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OC ReMix Joins SquareSound for Uematsu Arrangement Competition!

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Wow what a surprise, no one saw that coming at all.

I really thought the 3rd place finisher, "Lost Odyssey Medley - 1000 Years" by Ting Si Hao was gonna take it. Congrats to Andy and Kenley on their strong finishes! Andy, you better figure out a way to get to Chicago, foo! Beg for $.

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Man, this was a great way to start my day. I'm really happy. Honestly, I wasn't even 100% confident on my entry because I had actually made no less than THREE attempts at a remix for this before I arrived on this concept, which I started really late into the contest. I ended up submitted about 20 minutes before the deadline :P

Also, it looks like I can actually make use of the tickets, too! I'll be taking Jill (pixie) of course, and our flights would only be about $190-200 each for round trip, plus $100 for the hotel. Plus her birthday is March 4th and the concert is the 1st. :D

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Nobuo Uematsu's gonna get Andy's copy. Naturally.

I already gave him a (home-burned) copy through a friend but it seems that 1. he didn't read the japanese translation I included and didn't get it, or 2. he ignored it :D

I hope he actually listens and cares about the real deal :/

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