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  1. Well, what are they going to do, put the entire movie in Farsi with subtitles? Because other than that, the closest to "authentic" would be British English, as that was the form traditionally learned in that region of the world. You're not supposed to believe they're actually all English speakers in the context of the film, but I think it's better than having the Prince declare he just owned dat Vizier's sucka ass, son.
  2. Fun, catchy and just a tad unnerving. The vocals really are a great touch; even though it's always the same phrase, the variations around it keep it fresh. Nice work.
  3. To be fair, Kyle and I did mention several names and upcoming projects in the interview used to make the article. Not our fault they didn't see print. =P
  4. There's a scan in the project thread as well. We did mention the upcoming FFIV and DKC2 projects, but I guess it got cut. Kinda weird to see my old album art in print like that. >>
  5. All I remember of the character was how, in the first movie, he stands there getting all sweaty and panicked in front of a cop, which, of course makes him look suspicious, and then, when asked if he's okay, just makes himself look even more suspicious by not replying at all. He's a professor, it shouldn't be to difficult for him to spit out "I'm claustrophobic."
  6. $40 could be used to buy a game that actually exists, though.
  7. I remember seeing an ad for that game and it kinda came off as another of the millions of cutesy-animal-hero-platformer games of the time (didn't Bill Clinton's cat have its own game?) with all kinds of 90s trappings - it kinda looked like early Sonic meets Captain Planet. He's saving the environment! With ATTITUDE! Never mind the subtitle was something like "Kicking Doctor Machino's Butt!" ... I dunno, I brushed it off pretty quickly. I'm kinda surprised to see its name come up again, I guess. Speaking of 90s-animal-heroes, though, Aero the Acro-Bat was a lot of fun. Lots of variety, somewhat unique play mechanics, big levels, pretty damn hard (I seem to remember Sunsoft offering some kind of prize for people who actually beat it), though it didn't help that it had no password/save system. Once you beat the game it gave you stats on your playthrough (I think I remember it saying I died over seventy times and still had like twenty extra lives). I seem to remember hearing an incredibly bad GBA (?) port was made as well as some lackluster sequels. Plok, Plok, Plok. Oh the soundtrack is <3
  8. Aww, that raccoon is so cute. The reflective DS Lite one is a nice concept, too. I've heard generally good things about the Canon Rebel stuff but I haven't looked into it much... I have got a Panasonic Lumix last year and while its zoom is pretty awesome for its size, I kinda want another camera already... But yeah, to succeed through photography alone you have to get some REALLY impressive shots, because there are tons of excellent photographers out there (especially with cameras getting easier and easier to use) and it's hard to stand out. A lot of it would come from how you promote yourself. I know a couple professional photographers fairly well and while they're booked pretty often for wedding/portrait/etc. shoots, it's a supplemental job. Anyway, here's some of my stuff. (sorry for the size)
  9. Thanks for taking the time to cover everything and give us your thoughts, Palpable.
  10. I said thirteen completed albums, not projects. And it is a lot; most professional bands don't produce that many albums (many of which are multi-disc) in six years' time. Yes, there are tons of people online who decide that they're gonna do a giant fan artbook, or game, or comic, or radio play, whatever, and don't get it off the ground or let it dwindle... but generally projects don't make it to this forum in the first place if they haven't shown adequate planning, organization, and progress (as shown in the Album Project Guidelines). Saying "I'm gonna remix all of FFIV," presenting a track list, asking a few people and then showing no activity is one thing... having completed album art, a ton of finished tracks (with preview), a near-complete to-do list and a still-active thread is another.
  11. I'm kinda surprised that the Wolverine one would count as "mature" when it's got "great for all ages" on the cover. The story itself kinda reads like a basic 90s cartoon for that matter...
  12. Considering there have already been thirteen completed albums here...?
  13. He was just clarifying. Some stores have writers and pencilers do free signings/sketches and do discounts if they're participating with the giveaways. Last year I ended up doing free sketches for kids... not that I'm a professional or working for any comic. And not that they cared, they just want a free picture of a character they like. It's kinda fun, anyway.
  14. Definitely a fresh take on a familiar theme, and it's awesome for it! The dramatic intro is fun and there's great energy and interesting little touches through the whole thing. The synth almost makes me think late MegaMan/early X series music, while the bit starting at 1:36 kinda reminds me of Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon. There's one note at 2:42 that makes the transition sound a little odd, but it's a small thing. Rockin' stuff, and proof that even the "overdone" themes still have all kinds of potential.
  15. Are you sure it wasn't an early/demo version for feedback?
  16. Yes, there is. When Link awakens as an adult, Rauru says they're in a chamber of the Temple of Light. Apparently it's in the Sacred Realm itself.
  17. I've always liked how DarkeSword can keep the melody easily recognizable while giving it a radically different feel than that of the original track. For instance, it doesn't have the oppressive vibe of the original but manages to keep a nice sense of familiarity despite the new twists. A few elements kinda make me think of FF4's music... cool stuff.
  18. Hm. I think this kind of story would work best played very subtly - which is hard to do properly. Of course, they'll probably find it "easier" to toss in a wacky cast and dragon-launched boulders within a hail of arrows from some bad guy empire. Finding and fighting each colossus makes for a segmented story - chapters in the whole rather than a single arc, and that would most likely break up the flow of a film... unless we get a cheesy 80s montage of taking down all but the first and last.
  19. Thank you, but your link doesn't seem to work. (And sorry for the lack of 1280x800, but if you want me to try to remake one of the existing designs for that size, PM me)
  20. Nice to hear someone willing to take on this track. I really like the idea of the instrumentation, especially the horns, but the samples here sound pretty weak. Despite the addition partway through, it also doesn't sound like there's much actual arrangement compared to the original (but then, I'm going from memory). I almost wonder if this would work out better as a purely orchestral piece with less emphasis on drums; the intro has a really nice build. Good luck.
  21. Yeah, pretty much echoing what Kyle said... you don't have to like it, but I really can't see where you get "homogeneous" from, or how "that style" puts you to sleep when there is no singular "album style" here. Listen to just about any handful of songs - say, Go the Distance to This Fate to City of Vigor to Continental Divide to Frozen Heart to Café Mantra to Desert Nights to Altar Perception to Strike to Gentry and so on - and there's no stylistic similarity. Even the tracks that do fall under similar instrumentation or genre still sound distinct - compare Airborne to Dream Traveler to My Secret Forest, or Chaotic Heart to Antegenesis to On the Edge. Sorry, but I really don't understand where you're coming from.
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