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Found 56 results

  1. Original song: (by Ben Daglish RIP 2018 My Remix: Please leave feedback of what could be improved.
  2. Hello everyone! Been a long time since I've posted anything on here (over a decade!). I have here a dance style remix of "Rebel Army" from Final Fantasy II, titled "Rebels Like to Dance Too!". I consider this pretty much complete and ready for submission, but want some feedback first. Thanks! -Brink Source:
  3. Hi, Here my arrangement about the ocarina song. Could you give me your feedback please. Thanks for your time!
  4. Ok, so I am starting a new thread for this. This is quite a different take than I have done lately on this tune...and I can post all of the different versions that have been commented on if asked. This is my first version of this that is not done in LMMS, instead I have used Cakewalk for my DAW. There are things I couldn't get to work in LMMS that I can in Cakewalk, so I gave up on using LMMS for this submission. Also, this is done with VST's, as opposed to soundfonts, and I have finally started figuring out how to do some of the things I have read about on this side about production. Of course, I'm still a novice, but I think this is much closer to the mark than previous attempts:) Please please please, anyone who takes a gander at this, leave feedback, and thanks for the listen!:)
  5. Yo, check this out: So, I tried to make something with synths and piano. Feedback is appreciated!
  6. Hey there, I made this some time ago, thought I might also share it. I basically took the well known Pallet Town Theme and made some Piano Variations in the Style of 18th century composer Joseph Haydn. Enjoy! Feedback is always appreciated.
  7. So, I've been replaying Doom 3 in anticipation of the fifth one coming up, and at some point I decided to try playing the basic riff from the menu song on my guitar, which I quickly realized was much easier than it sounded. And what better way to spend the 13th of a month? The idea in my head at first was just to create a version of the song, mostly from memory, which wasn't as mangled by compression artifacts as the in-game version. Quickly realized while I was planning that I didn't have a latin choir easily available for the section after the first refrain so I would have to do something else in that part; when I decided on a snarly sorta metal vocal I decided to add a few more small vocal bits through the song so those bits wouldn't seem as out of place... things snowballed, I got carried away and extended the song by almost two minutes with an extra chorus in there, plus some shoutouts to both "waltz of the demons" from the original doom and "harbinger" from doom 4 (itself a remix of the same song :D), a bit based on the little loop that played on Doom 3's pause menu screen, and a bunch more extra stuff. Despite all that I am not sure if this is enough of a reinterpretation to qualify as a ReMix by the standards of this site, since the new parts are only really extensions of what the song in the game suggests. That's the specific "review" I'm looking for here. If the folks here think there's enough new stuff going on for it to count as a ReMix I'll consider submitting it officially. If you guys don't think so, then I won't. Red Blood, Red Sand One more thing to mention is the track took a good six hours to render to audio. While I still could be open to changing something I'm not looking forward to having to sit and wait through that again. ...if you do suggest a big change, and I decide to actually go ahead and do it, expect it to be at least a couple days before I get a new version up.
  8. Salutation everyone! Please listen to the track (last version): Every time I start a new track, I think about the story it will tell. Concerning this one, it's kind of a crossover between The Matrix and the original story of the game: the hacker Link tries to hack into the JANUS system to find answers. The thing is, nothing goes according to plan... Regarding the arrangement, I was inspired by different sources, such as Master Boot Record, The Algorithm or to some extend Igorrr (all fantastic bands, but rather extreme), even though I shifted to something different along the way, and added some trance elements. Overall, I think it's a very fun track, but I lack confidence in my mixing/mastering skills, so I'd appreciate if you could focus more on this aspect. God, I hope you'll like it as much as I do Really, I'm open to all sorts of feedback. And of course, thank you for reading all this! Merry Christmas, happy new year, and have a fun listening tl;dr: fun electro/metal remix, I'm looking for feedback, and hope to be posted Old version: Source: Gameboy version / Switch version
  9. Hey guys, I figured out how to play Aerith's theme from FF7 and decided to make my own rendition of it. You might notice a few Zelda theme cameos in the piece, they are intentional. Preset used is ShrineCX2. Enjoy! Aerith's Theme.mp3
  10. Star Stealing Princess of Zeal Artist - EchoGhost616 Very VERY rough version, no where near complete. Drums are definitely not concrete, just threw a beat in to help myself. Trying to get a bit of feed back. Thanks guys!
