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  1. I just listened to this song for the second time, the first being right when it came out. I decided to look into it again because some people on IRC told me to listen to it. To be quite honest, I didn't like it the first time I heard it. I felt the lyrics didn't match the atmosphere created by the instruments and that something seemed kinda...off technically (even though I have no expertise in production or any type of musical talent). Now my thoughts have changed. The lyrics are more personally relevant to me now, almost eerily exactly how I feel at this particular moment in my life. I cried while listening and reading the lyrics because I share the same sentiment as the singer if one would interpret them in a sad way. What I see as a juxtaposition of the atmosphere of the song and the meaning of the lyrics is brilliant. It paints a picture of what could have been the singer's future and the reality of the present situation. Alternatively, I can see the singer moving forward with his life and using his memories of the girl as motivation to improve himself. I didn't give this song enough of a chance when I first heard it. But thankfully I now see the amazing creative freedom one has to interpret the lyrics and how powerful this song can be for anyone. I highly recommend this song!
  2. Sivir is pretty cool, I like the changes. Also, not sure if this has been posted sooo yeah:
  3. I owned a copy of the Banjo-Kazooie soundtrack because it just happened to come with the game. I remember my family copying it from the CD to cassette because I didn't have a portable CD player then. I used to listen to it in the car from start to finish every time we went out. Good times. To this day I still don't have a remix of Wozza's Cave (I don't count Freezeey Peak's music even though it's basically the same thing).
  4. That's really cool. I have a bit of trouble keeping to my own goals without a bit of encouragement so I admire that you have the drive to go for something you like. I always considered myself "off-limits" to art because I don't have any foundation in it. All my stuff looks worse than a 5 year old's work! And from where I'm sitting, your stuff looks amazing!
  5. I keep telling everyone that this is one of my favorite mixes on the site and I haven't even reviewed it?! For shame. I love the lyrics so much, they help me imagine a close bond between the two characters. The guitar also really reinforces that feeling of fellowship or maybe even love in the song. If you haven't listened yet what are you waiting for?!
  6. How'd you get interested in this field? Seems like it takes a lot of practice.
  7. This is some cool stuff. I like the little details you put on the Creature.
  8. Hey guys, I just want to tell you that I really enjoyed the show and thanks for answering my question about how to get more involved. I'll try and follow your advice and post lots of reviews . I'm also glad you pimped MAG because I went last year and had a blast. I met DarkeSword (you probably don't remember me though) and hung out with a lot of the other staff as well.
  9. It's also not like anyone who's receiving the money NEEDS it. I see it more as being compensated for their time for making something awesome AND unprecedented. But like you said, you don't need to make a purchase, which is in all likelihood, your loss. EDIT: To clarify, no one is doing this to rip anyone off or to "sell out". They did it because they love it, not for the money.
  10. Hey I checked this out because I'm a huge fan of the Deus Ex series and personally loved DX:HR. While I always found the build up in some of the HR songs to take too long, you did a great job of making the transition seem natural. I especially like the song between 0:59-1:50. I'm by no means an expert in anything music related, only a consumer, but I like what you've done here.
  11. Once I get a job I'll support and make a purchase! I'm happy that OCR continues to grow and become more directly involved with the game companies. Keep up the good work!
  12. I loved Legend of the Snake and just played it on repeat. The other (non-Reuben Kee) songs off the top of my head that are really powerful for me are the aforementioned djp's Pachelbel's Ganon, klutz's A World of Piano, and Nicole Adam's A New Place. It's like you were meant to be here!
  13. It's great to know that the music here at OCR helped you through tough times! Reuben Kee's stuff is really great. One of his original compositions and a few others songs here brought me to tears a few times, so I can relate to how the music here can be powerful in influencing mood.
  14. Would you go as far as to say the music helped you through your depression? Most of the OCRemixes I listen to are pretty serene or mellow. They help me relax if I'm feeling tense or stressed.
  15. I'm not going now because I'm not welcome to go. You can take me off the list, Jarel. Sorry guys.
  16. I can't believe I haven't reviewed this song yet. I downloaded it when it got posted to the front page back in 2010 (hey 4 days to the date!) and I loved the song immediately. Amy did an especially awesome job with the violin and vocals which are by far my favorite parts of the remix. The violin creates a very mellow atmosphere that still gives me chills to this day. The lyrics, especially the new second verse, are very touching and fit perfectly with the longing sadness feeling that the instruments create. Definitely recommend this to anyone!
  17. My sister showed me DJP's "Pachelbel's Ganon" remix back in 2004 and I loved it. I registered for the forums that day but only posted sparingly for 8 years. Most of my involvement in the past was with the OCR Chess League. Didn't actually meet any OCR people until I met Amy in April 2012 and then a lot of the staff and others in June when we went to karaoke (I think it was DJP, zircon, Jill, Palpable, Arrow, Shaggy and his wife, Bahamut, Kizyr and probably more). And then I had the opportunity to meet the rest of the band members of OverClocked University at MAG who are all really awesome. Some of the most memorable moments of my life include OCR peeps. So I have OCR and Amy to thank for that.
  18. Unununium is looking for more peeps for his room last I checked. PM him. EDIT: And I think Bahamut is still taking group-reg money so get in on that.
  19. Add me Mr. Strader (I'm not on Yak's Bend but I can play with you in every aspect of the game except World vs. World), my name is: Myriantha. Send me an in-game mail so I know you added me. If you see red circles, get out of them by dodging or just strafing. Try out different weapon sets/combinations to see what you like. Also have an open mind and know that different weapon sets and traiting are "better" for different tasks (open world vs. dungeons vs. SPvP vs. WvW etc.).
  20. Hey this is pretty cool. (I still play GW2 but never did with the OCR crew.)
  21. Sent you a private message about the room.
  22. So I may have a job lined up, which would mean I can come if I get it. Does anyone still have space open in their room (preferably at the Gaylord)?
  23. No-pants Brushie was a highlight of MAG last year for me.
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