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Found 27 results

  1. *unburies KH Arrangement*...I arranged this like 3 years ago.The Life Death and Rebirth of Radiant Garden for Solo Piano~2019.mp3 let me know what you think
  2. Whats up everyone! So I did 3 vocal remixes I wanted to share. The Donkey Kong one I am wondering if I could submit since I did change the original beat a bit. Hope you enjoy! Wisp Circuit from Team Sonic Racing (Vocal Remix) Aquatic Ambiance from Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze (Vocal Remix) Beneath the Mask from Persona 5 (Vocal Remix)
  3. Preparing my piece for resubmission, would really like to get some critical review before I do that, however. My main concerns are overall balance, reverb use, transitions and blending. Also, any ideas for a good ending would be appreciated! (I don't want to leave it how it ends but I'm having trouble coming up with a believable end). If you detect anything else of concern, please don't hesitate to make it known! All your help is appreciated
  4. Damn, it's been more than two years since I actually finished a track and even longer since I've posted here. This originally was an idea for the Shounen Jump Remix Album, but I never really got around to actually working on it until a few weeks back. Yeah, I know it's very conservative arrangement-wise, but I'm still rather proud how it turned out, and I'm interested in a professional opinion or otherwise I'll probably microtweak it until it's broken - Magic Knight Ray(v)earth.mp3?dl=0 Original
  5. Used my keyboard to figure out the notes then I fixed them b/c my god, the left hand stretches 2 octaves frequently on the arp. I'm guessing Akira did this all one handed ...That sounded wrong (or maybe that sounded right). (Probably used a mouse).'s it sound? O right. Source:
  6. Remix of two songs from the game. Aim was to keep the calm, at times, minimal nature of the originals, but in a dfferent genre. Originals: Remix: Sights.mp3?attredirects=0&d=1 Any feedback appreciated. Cheers
  7. In what seems to be a misunderstanding of the usual OCR process, I already e-mailed this in (derp). But let's pretend I didn't! This is a somewhat doomy/sludgy metal take on this tune. I'm pretty happy with it all in all. Feel free to feedback away! Original: My hot take on it:
  8. This arrangement was originally made a couple years ago for an album, but due to life I was unable to work finish it(or do much related to music for a while). I've finally found the time to get back into music, and I'd almost forgotten about this. I've polished it up a bit, but for the most part I consider it finished. Original:
  9. I emailed the submission in correctly, I will post the video here in a few for a review. Phantasy Star IV: Air Castle Arranged Remix This took me a LONG time to finish up and put together. X'3 My Youtube name is Kuta9000 by the way and it's my first remix. Source: If you guys have any questions, feel free to ask. If something needs to be fixed with my arranged remix let me know. I worked too hard to find out super late that my remix got a few errors in it!
  10. I'm potentially going to be working on a small (5 tracks or so) project of DnB remixes. The whole project is going to be "liquid" themed loosely, so if anyone has an idea for a track that would work in this style that is Liquid themed I'm open to suggestions. Could be anything, for example one of the remixes I'm working on is a location theme that has a big lake. This one is related to the lava in Marble zone. I'm by no means heavily into DnB, especially note DnB production, but I do specifically enjoy Liquid DnB and the more melodic side and feel that it fits my general "chill" stylings. So this is my motivation to learn a little and improve my technique, for myself more than anything. Anyway this is the first track, would love any feedback. Remix of Marble Zone zone from Sonic 1, and I think it came out pretty nice! I could see myself submitting this to OCR too eventually, who knows.
  11. I've been working on this recently. Let me know what you think! Remix: Original:
  12. Hello there, I was looking through the Deltarune OST and came across a short track that I thought could turn into something cool if expanded upon. And so, I ended up doing some expansion. Here is the result: I would love to hear your thoughts or criticisms! (Original Track)
  13. Arab style ethno cover \ remix on ''Peace of Mind'' of Biohazard. With female sampled vocals.
  14. Everybody Super Sonic Racing! I am looking for singers who want to help with vocals on this track so i don't have to use a spot holder. The vocals are currently being covered by a simple Saw till i can get my hands on the vocals for this song as I can not do this song justice with my singing voice. The final will not have the Saw in it and obviously an actual ending.