  11. Hello everyone, I have made a medley of the three American fighters from Street Fighter II (Balrog, Ken, and Guile). I thought it might be appropriate as this time of year seems to get overlooked in themes, but I also don't want to overshadow the reason for the season. Thanksgiving is traditionally and American holiday, so I thought I'd bring in an anthem worthy of a world warrior. I'm happy to be in a position to submit for feedback as I am pretty proud of how this has turned out so far. Thank you for listening. Source: Balrog Ken Guile
  12. Hello everyone! I've been a fan and follower of this site since 2002, I believe. Didn't make an account til 2003, but it was always a dream of mine to have a song be released here someday. I tried learning production on my own multiple times, but failed numerously. So I just gave up on that at the time. Then I began trying again in October 2017, this time with the help of a friend I made in the rave scene. And now, almost 2 years later, I've been able to make my first remix (I've only made original music before). Here's the link to the song, and any honest feedback would be highly appreciated
  13. First time here in a loooong time! I had this summer free before heading into my last semester of uni, and for some reason really wanted to dive into music stuff in my spare time. Using Logic now instead of FL! SOUNDCLOUD LINK v2 v3 It's totally un-mixed and un-mastered. I guess right now I'm mostly asking for arrangement/compositional things before I head in and mix it. also, if any of the synths could use work, let me know that, too! Thanks!
  14. Hey guys! This is my take on the Stickerbrush Symphony theme from DKC2. I went for a Joe Satriani feel on the overall track, I hope you guys like it!
  15. Time to Complete: 2 hours Source:
  16. Some ear Candy: Sources: & linking the two plus serving as the outro:
  17. Reviews...vivisection** (not vasectomy...actually, that's a procedure that I need yesterday. TMI? Too bad!) analysis? [edit] I already got a review from Rozovian. Just want a few secondary opinions before I crack my knuckles and get to work. Thanks!
  18. I've always liked this tune, and I put together something incorporating two ideas. Edit 4 25 19 Ok, so this is a rough section/rendition that I have posted at the bottom, I am mainly wondering about the "lead guitar". I don't know if it's up to par...besides that, I don't think the balance is quite right.. I am going to have/already have more than this: I am concerned about elec guitar lead...Thanks!:) Edit 4 27 19 I'm still wondering about the guitar mentioned above, but this time I have added an acoustic guitar/flute section at the beginning. That is me playing the flute here:) The timing is slightly off at the beginning...I now realize I had different drivers for playback and recording activated while recording the flute, and with baby, I have so little mic time Looking for feedback on this WIP. My goal is to expand on this idea, lengthen the tune, and have the guitar and flute playing together/question answer each other. Edit 4 28 19 I just figured out that I can just move the flute audio track in the DAW, so now it lines up better. At least the driver issue I mentioned didn't actually stretch the timing of the recording. Since I was in there, I also added a little acoustic guitar to "play" along with the flute. Feedback welcome, as always!:) Edit 7 4 19 Latest version is in the most recent of my posts in this thread, along with the per Ready For Review instructions. Edit 10-17-2019 - Latest version posted here, along with original. The actual WAV sounds a little better than this Soundcloud link,(the pads are marginalized, and the bass seems emphasized) but the idea is clear:) Thanks for feedback! Edit 10-20-2019 Changed the lead, and am sharing as a Google Drive link, so the file can be downloaded and listened to with proper software (ASIO) Remix Original
  19. Hey there, everyone. (Very) Long time lurker, first time submitter. First, though I wanted to make sure the mix/master is there. It's metal, so it has to be aggressive, but I don't want to smash everything to bits and pieces, you know? Anyway, smashed together a combo of the title screen and "Long Distance" from Revenge of Shinobi. Also made sure to arrange them in such a way that it's not a medley. Here's the original title screen music. Here's the original "Long Distance." Here's the Soundcloud link. Hope everyone's having a great day!