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  1. I wonder if they stack or stack with the sale price because I might grab Portal 2 with my 25% off code. Also got 50% off VVVVVV which is already 75% off. EDIT: Read the fine print and you can't stack coupons but coupons stack with already discounted items. EDIT2: I'm dumb. Just read the time when the coupons are valid.
  2. I find this quite offensive (not really), sir. I'm in socal. Norcal too far.
  3. Soooooo my gift stuff to my recipient hasn't arrived at me place yet for wrapping so yeah. ._.
  4. I received my present and greedily opened it already. I will post pics later. Thanks Secret Santa! Here's the pic of everything: The Super Star was one of my presents from last year's Secret Santa. Unfortunately I'm not a brony but I'll find a good use for it. And I'm kinda excited to actually cook something for myself that isn't instant ramen.
  5. I'm working on my present for my recipient. Hopefully will have it out by next week.
  6. I won't post a list because I want to see the creative juices of my secret santa. I would like to also say that I prefer no gift cards. However, if you must and really really really can't think of anything else, I do request that any gift card consideration be an Amazon one as I don't do brick and mortar shopping anymore.
  7. So I've got some (several) candidates: Reminiscence, The Girl Who Stole the Stars, and Another Guldove from Chrono Cross; To Zanarkand from Final Fantasy X; Goldenrod City and Vermillion City from Pokemon Gold/Silver; A Sign of Hope from Lost Odyssey. I prefer any of those equally pretty much, cept To Zanarkand since it's received a lot of attention already.

    Man this isn't helping. On the topic of genre: at the moment, I'm going through a pretty rough period of my life, so I've been listening to a lot of mellow stuff. Though I'm a big fan of music telling a story so I'm thinking the song should start off more mellow but slowly builds into something that sounds more hopeful and brighter. Solo piano pieces are nice but I think the method you go about accomplishing this should be up to your discretion (i.e. surprise me).

  8. Don't know how I can thank you for such an awesome gift! I'll need a day or so to think about which song and genre I want.

  9. I didn't get added to the list. I'm frowning. EDIT: maybe you haven't gotten to it yet. I apologize.
  10. That'd be the most awesome thing ever.

  11. I forgot who my dude was but I bought him a box full of comics. I remember he appreciated it well enough.
  12. Please be my secret santa. Also count me in I guess.
  13. MF actually is a good (not great) ganker but I wouldn't go as far to say she's a good jungle. She can strut in, slow champs, and hit'em in the back for more damage with q. She can do it but there's probably like 20 better jungles out there.
  14. I guess you can add this to WANT :::PS3::: Madcatz arcade/fight stick tournament edition [kitty] (11/11)
  15. Brad you can remove these from PS3 for sale: MAG w/case + manual $18 shipped [kitty] (12/10) Overlord II w/damaged case + manual $8 shipped [kitty] (12/10)
  16. So what you guys are saying is that Annie has one direct target, and two AoEs, while Orianna also has one direct (friendly) target and three AoEs. Both champs share a target area AoE. Orianna can also just Q-R to activate her second AoE, which Annie cannot do. There is a very small difference in targeting mechanics between the two. In either case, I'm not seeing how this comparison relates in any way to how Annie is "easier" to play than Orianna. I think we can all agree that the targeting mechanics of their skills are all pretty easy to use. Literally hit a button, point, and click.
  17. Actually, Annie only has one direct target "fire and forget" spell.
  18. I believe she was played once by one of the teams at IEM in Guangzhou. Can't recall which team or match unfortunately.
  19. Sivir is probably the most underrated AD carry in the game. Like what Zero said, she is a high skill-required champion. I have a friend who plays her and he's a beast with her.
  20. I had the same conclusion. But there's sentient rats popping out of waste in the sewer so I guess a cowboy isn't so farfetched.
  21. Lich Bane is a good item as it gives you two main stats that are good for tanks: movement speed and magic resistance. However, the MR is a little low, but combined with say, Banshee's Veil, the combined MR should be sufficient. The mana and 80 ap is good but are really just small bonuses. I'd definitely recommend this over a Rabadon's for AP Alistar. Combine this with a Zhonya's, Abyssal Sceptor, and/or a Rylai's and you got yourself some armor and MR with the AP that you're looking for. The best part of Lich Bane is the passive that adds your AP to your next physical attack. A W+Q+auto attack combo will deal quite a thump to your target. Compared to Sheen, I think it's better for AP Alistar. The main downside is that Lich Bane costs so much, just under 200g less than a Rabadon's. That downside is offset by replacing Rabadon's in your build. Sure you lose a little bit of AP, but Alistar's ratios suck but you probably gain more damage overall by switching to Lich Bane. tl;dr yes
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