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OCR01679 - Revolution X "Music Is a Weapon"


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(also, I think something in the db broke. This song doesn't show up in Jredd's mixer page, and the Revolution X page says Remix by blank)

It's on a 24hour cache, it'll be updated. I'm fairly certain this has happened for every new remix since the new database.

Anyway, sweet arrangement. I do have an issue with some of the production though. For example the lack of mid, the strangely overhyped bass sample, the distorted kick, the lo-fi game samples and the cluttered sound that's a result of these problems. With better balance in mixing and not relying too much on game samples this would be way better, too bad with such a nice arrangement.

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I'm pretty torn on this one.

It's pretty repetitive, and I hate the samples (sample bias omg), but there is some really good stuff in here. The synth runs are nice, and the tone on them is good, as opposed to the pretty fakey sounding guitar synth, which grated on me. :-(

Melodically this worked pretty well, but I think the rhythms were kind of samey.

Bah, sorry for the harsh review, I think the overused vocal samples colored my opinion for the rest of the track. Great synth noodling though.

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This mix is good stuff. It seems loud/distorted at times, but that's probably just me having my headphones on too loud and not realizing it. But all around, it is pretty good nice down and dirty funkiness, and better than I expected, given the source material. Good to hear from Jredd again.


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I always see this game in the used games bin and come really close to dropping the 2 bucks on it, just because I figure a 16-bit version of Aerosmith HAS TO BE pretty amusing.

I enjoyed this remix. Definitely not Jredd's magnum opus, but it's certainly entertaining. I, for one, always appreciate whenever a remixer finds a tasteful use for the otherwise gawdawful "HEAVYGUITAR" sample. That and the liberal use of in-game voice samples are what made this mix work for me.

I figure there are two kinds of cheese: good, fine cheese and smelly, moldy cheese. This remix is the good kind of cheese. There's enough of it to make you constipated, but it is nonetheless tasty and satisfying.

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Well, it certainly is interesting that this ReMix made it up here :). Had it not been for a guy named Kung Fu Furby and his hilarious challenge, I doubt I would've thought to tackle Revolution X.

This Remix was almost more like a joke at first, but somehow I actually really got into it and ended up spending way more time on it than I thought I would. I can't help but feel a little silly about this being here, but at the same time I think it is pretty awesome.

Considering the cheesiness of the game, and the lackluster soundtrack I think I am pretty happy with how this turned out over all. The vocal samples are hilariously awesome in my opinion, I think it would've been too hard for me not to include those in game sound bites

I had a lot of fun with this one and I am glad the majority of you seem to enjoy it :). For those that don't as much, I can't say I blame ya. However, it is an honor to once again be part of a collection with so many great artists.

I can only imagine what my next mix to go here might be. I am making mostly original music these days, but that's not to say I don't have a few ideas for Vg songs to try and arrange at some point in the future. Until then, let's hope my extremely loud kick drums doesn't de de-de de-de ddd destroy your speakers :P.

Thanks for listening to my strangeness!


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I'm actually that guy: I dumped the SPCs for the game and gave jredd a challenge on VersusCompo. He won the challenge, and it's nice to see that he submitted his piece here!

The SPC set comes from SNESMusic.org, if you didn't notice, and I have another composer: Kev Bruce. Why Kev Bruce? He's in the credits for the SNES version for music.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01679 - Revolution X "Music Is a Weapon"
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The start and end of this is almost cringey (isn't anything Aerosmith attaches itself to?), but that section with the leads fighting each other in the middle? Chef-kiss.

And there is the title, we can go home now.

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