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  1. And somehow, the harder they try, the worse the movie is. Once upon a time, the Fantastic Four was the flagship Marvel property. Now you'd be lucky to find your average person under 30 who knew who they were.
  2. OCR has been the site that I have frequented the most consistently over the past 17 years or so. I have many mp3s that still reflect a "last modified" date in 2000 and 2001. Speaking from experience, I know that these forums are probably a lot less active because we oldtimers are having kids, jobs with more responsibilities, etc. -- so just less free time in general. But I still visit OCR at least once a day to check for newly posted remixes and any WIPs in the forums. Being someone that isn't involved in the creation of music in any way, OCR has definitely expanded my horizons in terms of musical tastes and experiences. So, indeed, thank you and good job to the community for keeping things chugging along for the better part of two decades!
  3. Your Neblix has evolved in Nabeel Ansari! Seriously, his skills have evolved, too! Nice work!
  4. 20 years ago, I bought a Playstation to be able to play Final Fantasy VII. I was so incredibly blown away by the graphics and gameplay, having then most recently experienced Final Fantasy III for the SNES -- oops, I forgot the kids today only know the game as Final Fantasy VI. I was a freshman in high school when I got the game, and that was 20 years ago. Despite my feeling older (i.e. not a kid) when I purchased the game, I've lived more of my life with Final Fantasy than without. ... ... Fuck, I'm old.
  5. Wow, this is insanely good. And my 6-year-old son can listen to it with me since he loves Mario Kart! Also, I say Jeebus, too.
  6. Saw this on the Russian Remix Roulette and am glad that this is no longer "OCRemoved". Loved this song when I first grabbed it 16 years ago, and even though it doesn't deviate much from the source material, it's a phenomenal remix that deserves its place on OCR.
  7. Love this song. The rap and spoken parts are a callback (to me, anyway; not sure if anyone else feels the same) to the style of a lot of Dale North & Mustin remixes from the early to mid 2000s (both on OCR and outside releases like More Than Mario). Phenomenal work!
  8. I would like to add that I've wanted this feature ever since tags were introduced. It's actually kind of frustrating to want to see more remixes with specific tags and not be able to easily find them.
  9. Seems pretty sweet from the video preview. Definitely gonna check it out when it drops next week. EDIT: By the way, they had me at "Dale North".
  10. Sweet mix! One of my favorite tracks from Xenogears, and it's about time that someone did a power rock version of the song!
  11. Concerned about this as well, actually. I remember back when 128kbps was the standard, and after recently listening to a song encoded at that rate, I realized how much it sounds like crap. Also, artists generally aren't fully aware of how much their works are valued by listeners, so they may not always consider maintaining higher bitrate or lossless versions of their songs (nor may they be as diligent as they should about making backups).
  12. Ah, that's too bad. I'm still bummed from the end of Archie's Mega Man series in 2015. Seems like a lot of comic series continue to struggle, even with the success of comic-inspired movies.
  13. I've had this song longer than I've known my wife (downloaded a week before I met her), and I still have the original file from when I downloaded it ("Last modified: 03/28/2002" when the album was still listed as "http://remix.overclocked.org"... Fuck, I'm old). It's been on a ton of my playlists since I first downloaded it, and while the original melody is certainly nostalgia-inducing, I've actually built up a lot more memories from listening to this remix over the years, such that I actually have more nostalgia listening to this particular song than the original or any of the millions of other remixes of it.
