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  1. I actually think the violin is great and more of the centerpiece of the mix than the guitars. Without it, the mix would sound really empty and repetitive.
  2. Why does it matter if I can get those features elsewhere? I don't want nor should I need to grab three different devices totaling over $700 to do those things. Also, by saying "it's not out yet" isn't really valid. We're not evaluating a finished product. We're evaluating a product that is in the design phase. Through your line of reasoning, we should have considered the original Xbox a ludicrous idea as soon as it was announced due to its features "being available elsewhere" or the fact that there was an "existing console that can do what they want." Of course we have to wait and see if promises are fulfilled to make our final decisions, but investors and consumers alike ought to evaluate products, services, and companies with the limited data that they have on hand in order to make informed decisions later. And in this case, I believe the numbers speak for themselves. With the amount of money raised in this Kickstarter, we see a lot of consumer interest. Thus I think they have found their "very specific gamer" audience: the ones donating money to the development of a product that isn't out yet. I am not saying we should not be cautious with the hype and expect all promised features to be included but are just hoping for the best. As previously mentioned, we are discussing the idea as it is presented, not a manufactured product.
  3. Your argument appears to ignore the fact that you can get all those things in one place given that Ouya delivers what it promises.
  4. The only game I hope goes on sale is Ticket to Ride and its dlc.
  5. I saw the count of likes at 4:09pdt and #9 was less than yours. But now they're showing more likes after the contest was over. Wonder if they tallied the likes at the proper time or not. EDIT: They did tally in the comments. Congratulations!
  6. This isn't a meaty response by any means but here are my thoughts for having a limited time with the beta weekends and stress tests: PvE is just as fun as the original Guild Wars with a nice spontaneous co-op. However, sometimes I want to flip a switch and have my own instance in the entire world again. I found myself unable to complete certain events because they were out in some obscure area and no one was around. This definitely stood out in the second stress test and no one was in the starting areas. The classes can do "everything" but not all at the same time, which is nice and allows for specialization. The crafting system seems interesting, but I will probably end up looking for recipes online if the recipes are consistent. Though that might not be how it actually works, just my impression. Despite the low cost of waypoints, I still felt like I was losing a lot of money using them. However I didn't read my character mail and didn't know you actually get money for completing quests through that. So this probably isn't an issue. The world is really awesome and I love the scaling of the cities. It takes time to get places and the architecture is really beautiful and huge. It really gives a feeling of an actual city.
  7. Oh if they had more than just the exhibit it probably would be really nice to go. But the actual exhibit had very little to do with "art" which was disappointing.
  8. If you're talking about the Art of Video Games exhibit, it's meh at best.
  9. Surprised no one mentioned Apple Corps v. Apple Computer (or maybe you did and I skimmed over it). I know it isn't 100% parallel but is a pretty good example of why it doesn't matter that Brad and the clothing company aren't in the same industry.
  10. Yeah, Touch Ranger wasn't too much of a big deal except I'd get AB's where there would be 8 of them running around on the opposite team and just blow up everyone they got close to.
  11. I liked this and didn't at the same time. I didn't think it was much of a problem except for PvP. Touch Ranger anyone?
  12. During the huge lag spikes I got kicked out of a story instance at the last fight. Had to do the whole damn thing over again. I hope they integrate the reconnection feature they designed for GW1 in this one. I really like the choice you have in finishing quests, especially events. There was one where we had to collect ghost souls and had to use a special item to capture the ghosts once they were at 50% health. I worked with a friend who just damaged the ghosts with his more powerful weapon skills while I did all the collecting. Strangely I ran into a quest where all I could do was attack some ogre supplies and a few other mundane tasks. It didn't offer a combat alternative so I spent five minutes whacking on "ogre pet houses." I thought the feedback system was really nice and it probably increased data collection by several factors.
  13. The fact that people are courteous in this game blows me away. The fact that people WANT to help you blows me away.
  14. Just Charr, Norn, and Human. I'm Serran Lightfur on Crystal Desert for anyone who gives a crap.
  15. In some combination with the above, it's also likely that they wanted to limit the number of players for the beta as they want only a certain controlled load on the servers. This "beta" weekend is more like a publicity move than it is for players to give serious feedback. With the servers operating under controlled settings, the game will receive much more positive reviews rather than being a disaster like WoW's opening day.
  16. I'm going to be playing on the same server as my guild mates from GW1.
  17. I couldn't justify the CE since the only thing I wanted was the soundtrack.
  18. It also doesn't have a shooter genre either. I was frowning.
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