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  1. If I had a vocalist, I would very much like to submit this to OCR. It would be very easy to reproduce the effect with different vocals. I don't know anyone who can sing. Anyone liked or played Lumines? For me it was addictive, I played it for hours. Thought this was an appropriate remix for the game.
  2. I've recently finished arranging my 80s remix for the stage select and intro stage themes from Megaman 8. I don't think I'm very good with mastering and EQing so I thought I'd run it by you guys first before I make a submission(or should I have done that first? I wasn't sure). There's quite a bit of reverb going on with a lot of things since I was trying to get that 80s workout cheese. Some parts definitely feel overcrowded I think. But I'm not sure if I should cut or pan stuff around. Let me know what you guys think: EDIT: Original source Intro Stage: Stage Select:
  3. Hey everyone this is Kamex! I am 17 years old and I've been trying to make music for 4 years with FL studio. I haven't really tried my hand at making EDM until 2 years ago and I didn't fit any of my music into genres until last year. I would say my strongest genre at the moment is Drum and Bass. It is my favorite genre and I've always wanted to learn how to make DnB songs. This ReMix I am presenting is from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky. It is a dungeon called Fortune Ravine. You can find the original song here: And here is my WIP of it: So please let me know what I should improve on, what I should change, or what you like about it and so on!
  4. I think this is the composition I want to work with. I'm having trouble with mixing though; I pretty much just laid down every instrument and now I'm not sure how to make everything sound less muddy! I'm not sure if this is the right forum to ask about that though edit:updated thank you all for the suggestions! I went back and took the advice on choosing better instruments, specifically the bass. The EQing tips were also very helpful
  5. Since we are now celebrating 30 years of Gradius, and Konami at the moment is a pale shadow of what it was back then, I'm starting a 'Parodius Da!' Medley in which I'll rearrange the character selection theme, the 4 character themes which are also used in every transition between levels, and I'll finish it up with the continue (still not sure about that one) and ranking themes. Konami at its best. I'll keep posting as I progress. take a listen if you have the interest Original: My take; Cheers!
  6. Here is a Funky/Jazz remix of the Fairy Fountain theme i'm working on. It's unfinished and i'm not sure how to proceed with the arrangement, a drum solo perhaps?
  7. Original theme: The running joke with this theme in the community is that it's completely awful and out of place, so what started as a quick joke transcription became something a little more involved: I usually don't do this type of music so this was a little difficult, but hopefully it came out alright. Any advice and feedback is appreciated. Thank you!
  8. Themes arranged: Mega Man Battle Network 4 Main ThemeTournament Battle Theme, "Battle Pressure"My arrangement: Full Synchro (WIP v1) This is actually a new take on an arrangement I first tried back in 2010 when I first started this whole music production thing. I got a pretty decisive "NO" from the judges back then, but I've learned a lot more in the years since, and I really liked these tunes, so I figured I'd take a second stab at this, even though the project file from that first try is long gone now. I couldn't find the original WIP thread, either, so I figured I'd make a new one. Maybe it got lost in a board purge or something, I'm not sure. This take is mostly identical in structure to my initial attempt, but I may make some more drastic changes depending on feedback. Also, I know the piano bit in the middle and the synth solo afterward are kind of wack. I couldn't really settle into a good melodic line for either despite two days of work and decided I should just jot something down and move on with the track. Both will likely be very different, and, hopefully, much better, after the next revision. Let me know what you think.
  9. Hello! Had this one in a semi-finished state for a while but feel like getting it done before the end of the year. Comments appreciated!
  10. Remix of a couple of songs from the DOS game Corridor 7. UPDATE 01 (LATEST): FIRST DRAFT: SOURCES: heavy2.mid = l1_var.mid = level3.mid = NOTES: I'm just using a Megadrive/Genesis soundfont to write it. I'll make the full production after I get done writing the song.
  11. Hey, this is my first time actually posting a WIP here. It is a remix of the main title theme. The first time I heard when playing through Prime I knew that I would want to remix it when I got a decent DAW. That happened about a year ago, so here's what I have so far. Remix - Source - Edit 1 - Changed out some instruments and tried to clean up chords and make arrangement less muddy in general.
