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OCR Cribs (the "Post Pics of your Studio Area" thread!)

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My space after recently getting around to actually setting it up. Not complete, but it works for the moment.  Starting off with the DAW itself. A couple of HP ZR22w monitors, Neumann KH120A for m

Haven't done one of these in so long....

My room was so full of shit, I couldn't even setup my guits anymore, so I decided to use massonite sheets and hang them with the tools.. should have done that earlier !!

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Alright, I'm home so I set up my music room to look real nice. This is MY percussion studio, pre-timpani:





Pearl Cheapo Drumset

Yamaha Steve Jordan signature snare drum

Pearl Symphonic concert snare drum

Black Swamp tambourine

Abel Wagner/Mahler Triangle

Mirror with my name on it ;)

Musser Vibraphone

Adams 5 Octave marimba, Robert Van Sice model

Musser Xylophone

Yamaha piano

I WILL have timpani! Will update then

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Ballin' in our new apartment.


Pretty much the same gear as before, plus a Samson CO1U mic with shockmount + windscreen (shared with Jill), Tascam VL-S21 monitors, an Alesis mixer that isn't plugged into anything, and a nice Yamaha digital grand. The room looks a lot nicer though. Note the framed artwork for Antigravity and Origins.

One more, just for fun...


My mascot gnawing on one wire from a true mess. There's an 8-outlet surge protector completely filled, and above it, our modem and router. :(

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I don't know man, I can't imagine those two having normal sex. It's probably totally awkward and strange. They never talk during, and they can't look at one another afterwards for at least a day. Zircon probably needs to look at the sales figures of his albums just to get an erection.

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