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  1. It's "Wozza the Walrus". We've played a couple normals or something when I was gold or silver.
  2. Seen you play and you are definitely plat+. If you want a plat support I'm always looking for good ADCs to duo with.
  3. I won't be going this year, due to some unfortunate circumstances. Hopefully maybe next year.
  4. No Wozza's Cave. I am disappoint. And I wish some tracks would repeat cuz they're awesome!
  5. I liked it way more than Star Trek 2009. Had a few issues as a long-time Star Trek fan but nothing major. Also, if you mean the warp core is essential to run most ship systems then yes it's now a primary power source. Though, in the prime universe it was used simultaneously with the impulse engines to power the ship. I also thought it was strange for them to make such an easily targetable system to be the main power source. Also one of the writer's addressed your second point about the villain, JH, and said that that was a possible explanation.
  6. Yeah we saw each other at Mag. I'll add you on Facebook.

  7. So when is this being released on OCR, if ever?
  8. Learn learn learn. Programming. Karate. Guitar. Piano. Production. These will certainly take much longer than a single year but I want to learn something significant in at least three of these.
  9. Yeah the room was pretty costly for just two people but I think having a private place to crash whenever was worth it.
  10. Sent my package today, finally. Sorry!
  11. Same boat here for my recipient! Sorry =(
  12. I'm sure I will when my winter break rolls around. Thanks!
  13. Zircon gets a lot of new listeners through Pandora actually.
  14. Ha! What are the chances? And I already got her presents too
  15. Male PC gamer here. I appreciate most popular titles except FPS (though I still like BL2 and don't have the DLC) these days. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197977486001/wishlist I like stuffed animals and useful things (I have a full tool kit already). I'm an English teacher and in need of various teaching supplies (sturdy staplers, laminator, pens etc.) I enjoy t-shirts and fit most size mediums. Larges are usually too big for me. As far as food goes, I have no food allergies and I really like peanut M&Ms but any sort of dessert or snack I'll eat. I have a blu-ray player but only one blu-ray (Pirates of the Caribbean). If you want more specifics, ask diotrans.
  16. I would like to participate again, but I am even more of a poor college student than I was last year. I'll think about it.
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