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Harry Potter Parody


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What makes a parody funny is something the viewer won't expect, and something that is totally contrarian to what would normally happen in the movie.

In yours, chucking the baby at the door, then in the closet, and then having him come out 10 years later and be briskly shoved in the closet, was funny.

However, putting your hand on the other guy and screaming like a 14-year old is not funny.

More baby-throwing.

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so far as people suggesting other things in an attempt to obscure the orignal poster's purpose, search youtube for "Wizard People, Dear Readers"

Brad Neely is a god; I don't think I've ever laughed harder at anything in my life than when I first saw those Wizard People videos on Youtube.

As for your videos POCKETMAN, I thought they were pretty good. I liked the Chamber of Secrets one more than the Sorcerer's Stone one, but like SLyGeN said the baby throwing part was pretty awesome.

The rap was all right, but it mostly amused me because I have that same $ hat he wears in it.

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