  14. Maybe it's getting as much praise as it is because of how incredibly difficult it is to translate video games to movies or TV series. It's not just "good for a video game adaptation." It's good on its own. You don't have to have knowledge of the source material to enjoy watching the series, although such knowledge certainly deepens one's appreciation of the series. This type of adaptation should be used as the model for any future video game adaptations. They integrated major (and minor) plot points of the game and the series' lore in general without making it appear shoehorned in. Sypha is freed from stone by the defeat of the cyclops that imprisoned her, just like in the game. Trevor fights with Alucard before the latter joins, just like in the game. They also made reference to Sypha's appearing to be male and confusion about her gender, echoing the confusion about her gender in the early years of the series. The series also managed to include elements such as salt and holy water as weapons (and included references to throwing knives and axes) without it feeling over-the-top, non sequitur fan service. And turning the church hierarchy into villains was an incredibly smart (and historically accurate, since the church was such a politically powerful, yet often corrupt organization throughout that period) move. Dracula is at his most compelling as a villain when he's a sympathetic character. Symphony of the Night had such a great story because of the family drama between Alucard and Dracula, and Dracula is a far more engaging villain when you understand his motivations for why he's doing what he's doing. Finally, the inclusion of advanced technology as a defining aspect of Dracula's Castle was a great move by the show's creators to explain the presence of such technology in the original game. Had they not addressed this early on, they would have been either forced to deal with it when the characters were actually progressing through the castle, at which point it would have been much harder to explain and would have seemed a lot more forced as an inclusion in the show or just exclude the element from the castle entirely, thereby making the visual elements of the series more disconnected from the game. At the same time, while Dracula clearly has this otherworldly technology (otherworldly to humans at the time, anyhow), he's also capable of magic (as if Sypha) and there are clearly references to his powers coming from "Hell," so the ties to the video game lore remain intact. In short, the fact that the entire series wasn't composed of non sequiturs is an amazing achievement, mostly because of how many elements of the original game and game series would appear as such if directly translated into a story-telling medium intended for mass consumption (for reference, see the 1993 Super Mario Bros. film). The creators of the show did a masterful job translating the series to TV, and I can't wait to see what else they come up with.
  15. Aw, shit, son, that was amazing! For anyone familiar with the lore, it's INCREDIBLY faithful. BUT ONLY FOUR FUCKING EPISODES!! They'd better keep making them until the entirety of Castlevania III's plot is covered. Heck, they should keep doing it afterward and do more Castlevania game stories! They really nailed Alucard, too! I was worried about how they would treat the character, but it's like they took him straight out of the games! Gah! Season 2 can't get here fast enough!! EDIT: Also, I have no doubt that Grant will be in the next season. They just didn't get to the part where they meet him yet in the story.
  16. WinAmp is gone because the llamas finally had their revenge. (God, I'm old).
  17. Ah, cool, I didn't actually know about that. Meaning that Grant is probably in there somewhere, too. Edit: There he is!
  18. Pulled a few images from the trailer... Alucard? Any guesses about her? Maybe Maria Renard? Looks like the big man himself?
  19. Looks pretty good, actually. By the way, is that Alucard at 1:03? Seems like he just popped out of a coffin a few seconds earlier. Don't think it's Dracula, who you can spot at 1:06 doing some kind of lighting bolt thing.
  20. Hey, just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying 1000 Notes from DoD.  I forgot about the voting,so I didn't get a chance to reflect my love of the song there and knock you up a few places, but it's still a sweet remix!

  21. I clicked into the thread hoping, based on the naming scheme of the track, that it was another one by Rukunetsu. I wasn't disappointed! Great song!
  22. Ah ,yes, the second disc is kind of boring. Too bad that they rushed it to the finish line and didn't get a chance to really complete the game. At that point, though, I think Square was trying to hammer out games as quickly as possible because several RPGs of that generation suffered the same fate (SaGa Frontier, for one, was missing quite bit more than was intended).
  23. Strange, I never felt Xenogears was terribly difficult, and had no problem beating it right when it came out (back in '97, methinks?). Of course, I'm such a grinder/completionist (or at least I used to be, back when I had free time) that RPGs would have to offer some kind of crazy difficult challenge for me to just give up (I came close with Yiazmat in Final Fantasy XII, but I had heard so much hype/scare beforehand that I was very prepared going into it, and I only died a few times before figuring out how to beat him). I think the only game that I completely "gave up" with was the Lily Pad Ride in Mario Sunshine. I eventually figured out that I didn't need to ride the lily pad down the river the entire way in one go, and completed it. To this day, however, I still cannot do it just riding the lily pad, and I think that doing it any other way is circumventing the way that the game was designed to be played, but whatever.
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