  12. Hey all, it's been a while since I've been here. I have a piano waltz remix of the Village and Town themes from the SNES version of SimCity and was hoping for some constructive criticism and evaluation of this track. I've only done a little effect work, and while it's not dry, it's not polished either - but that will be fixed. Mostly looking for critiques of the arrangement and content. Thanks for listening! Valse de SimCity: Sources: Village - Town -
  13. Here's a link to my Wall Market remix. I recorded all the guitar parts using guitar rig 5. Lemme know what 'yall think!
  14. Made this earlier, the square wave = vocal filler (Vocaloid Luka). Although it's probably a given, the MIDI percussion is filler as well to be replaced by higher quality samples and piano is to eventually be replaced by various instruments and is meant only to get a raw composition concept down (as goes for all my piano tracks). Genre elements - Happy J-Core/gabber/breakcore/extratone
  15. This is an experimental track that I would like to smooth some edges on (new style for me). I'm most concerned about mixing and overall arrangement.
  16. Hi, this is my first post, so I apologize for any posting errors. I'm working on a remix for Mingy Jongo's Boss Theme in Banjo Tooie. I will fix the velocities of the notes for more dynamic range. Also, I didn't make an ending/continuation yet. In terms of mixing, what are some things I should improve? Also, any other suggestions/feedback would be appreciated.
  17. No fancy name for this one yet. Made this on a whim thinking I'd warm up FL Studio and see about another Zelda remix using a lot of the same instruments/effects I'd worked out in my Stone Palindrome remix. I kept myself from posting this for a while wondering if I'd revisit it with any epiphanies I might have and it's sat gathering dust for a little while until now. Nothing crazy with the track, I don't think- It's mostly the Palace Theme with little altered snips of other common Zelda themes thrown in for flavor (ALttP Hyrule Castle Theme, Zelda Main Theme). Typically I've struggled with drum variation (Drums, in general), instrument transitions, and balancing the volume of different instruments among other things I could probably name if I sat and analyzed it long enough. I didn't approach this song as seriously I think, but it came out easier than I expected and I'm pretty pleased with the results. You can find the track via my Soundcloud here. Original track found and/or (as featured in Smash Bros).Also includes references to Zelda's Main Theme ( ), A Link to the Past's /Windwaker's , NES Zelda's , the bass line of Majora's Mask's , and if you want to stretch it a fair bit a short bass piece that's was meant to reference theme from Ocarina of Time (Though only in the sense that it mimics the climb of the notes).Thanks in advance to those who may take the time to listen and leave any comments, it's all very much appreciated- Even if it's not up to part to make the site the feedback is well worth it. This was all composed in FL Studio with plugins and instrument packs that I hope aren't too incredibly recognizable.
  18. This is a mix of the Route 38 and 39 Theme, Title Theme, and Bicycle Theme from Pokemon Silver Version. Link to Remix: Links to Sources: Route 38,39: Title Theme: Bicycle Theme: I've been working in FL Studio and I'm having some trouble with the violin synth cutting out at parts. It works fine in the program, but not after I render. I'd really like some help with that. Other than that, I'd mainly like some feedback on improving my production quality. (I really don't know what I'm doing when it comes to mastering so please use small words.)
  19. Mine Free MP3 download: W.mp3 Original Other than rather obvious things I need to work out [e.g. Timing and practicing the song more till I'm not miss hitting notes etc.] what do you have to say about my work in progress?
  20. Original: I plan to humanize it. I'm not sure if there's enough reverb or if I also need to add delay. I'm hoping to figure out how to make the ending have more reverb. Any other suggestions or feedback would be appreciated.
  21. A RwtS entry created with the assistance of timaeus222. I would like to improve this so fire away.
  22. Sup everyone. Posting a track im working on. i'll be subbing this in a few days. its almost done. Enjoy! Download from Soundcloud: or
  23. Hello guys, sorry if I did another done-to-death track but I really wanted to try this one out as I was heavily inspired by Prototype Raptor's remix. I'm still in the process of making it more carnival-y as it's really just the beginning
  24. mine Free MP3 download: N.mp3 the original Definitely watch the original if you wanna know why it's called blue guys don't look at explosions. Anyway other than obvious timing and practice sorta things what kinda feedback can you offer? One last comment: Why in the *%#* hasn't this song been remixed yet?
  25. I think this game was one of the first ones that made impact on me so i felt like making a cover of A Wish, my favourite track from the game. Any feedback is greatly appreciated (I know is in youtube but any feedback that can help me make this OCR worthy would be good, i am willing to heavily change it in order to achieve that heh)