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  1. Replied. I actually wrote a paper about video game music for a humanities class in my undergrad. Good luck!
  2. diotrans has a few more posted mixes and contributed to the Donkey Kong Country 2 album and the recent Wild Arms album. She even has a music video for her remix "Insomniac Skies."
  3. We can compile a list of our planned in-game names right now and once anyone gets in they can just add that list to their friends list.
  4. Yeah you can't do that. There's a little thing called a non-disclosure agreement they make you sign which legally binds you so that you can't even tell anyone you get in the beta or anything about it for that matter.
  5. I still play but only really do dailies and HoM stuff for GW2. Add me if you care: Sister Ayano
  6. I heard a song from this album on Turntable that was spun by an OCR person. I liked it a lot and I have to check out the rest of the album.
  7. I won't be able to make it then since I won't be driving up and staying or driving up/down/up/down for this.
  8. Apparently none of you read my post either. It's okay. We can all scream at each other in this thread. Haven't seen this much hostility on the OCR forums ever. But it's cool, you play League so it's bound to happen. Also: Yes I did misread derrit's post. However you all jumping on me for it is really disappointing, especially since I play with a lot of you. This thread is just overly hostile to anyone stating their opinion.
  9. People play Talon all the time. "not yet buffed skarner"? They just nerfed him. Shyvana has never been considered OP but is now a flavor of the month champ due to pros using her to counter-jungle from top. No one ever considered Volibear OP. Everyone recognized Leona has a really nice kit but actually whined about how underwhelming her numbers are. I honestly have no idea where you're getting any of these "cries of OPness" from because you're absolutely wrong about over half of them.
  10. Leaving mid to gank is actually really viable. The only problem is that there aren't that many mids in the meta-game that can do it. Champions need very strong pushing and a decent kit and move speed to do it. Ahri, Morgana, and Sion are some "meta" mid champions I can think of that are great at doing this.
  11. The meta game isn't a "design." Riot just follows what the pros do and add champions based on what they do.
  12. The thing is that maximum gold is achieved by pushing and killing creeps before your creeps can no matter what the numbers are. Pushing a lane does have its risks but a smart player wards and watches the map. Pushing is also encouraged because the enemy tower can then be used to deny gold more than it can be already. A problem that goes hand in hand with this system is that newer players will want to push because they hear that to get the most gold they have to attack creeps vs. last hitting. And even if you tell these new players to only last hit that means they have to learn this double standard of playing.
  13. I think this worsens the problem of paying too much attention to creeps. Now in order for me to make the most money, I need to hit creeps as much as possible versus only last hitting. The other problem with this system is that champions like Shyvana become advantaged. Shyvana already can just stand on creeps with W on and kill them if they're low enough health. With this system she can stand on them and gain gold no matter what, harass the enemy champion, and deny at the same time. Granted she can already do the latter two but this makes champions with an PBAoE skill even better.
  14. If I didn't want to give a shit about creeps then I'd just go play Dominion.
  15. I almost never stack Doran items in any situations. I think the benefits of getting staple items is a lot better than getting Doran's.
  16. At the time of this post, there are no more $45 tickets left, just one $65 ticket left, and plenty of $85 and $125 tickets left. http://www.cityboxoffice.com/ordertickets.asp?p=5796
  17. If by FREE Killing Floor as in you're giving it away I'll take it off your hands >_>
  18. I now have these to trade: Half-Life 2 E.Y.E. Divine Cybermancy 25% off Valve 50% off VVVVVV 50% off Supreme Commander 2 10% off Activision 33% off SaintsRow The Third 33% off Warhammer 40k Space Marine 50% off Batman Arkham Asylum
  19. Except Ryze doesn't have mobility or range. Hardly any champion can lane in every lane and still dominate. I suppose I should have clarified this point. Ahri can do it easier than any other AP champ, even Vlad, without flash, while also damaging 3 champions around her. Xerath cannot do this. Champs like Leblanc need voracious amounts of mana while simultaneously needing dicktons of AP to be effective. They need blue. Ahri doesn't have this problem. She's nowhere to being squishy. You addressed this as my first point. So you're contradicting yourself. Being easy to shutdown early game? Not really...at all? Any melee jungler cannot get to her without being charmed point blank rendering any stun they might have moot. Even Amumu needs to get a clear shot to get in and that means Ahri has a clear charm shot. Also she just hits W while running away and does damage without even stopping to cast. Her harass can hit creeps and champs unlike targetable spells. Xerath also shares this trait with her. Yeah it's obvious they aren't a threat if you don't feed. Duh. The point here is that for the champion it's EASIER to get kills. Your point is completely retarded. Ahri's range is also very high. Overall her stats are way above average even if she isn't "the best" at those stats like range. It means that she's a better pick overall than niche AP carries like Ryze or Xerath.
  20. She literally cannot die if she gets a RoA and Rylai's. She has more natural HP gain than any other AP carry champion except for Vlad. RoA solves her mana "problem." I've escaped from 5-man ganks with her ult even after getting stunned. She can lane in any lane perfectly fine. She doesn't need blue. She has no downsides that traditional AP carries have.
  21. I think Graves was a bit imba and I also believe the same of Ahri.
  22. I have a 10% off Activision coupon if anyone wants to trade for that. Worth $6 off of MW3 starting Jan 2.
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