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  1. Super Street Fighter 2 - T Hawk Theme Remix (UPDATED) Hi! Hoping to get some feedback on this remix ive done. I'm mostly done with it but i'm trying to polish it up. Some questions. Is it too busy, cluttered sounding? Is it too bass heavy? I tried a brighter variant with more mids and went back to this. The instrumentation ok? Also if you spot any faux pas in there that ive missed, let me know and i'll argue that it was intentional :P Thanks for the advice, ive made some small updates.less swing, levels on pads changed in places. added some definition to the lead sound (
  2. The King Of Fighters 2002 : Tribute Soundtrack ~Battle Edition~ Arranged by : Cero Cero Cuatro / jfct555 [youtube]https://youtu.be/_Op5fcHp-KM[/youtube] Tracklist: 00:00:00 - 2002 00:00:53 - 2002 [30sec] 00:01:24 - How To Play 00:02:56 - Select 00:03:51 - J 00:06:46 - Tears 00:10:22 - Arashi No Saxophone 2 00:14:00 - Tacos Dance 00:16:14 - KD-0079 00:19:10 - Let´s Go To Seoul 00:22:00 - Desert Town 00:25:53 - Diet 00:28:10 - Winner 00:28:19 - Red Wind 00:30:34 - Bloody 00:33:52 - Kurikinton Gomame 00:36:07 - The Netherlands 00:39:27 - KD-00
  3. Hey everybody! Here's a new Piano Arrangement for you all, it's not a particularly complex or substantial piece this time, just a little version of the Animal Crossings Main Theme which I wanted to try out. As so many people are playing it nowadays, I thought I'd choose the main theme for people to have a go at if they wanted to try. This piece is pne of the monthly Patreon pieces (link in the video) DISCLAIMER: Original music is by Kazumi Totaka, video is original in-game footage.
  4. EQd out some of the mud and compressed the master track for more punch ! Lots of room for improvement. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks.
  5. Just an edm style track I've been working on. Was looking for feedback on the production quality
  6. I did a ballroom waltz cover of a couple popular MM2 tracks, please enjoy!
  7. Made an 8-bit remix of the Autumn mountain battle theme. Recreating the bass took a while, lol.
  8. Hi there. Just finished my new orchestral arrangement. It's wonderful waltz theme called Lullaby of Deserted Hell from Touhou 11. Original soundtrack:
  9. Originally I intended to release it for Halloween but life got in the way, but Faxandu doesn't get enough remix love so finally decided to share it. I love the OCR community and the songs here have brought me so much joy over the years so I hope Faxanadu and OCR fans enjoy this one.
  10. This is my second remix from the soundtrack to Spider-Man and the X-Men: Arcade's Revenge, and while every piece of music composed for that game is absolutely brilliant, there is no question that Gambit's stage theme is the most popular of all the tracks. My approach to this remix can be summed up with a single word: "big." I wanted the sound to be big, and the arrangement to feel big, so the drums and synths are fat, the guitars distorted, and the organ blazing. This is the second iteration of my remix, as I was ultimately unsatisfied with my first take. The changes were minimal, but importan
  11. Hello, It's the 30th Anniversary of StarTropics!!! (Released in 1990) I thought this would be fun to remix the soundtrack and put something out there for fans of the game during this big year. Some of the remixes sound similar to the originals and others sound pretty out there. This was made with Super Nintendo soundfonts and Super Audio Cart as well some reverb, delay and other dynamics for listening purposes. I was inspired to make this after enthusiastic support from the StarTropics speedrunning community. Took me 4 months to make and hope you enjoy some of these remixes! Pro
  12. Hey everyone! The Rito Village arrangement I made has now been put into a Video and uploaded to YouTube! Please enjoy!
  13. Hello! Here's my remix of MegaMan Zero 2's "Departure". Although I've been a HUGE Mega Man X/Zero/ZX fan, I never created a remix of one of a tracks of any of the series (I only did "inspired by" tracks so far) and I'm glad I finally had the inspiration to create a remix. Like my Turrican remixes, I tried to orientate the remix very close on the orignal while trying to uplift it with "modern capabilities", it's not as good as the official remix but I'm very happy with the outcome. Anyway, here's the track and I hope you like it!
  14. Yo! I just updated my mix on this orchestral version and uploaded it on YouTube. Thought about sharing it with you :)! Original song:
  15. Was fun! Gauntlet Dark Legacy is my favorite ost. But, I realized I never actually listened to the original before. So, I tried to do a kinda fusion of the two styles into the title theme. Any excuse to put people screaming and random bat noises into a track I guess
  16. A tiny little minimalist house arrangement of 'Factory Tour' from Kirby 64. Had fun making this, thought I'd share.
  17. Hey guys! This is an arrangement of the Rainbow Road themes from Mario Kart 64, Mario Kart Wii and Mario Kart 7. I wanted to keep some of the percussion for forward momentum and rhythm while making the pieces more Orchestral, and I think I did OK here. Made with Sibelius/NotePerformer. Disclaimer: Original music by Kenta Nagata, Ryo Nagamatsu and Koji Kondo.
  18. Hey everyone! Here is a newly uploaded video of another arrangement I've made - A Secret of Mana Fantasia for full Orchestra taken from the Secret of Mana/Seiken Densetsu Soundtrack by Hiroki Kikuta. Secret of Mana was originally made for the SNES but has since enjoyed a remake. The music in this Fantasia include "Fear of the Heavens", "Into the thick of things", "a Wish", and "Fly into the Unknown". The pieces linked very well together in order to contrast the many atmospheres and emotions the game has in the course of the adventures it holds. Disclaimer: Original music is by Hi
  19. Yeah, another game remix! This time a older childhood fav game "Fury3" that was released by Microsoft in 1995. The soundtrack is really awesome. Enjoy the first mission, planet terran in a new version:)
  20. Doom metal remix of Golbez theme "Clad In Darkness" and the "Cry In Sorrow" theme from Final Fantasy IV https://soundcloud.com/dremorachurl/deepest-night
  21. Hello folks. I published new version of this cool theme from Undertale. I made some some changes to the previous orchestral version, adding piano, a little bit improved mixing and so on. Here is the original:
  22. Hey guys! I hope you’re doing well. Lately all my friends have been playing Animal Crossing, so I decided to cover k.k. Cruising with a bit of drum n’ bass and salsa thrown in for good measure hope you enjoy! KK Cruisin' - Animal Crossing (Jazz Fusion Cover) | The Geeky Guitarist
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