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OCR Cribs (the "Post Pics of your Studio Area" thread!)

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Here are my pics. I don't have much gear yet; I have all the gear I can justify at my current level of knowledge in how to use it (which isn't much).




-Presonus Firebox

-Mackie MR5's

-Altec Lansing computer speakers (these are actually higher quality than any other computer speakers I've heard, I got them 10 years ago when computers were 10x more expensive than they are now. Spilled Mountain Dew on one of them but it's still kicking with a slightly sticky bass adjustment knob. In the far upper-right is the subwoofer for this 2.1 set.)

-Audio Technica M20 cans

-Novation Remote 61SL

-Reason 4.1

-FL Studio 8

-Sytrus & free VSTi's


-Core 2 Duo E6550

-Tuxedo cat (no seriously, she has mad meowing skills that I am seriously going to record & sample with the mic & work into something. Never heard a cat that can meow like that...)

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Well, I can either plug the output sound from the drums to the line in on my computer to record the sound that actually comes with the kit, or

Drum Set -> Midi Out -> UX16 Midi to USB -> USB Slot on computer

The set cost me like ~$1950.00, DTSXPIV I think that was the model. DTS Extreme 4 I think it is called. Yamaha btw.

When I connect it via line in there is some lag for some reason <_<, so I usually connect a splitter to the line out from the drums, on one I connect my headphones to listen, and on 2 I connect to my computer. The drum control box also has line in so I can hear whats coming in and play drums over that.

When I connect via midi, there is barely any lag (just slightly noticable), and I usually connect it to reason and play it like that.

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The question is, does that MIDI setup still require that box that came with the drums? I hope the answer is no.

DJ already answered your question but something to consider is that the drum sounds on those modules are generally quite good, and if you have any lag from triggering samples on your computer then they wouldn't be as good a practice tool. That said, if you really didn't want to spend a lot of money on the drum module, you can buy the necessary pads separately and get a cheaper module, or look for a deal on Ebay. Most modules, even really cheap ones, should have midi output, but they'll have less inputs for drum pads.

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That's it. Yes, that's a recycled stereo for monitoring. The keyboard doesn't even interface; I have it hooked up so I can record WAVs from it when I get into a riffy mood. Usually I transcribe the good bits from a session into an FL sequence, and build from there.

that is so cool

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Okay, here's the mini "studio" I'm working from while on vacation at my mother in laws house in Tacoma, WA. Huge thanks to norg for lending me that Axiom 25 and his 5 string bass. In all I'm running everything off of that little laptop. Mainly working with Cubase 4, Drumkit From Hell Superior (Superior 2.0 as soon as it ships :D:D:D) and various softsynths and libraries. The instruments are a Hohner B Bass V, Carvin DC127 guitar, shitty strat copy which I have modified into a 7 string (B to B tuning) and a badass green pickup and scalloped fingerboard. Not pictured are the little practice amp that I'm running Waves GTR3 through, and my Shure SM57 that records it.


Oh, and norg and I built that awesome table together last year because I had no place to record music when I visited here. I've "modified" it (aka put hooks and hangers on it) in a way that keeps the floor and surrounding area totally free from loose cabling. My work area is totally clean and very conducive to music creation.

P.S. Yeah, I know the date on the camera is wrong, I forget to set it... :(

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