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OCR00950 - Mega Man X4 "Zero Sky"


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FFMusic DJ! lets get started. <songplayed> Way to many issues for this song to be *great* by my taste, i wish you would've worked on it a bit more, clear out some issues, its *really* repetative, and the vocals really hit some rough patches, they slip out of tune for me at some points, and they don't flow with that Rough beat at all for me, the ending also, was not to my taste. Sorry bro, But It really doesnt come up to par with some of the other mixes i've heard. On a good-note, the Synth instruments used sound great, the lead synth would kick ass, if it wasnt so repetative.

0:01 - Wow. Rough beat, to say the least, a bit Too rough for my taste man, i had to turn my bass down and my volume to make it tolerable.

0:25 - The Vocals are alright here, but they *really* don't sit well with me, they feel Closed in, the quality isn't that great, and ontop of that, that thick bass drowns it right out.

1:15 - Some cool stuff here, more vocal work that sounds a bit off to me, Again, it feels closed off in comparison to the rest of the instruments, there are these really high synths going on, And they're okay..add a bit of emotion, but.. Not that great.

2:07 - Okay htis is about the 2nd or 3rd time ive heard this classic Zero tunage, and its getting very bored, and I have this feeling that its going to keep going. and that thumping bass isn't helping either, take a break with it.

2:54 - The voices sound a Bit better here, But once the other synth comes in, it starts to get a bit drowned out.

3:54 - There are rare spots where the voice pops out of harmony with the rest of the mix, its kinda hard to make out, but thats deffinitely what I'm hearing.

4:17 - I've heard this played before, mix it up man! Being a Devout fan of Zero's music.. I wish you would've done something to mix his main theme up, this feels like you inserted his main theme with kickass synth, added voices and drums and boom, I *really* wish you would've done a few more bits with the lead synth to keep it fresh.

5:42 - The voice still just isn't flowing with the rest here. maybe its just me. As for the ending, I don't like it, I think just ending on one "thud" was bad for this mix, I much would've preferred to have the vocals stop, or some "wind" gush or something.. I dislike the suddenness of it. A big thing this mix lacks is any form of dynamics with volume, its *EXTREMELY* Static, its boring, it rarely shifts for me, and it Never builds, which i hate, sorry ffmusic dj, you just didn't do it for me this time. I wish sommore work would've been done on it.

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Usually I'm open-minded about songs, and I am. This piece was done nicely, I might say. It had some nice rythm and beats in it. The only thing I didn't like was the vocals. It was just.. outlandish... I too, thought it was my speakers were messing up.

Well.. instead of picking on your vocals, I think it's good. Although.. the tone was a tiny bit similar to DJTerra's Zero Ultimate Warrior remix. I dunno.. this is just me. Someone slap me with a trout now.

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Not sure how much club type stuff you guys listen to, but this is a very good commercial-type trancey song.. The bass is on key and the voice is fine despite what people are saying about off key, sounds perfect to me.. Maybe I'm just used to this kind of sound a little more or something.. Very well done stuff..

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I never thought I'd say this...but I liked DJ Terra's version a little better.. Being a BIG BIG BIG HUGE FFmusic DJ Fan, I liked it.. NOT his best.. but he definatly has no problems with repetitiveness...He loves to change the purcussion like I do...and thats what I like.

But your lead sound...isn't it getting a little old? Maybe its just me...Or maybe its not the same...I'll have to check. One other thing he does that I like is trail the Base drum with a Tamborine(ish) type instrement..thats coo. The vocals aded a little. The lead sounds a LITTLE TOO much off key at some points...easy one the tunage :P.

Another song to add to my FFmusic DJ song...BAD ending BAD! Dirty base BAD!

Thats about it..I had my ups and downs with this track.


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Hey fucktard (It's 1:30 in the morning and I'm a bit drunk, so don't take it personally), turn down the kick plz, it's annoying. You're drowning out the synths because the kick is so loud. I don't think it's the alcohol, I'm getting a headache from this.

seriously, if I wasn't so distracted by the kick, I'd probably right a good review. It sounds decent enough when it drops out. The vocals aren't that bad, but I think they sound a bit off timing and a bit out of place. Hard trance doesn't even turn the kick up that loud though (and I listen to DI radio), seriously.

