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  1. Well from what I can tell, the extra gear isn't anything special. The double-barreled shotgun probably can't be upgraded and the sniper rifle saves you a few credits for being upgraded with a silencer already. And I'm sure they only give you a few remote explosives.
  2. I was a huge fan of the first. I looked for every little secret in the game and read every data cube. HR is the real deal and if you liked the first game you won't be disappointed. My only disappointment about the game is that the pre-order bonuses don't give you anything special except for the extra mission.
  3. I play mostly late night plus I'm on the West coast so most of the time I miss the OCR peeps unless it's the weekend.
  4. Most of my friends play LoL but I will be giving this a shot.
  5. Good Sona's are so annoying. None of us had it I believe.
  6. I also think we had much more coordination than usual in that game. We not only coordinated our usage of Fortify, but also discussed what aura items we should get, getting lots of wards down, setting up ganks, and deciding where to go.
  7. Just did a 5 man with OCR peeps. Let me just say that we should Fortify + Teleport as ranged AD carries more often.
  8. Was about to ask about steam keys. I'll probably grab this for $5 just for VVVVVV.
  9. I'm kind of sad Tryndamere is getting an early game nerf. He's one of my favorite mids because practically every carry that plays mid is squishy and he just destroys them at the early levels.
  10. I hate this metagame bs because it doesn't matter for 90% of the player base.
  11. I say try as many of the free to plays as you can. I always do my first win against bots and I try out the champs I'm interested in. I also gauge my interest when I see other champs I don't play in PvP.
  12. So kinda a throwback to the ward and BV discussion. I just had an hour match against a "troll" team that had Janna, Alistar, Amumu, Maokai, and Urgot. Basically just a crapton of CC. I immediately told my team to get BVs and ward the crap out of everything. Luckily my friend played Teemo that game so we had plenty of shrooms and backdooring while they committed to a lane. Also lucky that I was Cho to eat through Alistar's ult. We also did a lot of hit and run tactics since we could see the whole match. I pretty much think that without getting BVs and wards (and Madred's on our carries) we would have lost. They did have flash but it didn't make much of a difference. Eventually our team was fed enough and we won the fight at Baron's to clinch the game.
  13. It's because initiators rely on one skill to start something: Alistar's charge, Cho's knock up, Blitzcrank's grab, Amumu's pull, etc. etc.
  14. 3.55 doesn't need a tethered device for a jailbreak if I recall correctly.
  15. I find that wards are definitely a large determining factor in many of my pub matches in that the other team wards and mine doesn't and we lose.
  16. I suppose I have to play HoN to see for myself on both issues. But from what I saw in DotA I didn't like denying at all. Then again I was a super noob when I tried DotA. By the way, the chat system is back up if anyone wants to play
  17. I agree with all the pros mostly. Bots are good to get familiar with a champion but not so much for anything else. As for the cons: I think having more items is helpful in the long run, once you gain more knowledge about how to build what on who and when. Graphically, I think the game looks great, and is more accessible to people with lower end PCs. I've had no problem last hitting due to any graphical interference. Some heroes aren't meant to be straightforward. Yi is one of the best gankers in the game and combine that with jungling and you have a strong team player. His self-heal helps tremendously while jungling. Also, as you've pointed out, he is a decent carry in a lane. Kassadin's passive complements his W very well, making him more viable in a laning situation and supplying more mana to spam his E and R. As for Ez and any other hybrid characters, it's just that. Hybrids have more build options than those locked into one type of damage. Yes, some heroes are unbalanced and annoying to play against; but I don't think Annie is one of them (if she is who Bleck is referring to) as she has zero survivability. Yeah she hurts but that just means you have to adapt to the situation. I believe that denying actually removes variability from laning, rather than adding. Having to deny adds responsibility to laners who then cannot leave their lane as often because they have to deny in addition to farming. Gaining blue or red buff or killing dragon all of sudden become much more negative than without denying. Going back to buy items/heal then becomes a negative action, rather than a neutral or positive one.
  18. So did LoL get hacked earlier? I had all these suspicious system messages when I got back from lunch in my LoL client. EDIT: Looks like they're still going on. EDIT 2: Aaaand there goes the chat system.
  19. Every champ that beats me is OP and everyone I kill is a noob.
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