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Worst game music

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It is my fairly firm opinion that any VG music will become the worst videogame music if it is repeated too often throughout the game.

Grownlanser 3: Awesome game with good music, but the time I spent listening to the same music over and over came close to totally ruining it for me.

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I went through the thread and apparently I didn't bring this up yet.

(At the 1:00 mark.)

Robotrek - Cave - RSN

It's a horrible exercise in dissonance, the loop's pretty short, and most of the instruments are grating. I never played the game to closely and don't know how many times you have to hear this song... but it would suck if it's a lot.

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Is it REALLY that bad..?

Just sounds really simplistic.

Chords are kinda dissonant and the melodies are TOOO LOUD AND DINKY. Simply bad, but not deadly, just bad enough to make my ears ring for the rest of the night even with cottonballs.

Bad, but not worst.

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I was just going to bring up the SOR3 soundtrack but then remembered that I posted that two years ago, so I'll do an update. A previous post that I cut, edited and pasted here:



I never played that game, and I never will. Shoot, the theme even sounds like it suck ballz! Okay, my turn:

  1. This
    Some of you might like this, but it's maddening to me. I mean, c'mon, going through sewers fighting roboninjas and hearing this shit? Yeah, I'd be in there whoopin' everybody's ass.
  2. Is
    This is the theme of a robotic barney doing the Harlem Shake.
  3. Fucking
    What a lack of justice to the rhythmic beat from the drunken musician who conjured this spell. Shame the fuck on you.
  4. Madness.
    Now, just imagine: you're in a techno club boppin' with all of your friends, and then this music comes. A few nobodies come out nowhere jumping over tables and beating each other up, spilling drinks everywhere. Perhaps the fire alarm went off at school, everybody left in a frenzy, and the drumline auditions were interrupted. So, while the alarm's going off, the people in the drumline who weren't supposed to make it in the team couldn't keep a steady beat when a fight broke out over someone's stepped-on Jordans that were bought for $119.99.

I just dogged a nice percentage of the SOR3 soundtrack. There were some themes that were half-good, but somehow they'd always transform into some half-assed head-splitting megazord boogie bop: chopped, screwed, rolled up, smoked, and passed to the next partner.

We could all try to take a pile of sticks and make a tree house with them, but that's going to take a lot of...



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The whole of Robotrek's soundtrack is short loops repeated over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over...

Here is the final boss's theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PUnjQmjX1-Q&feature=related

the battle music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=53bvs9q-TsM&feature=related

the last area: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWBA0iMlh5s&feature=related

This game is a quirky Enix RPG with very good ideas poorly implemented. The soundtrack reflects that: good musical ideas poorly executed that end up being sloppy and annoying.

Also the previously mentioned cave theme is present in 3 major areas in addition to being a "sub theme" whenever you turn into a mouse and crawl in a mouse tunnel.

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I can't believe nobody's mentioned this so far!

San Francisco Rush for N64

...Seriously. Try listening to this for more than 30 seconds without clawing your ears off and burning them so that the awful sounds can never trouble you again. Sad thing is, I loved that game...but the music! GAH!


I dunno, I still have soft spots for STL and Blue Fog... Oh, and of course

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Aw, I kinda like this one. At the least, you have to admit it was a bold choice (the rest of the soundtrack, while not earth shattering, is well constructed enough to suggest that the composer didn't just make that intro by accident or by lack of understanding of the hardware) and if nothing else, it certainly catches one's attention.

...although *I* have to admit, when I borrowed this game from a friend last year and that was the first thing I heard, I was worried for a second that the cartridge was scrambled or something.

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