It sounds like you're using good countermelody/arpeggiated synths, but I can barely hear them. Everything else is ok I guess. I guess the concept is ok, but I'm having a hard time focusing on anything at all. bleh.

ok, I'm going to try to avoid mentioning the kick again and review the rest of the song (in no particular order). The ending is average. It works for the song I guess, but there is no real transition to it and nothing really happens besides taking out the melody and dropping the song. Actually, the song seems to end exactly how it starts, nothing original at all about it.

The vocals coming in is the first interesting thing. It might be nicer if they came out more though, louder, and with some accompanyment, with pads or something. The new synth at like 1:15 or so when the drums cut out it pretty cool, along with the build that starts shortly after. When that kick comes in at 1:38, something else to fill that transition would have been handy (like cymbols or reversed/filtered synth effects).

The concept wasn't bad, but it didn't work at all because the balance was so terrible. At 3:02, your stereotypical trance lead comes in with no transition whatsoever, not good. Don't get me wrong, some of your transitions weren't bad (although they were pretty much the same ones used over and over).

much of the song seemed to sound pretty empty, probably because of bad transitions, lack of atmosphere, etc. I hope you keep most of this crap I wrote in mind on your next song. This seems to be quite a different style from your other songs. I hope you keep up your originality (although you may want to look into using different more atmospheric leads and break out of a rut. I've been into some major experimentation lately with different songs).

Don't mean to humiliate or discourage you too bad. Just wasn't as good as I expected. Keep up the good work, Haroon.

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It sounds decent enough to be accepted, however there are some things I definately have a problem with.

1) The kick needs to be lowered quite a bit, there is a point where it's simply style, and it's simply too much. We all like kick, but if we like it this much, we could buy a drum machine...

2) Too much empty space, yes there are times where empty space is great, but in this case, the song just felt empty and unfulfilling. The voice is kind of cool, but I think throughout the piece it is a bit overdone.

3) I like the synths that come in at :43, but they are overwhelmed by the incredible bass drum, that does eventually fade... a little bit

4) The choice of synths at 1:10 is the same old synth from earlier in the song, it lacks depth, motion and all together sounds like a crappy preset from reason. The least you could do is add a changing mod in the synth so it sounds deep or something, I dunno, bad choice of synth.

5) Yeah, when it goes up an octave, great technique, bad synth, just makes it more obvious that the song sounds like it has no backing pads or backing moving middle chords.

6) The backing middle chords or arpeggs you have running at... 1:40 (same throughout most of the piece), sounds great, but doesn't have the depth to support such a huge bass kick, and a lousy lead synth. Match your synths better ><.

7) Your transitions are decent, although semi abrupt sometimes, I think you could certainly make the song feel to move through the different ideas a lil better.

I did like the way the synth comes in at 3:02, it's nice to listen to, and the voice in the background sounds pretty good, nice build up at that point, but the rest of the song is lacking.

8) The bass, not the bass drum, the bass... for the kick, it is too soft, lower the kick, raise the bass. The bass you could almost get rid of in the piece, and it would seem the same.

9) Ok, we've heard the same melody millions of times now, go repetitivity, yes it's trance, but for the sake of what is good in trance, try changing the synth voice PLEASE, or maybe add different pads, or something.

10) The ending, ?? what happened, did you die, and the remix stopped?

FFmusic DJ

You are like one of my heros of techno remixes. When I hear you did something, it makes me uber-happy. I expect quality like "bof-sad melody" or "ff7-string machine". I really feal betrayed by this piece, when I hear it I don't think it came from you, it sounds like someone trying to pose as you who has no grasp on techno techniques or musical theory. The ffmusic dj I know has a lot better grasp on techno, and especially on the way to mix the right synths, I mean, your sound quality usually is way beyond my grasp. This song, aside from the vocal, I could easily make in a few days if not hours.

If you like megaman X4 download the song, if not, don't.

I give this song a 4/10


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........ OOh god damn! this is the worng song!!!!!! DAMN this is embaressing!

... ok ... djp if you are reading this message, this is the WRONG SONG!! WRONG

this is the mastered version !

(link removed - new version uploaded - ed. djp)

I thought I uploaded it but DJp must have gotten the old version of the song ... this is .. GHA!!!!!!

