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  1. It's your birthday! Hope it's a very happy one!
  2. I had the same version of Winamp for several years and it worked even past major revisions. You'll probably always be able to pick an old version up from oldversion.com.
  3. Happy birthday, sir! Wish I could have hung with you at MAG!
  4. Here's my thoughts on what I would like, in no particular order: I will like pretty much anything hand-crafted, painted, drawn, written, etc. as I appreciate the time and effort put into those things. Things like Perler beads, crochet, resin stuff or the like are totally awesome! I'm looking to start scrapbooking in the near future, so if you're a big scrapbooker then anything in that area would be nice. If you want to get some crafts commissioned then you can probably ask Vilecat or Deia to make something! As far as food goes, I like cookies, chocolate chip, peanut butter, and white chocolate chip macadamia nut being my favorites. I have a penchant for peanut M&Ms as well. But I'm also trying to work on my diet, so no huge portions! I LOVE stuffed animals, but at the same time I am kinda snobby about them. If you would give a stuffed animal to your girlfriend/boyfriend minus the lovey hearts and stuff then it'd be a safe bet to give to me! Squishable.com sells some really cute stuffed animals. I recently received the gray cat squishable and it's sooooooo cute! Plushes from games work well (like League of Legends, Mario, Zelda, Pokemon) but they should be official if you're buying retail since unofficial quality is knockoff crap from China. I'd be cool with fan-made stuff! Like Deia, I loooove kitties (as you might have been able to tell)! My music tastes are rather eclectic yet specific at the same time so I would avoid getting me any music. I like reading, and the series I'm looking forward to reading is Codex Alera by Jim Butcher. I don't own any of the books in the series. I don't have an ebook reader so if you go this route you'll have to kill a few trees. I'm slowly learning music theory, guitar, and FL Studio. I don't have specific wants in these areas but anything you think might help will be cool For clothing, I wear a guy's medium and rarely large if the size runs short/small. As far as gaming goes, I'm trying to wind back on the PC gaming unless it's a casual game. I will have a 3DS! If none of that helps you, I will still appreciate the thought and care you put into anything that you decide to give me! You can also ask some people around here who know me a bit more personally, though most are only newish friends/acquaintances. EDIT: Oh, unlike 3 of the last 4 posters, I am actually NOT a girl despite my forum handle. ^^; TL;DR Easy to read "likes" list: Lord of the Rings/Hobbit, League of Legends, Zelda, Pokemon, Mario, crafts, stuffed animals, kitties, guitar stuff/FL studio stuff, D&D 3.5e stuff Amazon wishlist: http://amzn.com/w/1LUDDK1KD03EJ
  5. Yeah not too worried about it. Just gotta keep on swimmin~
  6. So I'm building muscle rather quickly and/or gaining fat back because I've gained 4 lbs. in a week. Though it might also be because I have a highly irregular schedule of waking up so things aren't as consistent as I'd like them to be when I weigh myself right after I wake up.
  7. Cool cool! I'll make sure to get some sets in today then!
  8. I second that. Really good advice for newbies to remixing and to music in general. Great show this week!
  9. Would you recommend that for a super beginner or should I work towards being able to do that at some point in the future?
  10. So I've been doing some push-ups, sit-ups, and body weight squats and started to feel the soreness a day or so ago. How long should I wait before I start doing those sets again in my workout?
  11. Happy happy birthday! Yay!
  12. I really really really wish the song was fleshed out more beyond the abrupt ending! I felt like the song built up to this awesome guitar solo (complete with images of lighters waving in the air) and then BAM! nothing. I would love to see a second version with the song coming back down to the tranquil atmosphere of the intro.
  13. I've found that givers tend to like having a list or suggestions to work with.
  14. I hope it's a good one! Have a cupcake of many candles!
  15. That does sound fun ^_^

  16. Ohhhh slot machines. So are the games like the mini games that come up if you get a bonus lined up on a real slot machine? Or like mobile gaming type slot machine games?

  17. This is seriously the post I've been looking forward to reading for about...6 years now? My girlfriend in college kept trying to get me to exercise and run with her but I hated running and I asked her if she had tips for reducing or eliminating the pain and she just shrugged at me and went running by herself. Anyone else I asked just said I was running the wrong way and didn't offer any help.
  18. Yeah I hate running unless I'm on an elliptical. There's something about my stride that puts a lot of feedback or stress into my lower back and it kills me even after like 10 minutes of running. Thanks for the advice!
  19. I remember seeing on FB that you got a job! Where's it at/what to do you do?

  20. Burpees look easy, but I'm concerned if I go max intensity I'll be flailing around instead of doing the form correctly. Is that something I should be worried about or should I just go for it? (still feeling noobish but I'm learning a lot from you guys!)
  21. Yeah my problem right now is I'm socially isolated at home (parents' place) until I move back to Orange County. But I'll keep your advice in mind! I used to do karate and it kept me in decent shape but we didn't get any instruction on how to do push ups and sit ups properly. Last time I went I felt pretty faint from the workout because one of the new sempais pushes everyone really hard. I admit I liked being pushed and it's good for me but he also doesn't let up if we're legit feeling sick or bad from the exercise. Do you have a recommended cardio workout?
  22. Been meaning to add you to friends since like...MAGFest 11 lol. What's up?!

  23. Hmm okay. Things like sit ups, push ups, and pull ups would work I'm guessing?
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