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OCR Cribs (the "Post Pics of your Studio Area" thread!)

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This is a screenshot of my typical FL Studio setup. I generally have my arrangement on one side, and the sequencing/plugins/mixer/file browser on the other side. Works quite well for me. I will never go back to single monitors again, if I can help it, there's just so many ways they're useful. Document on one screen, web browser on the other (great for research papers), game on one screen, walkthrough on the other (cough)....actually, I want to eventually have a nice big TV connected to this machine, too, and position it above the two screens I have. Media center FTW.

I'll just say that if you have the money and the space available for two monitors, GET THEM. So utterly useful.

Edit: and the apple stickers came with my MacBook / Logic Pro 8, not pictured. :D

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I'll go next:

Current Studio:

Intel Core i7 920 @ 3.6ghz


6GB OCZ Gold DDR3 1600

XFX Radeon 5770

160GB Intel X-25M SSD

500GB \ 1TB \ 2TB

M-Audio Delta 1010LT

Sony Optiarc DVD-RW

OCZ Modstream 550 Watt

Antec Sonata Elite Midtower

Sennheiser HD580 Headphones

Dual 24" Dell U2410 Ultrasharps

Samsung 46" 1080p HDTV


Event SP8 Reference Monitors

MOTU 828mk II

Fatar SL-990 Pro Keyboard

Studio Projects C1 Microphone

Monster XLR Standard 100 Cables

Mogami Neglex Quad TRS Cables

Auralex Mo-pad Insulation


Not Shown:

Apple Macbook Pro 2.4 Ghz

15.4-inch Widescreen

4GB DDR3 1066mhz Memory

250GB 7200 RPM

Nvidia 9600M GT & 9400M Graphics

WD External 640GB Firewire

This is outdated, but the cleanest photo I have of my shit at the moment:


More Updated, but in shambles, new 24" monitors, and a TV




Spot the Venture Brothers DVD


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I don't have a picture of my studio area, but I have a picture of my guitar.


I want to get chrome pickup covers put on, which I believe will make it look 5x better.

I don't have an amp to play it through right now though. I still practice unplugged, but I would like to hear some good sounds some time soon (Marshall JVM205H *drool*

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Two questions:

1) Do the dear heads do anything for the acoustic treatment of the room?

2) Where's your other monitor in those last pictures?

LOL I never thought of them as acoustic treatment. I believe they help some, but nothing like the actual stuff. The "monitor" is an HDTV, I have it hooked up for teh m0vies. Thanks to my Radeon 5770 for running all 3 at once.

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lol, that is indeed what I meant, and I myself have confused that very term when someone once commented on my monitor placement :)

I feel retarded now. :banghead:

They are Event Studio Precision 8 monitors. I don't think they make them anymore, but they sound awesome. I prefer them well over the Mackie HR-824's, which I was think about getting at the time. I currently have them set up as my speakers for my TV, because its speakers blow real hard. No surround sound yet. :sad:

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Nice. I could not for the life of me figure out how to operate the Fantom G, but it has some nice sounds. I do not like the aftertouch though, not even a little bit. Maybe it's adjustable, but I found that I had to mash the keys down with an absurd and completely unplayable amount of force to trigger it.

Also, for some reasons Snapple's desktop wallpaper strikes me as not very Snappleman-ish. :lol:

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The aftertouch is a total pain in the ass! Takes way too much pressure. as for the sounds, they're really really great, only thing is that the patches are pretty basic, I've been making my own patches using the sounds and they rival anything I've heard from any VST sample library. What's interesting is that I find myself using the things I didn't think I would be using, like the sampler and sequencer. The effects on it are pretty amazing too.

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Studio is all set up. Corner of the man cavern (basement)


Closer up:


And just for perspective, the rest of the basement:


Edit: also, Snapple, I noticed we use the same MXL mic. Nice!

Edit Edit: TMF128 also has the same guitar I do!

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