  15. Hello All! So I've created an album of some of my favorite video game music remixed into hip hip tracks. Each track has lyrics based on the video game where the music is from. Gamers can appreciate and everyone else can enjoy! I'll also post a link to the whole album, but my favorites are: 1 - At the Bar (Streets of Rage); 2- N'Sane (Crash Bandicoot); and 4 - Princess Ruto (Legend of Zelda) Would these be good for submitting? SOUNDCLOUD (Whole Album): YOUTUBE (Whole Album):
  16. Hello everyone! I've been working on this remix of the Rotten Vale theme for the past few days, and for once, it came together really quickly (~10-15 hours rather than the 60h++ I usually spend on tracks). I know I suck at mixing/mastering, but what do you think about it? The original version can be found here: About the track: I wanted to remix a track from the Monster Hunter games for years, as it's one of my favourite video game series. And when I heard this track the first time hunting in the Rotten Vale in MHW, I knew I found a solid candidate for a remix of my own Regarding the source, this remix focus on the very first riff and on the "heroic/epic" melody (starting at around 1:35). I used a few other parts as well, but without really trying to keep the original structure of the piece, as I felt some of the part were not conveying the right energy. So this is a rather liberal reinterpretation of my favorite parts of the source rather than a "by the book" cover. I had a strong Arch Ennemy vibe from the "heroic" theme, so I went into that direction. The track in general has a strong melodic death/metalcore vibe. The thing I am the less confident about, from a composition point of view, is the weird clean guitar/cello part near the end of the track, wich is clearly a reference to the song Nemesis from Arch Ennemy. If you find it out of place, I am open to suggestions regarding how to make this part better Thank you for your feedback, and have a great day!
  17. Hello all, This is a remix of the level BGM 'SCOURGE' from the indie game They Bleed Pixels. The version here is the edit that is used in-game I've got it in a state I would consider as "finished" in that I'm happy with it and it has a coherent start-to-finish, but I would like to try getting it ready for submission soon and would like some feedback. I'll disclose that this will be my first time attempting to do so and, while I'm not especially experienced making music yet or have very sophisticated tools, I do understand a lot of the tenets of production quality and as long as you're clear explaining any problems or flaws you might be hearing, I'll do my best to fix them. Thanks in advance. If you would prefer I use a different platform than SC to post this, please let me know.
  18. I remixed this theme because of how darn catchy it is. I wanted to do more with it so I added a little bit of a melody at the end. Updated version: Further updated version Final (Hopefully!) Version Original:
  19. Some time ago I wanted to propose a short Xenogear short film based on its own time after the events of Xenogear. I had to deal with other things and decided to launch the Cinematic version of the Faraway Promise melody that corresponds to the animation. Soon I will release said short film. Enjoy.
  20. Hey all! This is my first remix that I'm posting to OCRemix, and its from one of my favourite games from my childhood, Digimon World for the PlayStation 1. So, here is my remix, going for a retrowave/outrun inspired sound. EDIT: After the feedback, I've made a few changes with making the melody more varied, and adjusted the more chiptuney synth for clarity. I've also changed the mastering, I felt it was too loud, and after using a loudness meter I've adjusted it to around -1.5dB overall for streaming purposes. The Soundcloud file is an mp3 here too. When I submit to the site, it'll be WAV. Here is the original piece: Kinda worth noting that it is essentially a 30-40 second loop that I've tried to turn into something more expansive and interesting. Anyway...
  21. Link to The Track: Source: Bloody Tears [Castlevania I], Monster Dance [Castlevania II], Bloody Tears / Monster Dance [Smash Bros. Ultimate] Description: Managed to make this before the Smash Bros. direct, I hope I don't end looking like a fool hahahaha Anyways, I liked how this arrangement ended, so I figured out it would be a good thing to get a review and try to get it into OCRemix, I hope you like it!
  22. This was done about a week ago. I learned to play it on Piano early this week and decided to do another remix of it. I think this one turned out very nicely. A remix of Ray/Zena-Lan Hard Armor theme from Cyber Brawl. Femme Jazz Armour CG - Cupcom5
  23. Wassup guys! Description: Inspired by the music of Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future, here is my take on the track “Perils of the Coral Reef”. My version is called “Joys of the Coral Reef” which is a lo-fi chill hip hop beat with beautiful strings and a sax solo, and calming ocean, dolphin, and whale sounds. Imagine swimming in the clear blue sea with this tune playing! Enjoy! UPDATE: Made a lot of changes! Will submit this! Listen Here: of the Deep Sea (Lofi).mp3?dl=0 This is the track from the actual game:
  24. Hello again! Checked out this game and thought it is awesome! The stage 4 music really hit me 'cos I think it's a kind of departure from the typical Castlevania music style and generally it has some catchy melodies and a strong beat. Tuned down to B with the guitars to get that low end booming! And also this is the first song I learned by ear, in everything else I've done I have used midis to help with the composting/arrangements. The original track: