovered means that the gfx card isn't going to cover it up). the rest is pretty standard. in general i prefer msi motherboards these days but use asrock and gigabyte as needed based on prices and features.
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    prophetik music got a reaction from timaeus222 in OCR04143 - *YES* Chrono Cross & Chrono Trigger "Serenity & Grace"   
    radical dreamers is one of my favorite tunes in all of gaming music.
    there's a few arrangement missteps like MW mentioned, notably at 2:03 (that chord should be major in both the original and in standard theory due to what precedes it). the section that follows is complex enough that some stuff gets messy - 2:24, 2:38, 2:45 jumped out at me. but the arrangement is dope and the great synth work and especially the percussion is just so great that i don't even care. so many great little things - the fake key change, the dynamic arc of the track, and the way you take such a timeless/sacred-goat melody amd totally chop it up in a great way with new themes are all fantastic.
    from a mastering side i thought it sounds great. there's one or two times where i felt that it was too complex and everything lost clarity due to how much was going on, but i'd rather have that than it being super empty honestly.
    this is a fantastic track. great work timaeus!
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    prophetik music got a reaction from Rexy in OC ReMix Secret Santa 2020   
    i'd love to participate. these have always been fun.
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