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OCR01677 - Leisure Suit Larry "Larry's Funky House of Lowe"


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I never thought I'd see a remix from Leisure Suit Larry. :lmassoff:

Honestly. My dad had the game on our first computer. My siblings and I secretly played it. I could barely read, but I was still typing away at the game. I learned all about the birds and the bees among various other things...

I love the remix. Even though it's been so long since I played, I definitely remember the tune, and you played off of the old sound so well. The song is just as fun as I remember the game.

Now that you got the song stuck thoroughly in my head I'll have to find a copy of the game off of eBay or something.

"Yeah baby!"

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Yeah.. you got me on this one Anso.

It's really great. Simple melody but very much groovy stuff in the background.

Don't know how you can produce so much good tracks in so short time really.

Never seen anyone grow so fast in production and evolving as you.

Love this funky tune man. Keep it rolling man.

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Mattias, you are a legend. Never mind coming up with this in a week, but it's a really freaking catchy song. I love how you've really developed your own style, but you still use new techniques on every song. This one has a lot of great moments.

Thanks :) also, it was not a week it was worse! Dave e-mailed me wednesday evening and it had to be done friday :D

Thank you everyone for the kind words.

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This funkin' rocks! I don't know how the funk you pulled this funky track in just two days or so!

(8-O Definitely one to many funk puns in there......)

When I first heard this, I couldn't help but start giggling at how awesome it sound (And I'm not kidding, i was seriously giggling). A sexy groove and all around great track AnSo!

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Though I don`t think I`m qualified to post a musical review I would like to thank Anso, DJ Pretzel and Al Lowe and everone else who`s working on/supporting this site. These sounds give me a great time...

Do it Larry, one more time!

P.S.: After listening to the remix a few times, I think this piece could use some support from other instrument lines to combine the relatively new "Yeah baby" with the minimalistic style of the original track.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01677 - Leisure Suit Larry "Larry's Funky House of Lowe"
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