*runs away*

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Well, I got the new version posted. Pretty sweet stuff. The bass kick IS quite in your face, but for me it's not a problem. Haroon really knows how to push around really cool sounding synths and sound pro. He knows what makes a trance song. The vocals added are quite cool. I like em. Thumbs up!

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well I wanted to do hard trance and hard trance has this hard in your kick, so this is what I wanted to do witht he song and the vocals ^_^;; you were not suppose to know they were vocals, ooh DAMN!!! well that was my mistake anyways, ooh and the song has a little mistake at 3:06 where the melody sorta goes overboard, sorry if your ear's pop :)

and those were female vocals .... *cries*

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much MUCH MUCH better. The kick was just wrong in the other version..thank god that wasn't the final version...unless you fixed it after :P (jk) The melodie is differently placed now...much better there too. Gives it more of a trancy feel to it...its exacly my style..I like. You've always been good with the purcussion change..that you VERY good at...(im working on that myself.) The vocals are way cooler now...Very nice. I wasn't gonna keep the other version...but now I am. Yay. I was wondering when you'd make another remix! You EQed it very nicely. Kudos..I want MORE!


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Hey ffmusic dj...

Cool man, I just love Zero's theme.

Nice vocals and stuff. Good work. :D

I think we have the same taste of music. :)

I have maked a Zero song myself (ZeroTheUltimateWarrior OC remix). And I have also maked a Part 2. Your melodies are very similar to my melodies in Part 2.

I maked this songs for a few months ago.

When i heard your song for the first time I just thinking, OMG!! Did he mimicing me or something, hehe.

EDIT: My ''ZeroTheUltimateWarrior part 2'' is on my Zebox site. :?

If you guys want another Zero remix....

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Great work ffmusic dj, i really loved this mix. Still has a ton of repetitiveness, but as trance it works great. Very commercial sounding.

The vocal sounding synth at 3:06 does clip quite a bit for a second, but not too bad... its only so annoying because everythign fades out and then you get a section focusing around a synth... and it clips almost right away. That was just annoying. The sounds you used were great. The kick still drowns out a lot in this mix man. The bass is good, but the kick is still just a bit too loud. Overall i enjoyed this a lot.

Comparing terras part 2 and your mix, they arent that similair... yours is trancey his is more ravey trance... whoah, but there is a synth that sounds almost exactly the same (the main melody lead synth) wow, very very alike in a couple parts now that i listen... but yeah the two are siginificantly different "overall"...


im keeping this but i didnt care for the kick, the vocal synth really didnt appeal to me as it sounded out of key at certain instances, and it was repetitive... sounds fuckin awesome on my system though :D

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:evil: Are You pulling our legs????

This is Almost exactly equal to ZeroTheUltimateWarrior !!!

You just turned up volume and added some drums!!!!!!!!!!

Don't you think there are FAR TOO MANY techno remixes???

And thechno isn't very good on this theme (As on many others) haven't you thougth to change style?

Of course this one is better Than the last one, and it's a good job after all, I'm simply saing that techno is getting boring ( :evil: I have my hands full of techno! :evil: ) come on, MMX4 Zero's theme deserves better than a pair of drums. :cry:

But anyway it could have been worse than this, you all are great remixers (My favourites are Ailsean and Goat, that could give you a good idea of tastes), I do belive that you won't let us down.


......Will someone listen to us?

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FALCIO, rock fan boy :P first time I use fanboy on other things than consoles hehhe. This song is freaken great, and NO their arent enough Techno remixs. Not of this quality anyways. Being a fan of EVERY style of music, I know OC has their share of every kind..just less rock cause not everybody has the stuff to record rock. This is NOTHING like the one DJ Terra made.

You want me to make a count of techno song VS. other styles on OC just to prove you wrong?


......Will someone listen to us?

There I listened to YOU.

Keep the TECHNO comming FFmusic DJ. Don't change styles. You the bomb at what you do! Once again this track is AW-freken-SOME!


*EDIT* sorry DJP + FFmusic to have posted this here instead of somewhere else...forgot this was JUST to review...I hope this doesn't cause a big thing (FALCIO) just PM me if you want to continue this...not in here)

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FFmusic DJ, you can get it here on the site..under remixer name DJ Terra..and it sounds NOTHING like it...not even close...

p.s. it's hard trance, or trance, not techno.

Yea I know..but they all put it in one category "OC Techno" (easyer for the n00bs to understand I guess)

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