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Anyone else having an incredibly hard time posting scores? It's horrible, if I'm logged out I can see the high scores and I'll usually have competitive placement. So I hit the 'post score' button and then it offers to log me in. I log in... and suddenly, according to the game, nobody's played the song and I can't post my score.

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Wow! I just purchased this game on steam at the recommendation of this thread, and I was not disappointed in the slightest. It is amazingly fun, and on certain songs it just really *works*

Secret of Mana - Thicket OC ReMix was the first song I played. It blows my mind. I almost just wanna download Fraps so I can show you guys how cool it is, and how amazingly well synched to the music.

So, any recommendations on some other mixes it might be fun with? I'll try mine out, see how it works.

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Just 31,000? I think I can do better than that...

Also, check out how many people are playing this OC remix track:


Haha, hey LuisX I see your name all over the place when I'm playing, was wondering who you were. Not many other people play OCRemixes :\. I pretty much play eraser with a sprinkling of ninja mono.

Awesome songs I've enjoyed so far (without looking through my playlist):

FFMusicDJ - Ahead on our rave

Zircon/Sixto - Lunatic Moon

HousetheGrate - Walk on Water and La Hora es Tarde

Snappleman - Dead Batteries and Malicious Fingers

Snappleman/Braincells - Scrambled Eggman

Norg - Iron Spire/Zeboimite Ascension

In fact anything by Snappleman or Norg

JAXX - Lightning Star

Analoq - Sierra Navada-Tan

Rayza - Rolling Start

A bunch of stuff from Jivemaster (althought I can't recall which I played right now)

There's definitely a ton more, and so much more I have to go through.

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For anyone having troubles using the scoreboard, it seems to be a problem when your screenname has non-alphanumeric characters in it. My old name was Pump-Actin' Tinactin so it never let me put scores. My new name is Flylighter and it works just fine :)

That being said, you guys gotta beat some of my VotL scores now!

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Ok, so I haven't logged into this site for a long time but I just had to come back by when I saw there were a lot of people playing the same songs I was. Most notable are the Turtles in Time Sewer Surfing tracks(there's like three different mixes of that one song).

I've been playing the game non-stop for the past couple of days. I don't really pay attention to the timing of the blocks. Sometimes they sync up and it's cool but for the rest I just try to nab as many as I can.

I've already managed to grab a couple of top scores(Metallica: Of Wolf and Man; how did I ever manage that?). Of course on the most popular songs I'm just lucky to place in the top ten.

Anyways I use the same name in the game so if you see me on there...well, that's me.

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