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Soul Calibur IV


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Hey, it's because Kilik is good if you know what you're doing (don't spam the standard three-hits, etc), though I admit I'm trying to adjust to Zasalamel instead because of the abundance of Kilik scrubs online. I just got my Gold account, so feel free to challenge me anytime starting Monday -- my ID on the 360 is MasterTenor.

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Now now, Bleck.

In a choice between the two versions, I think the choice comes down to two things:

I. Do you care about online? If yes, then:

A) Do you already pay for Live or would you be willing to? If no, then go with PS3.

II. Which controller do you prefer?

A) If you get an arcade pad, then it doesn't matter.

Personally, if I could get either, I'd get the PS3 version. The D-pad is "better" and Darth Vader is probably a "more fulfilling" character in that a lot of people think Yoda's kinda broken, as he can't be grabbed, ever. BUT I only have a 360 anyway, so for me there is no choice if I ever break down and get this game.

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I prefer the PlayStation verson, too. The only REAL downfall is there's more people on XBOX360. Otherwise I'd say they're pretty much identical minus some voice chat options and the controls.

Also, boredom:

Also availible in higher quality Vimeo video:


All your text makes you seem paradoxically like a whinny insecure little bitch and a tyrannical egomaniac. Nonetheless, your taste in music is immaculate.

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2 reasons why you should get the 360 version:


360 because the PS3 is useless


Yoda and Darth Vader will eventually become DLC on either platform, so that point is moot anyways.

I enjoy it when the more vexing individuals of a message board finally get it right.

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Looking at video comparisons, the color is again slightly duller for the PS3 version. As in very, very slightly, but that was the case for PS3/360 ports all the time.

Also, looking at PS3 online videos, the loading seems to be a bit longer too.

As for Mitsurugi and Kilik, they're the insufferable scrub/newbie/spam/broken characters of the game. You just need to learn maybe two or three types of moves and you're going to defeat everyone no matter how skilled they are.

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X360 will support playing from harddrive shortly so I don't think loadings is an issue on any console when that comes. I prefer 360 for the ammount of people. Now if they'd just make XBL free :3

Add Anosou at XBL for some matches, just got my wireless network up running. Can't guarantee four-bar connection though :/

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Also, I still reckon I can murder you all with Xianghua. She's like a monkey on crack.

Just for making a thread on SC and comparing it to Tekken, you get 10 coolness points. I haven't learned anything about SC IV except that it exists, so lemme do the research.

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I just installed mine to my hard drive, now I have no load times at all...

Also: Spamming wouldn't be a huge problem if you could actually GI online, buttttt you pretty much can't.

GI works only when the connection is really good and the opponent doesn't spam 24/7 with extremely fast characters like Amy. I think mashing buttons unexpectedly works really good online, though I just take my losses and play technically anyway.

PS- Is it just me, or is the online play just insanely addicting? I spent 3 hours on a long 60 game session and it felt like I only spent an hour. I think I need to stop playing this game for a while. All the new costumes, downloadable content, mastering characters.. I never really felt like this for any fighting game, ever.

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There's always a few good/great matches, then an annoying idiot spammer, then maybe a good match, then a spammer, etc etc. Being a spammer isn't supposed to make you so powerful in most fighting games, but it works in Soul Calibur. Other than that, I think the game is good. Sometimes great if matched with the right opponent. Also, nobody plays as Rock or Setsuka and other characters. The game already fell into a niche of spam characters for rank-boosters.

Oh, and I'm not happy that I spent money to replace the boring, droll music in SC4 into SC1 soundtrack. But at least the music is great now.

"I never really felt like this for any fighting game, ever"

Awww, you're in love =)

Well, I cant offer much regadring this game seeing I dont own any of the consoles its on, but I enjoyed SC II imensely...

Aside from the aforementioned godly-spammers, it's almost trance-like to constantly play online battles. It's really nothing like playing against computers since you always play some sort of a mindgame with others. I sometimes like doing backing-away moves. Those never really worked against computer opponents. But humans bite the bait so easily. Especially with someone like Yoshimitsu, it's fun seppuku-ing yourself and the enemies and trying to get energy back. More people should play fun characters like Yoshi instead of Amy/Raphael.

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Finally got my connection up and running today. Been playing for a few hours with my sick Astaroth-clone Minoroth (think pink and animal-head) and I'm currently at level 15. Too bad you don't really get to do much teching and mindgames at low levels because most people spam regardless of chars ;P

oh well 1[A]~B/A mixup gets 'em every time. And air-grapples. Oh god, the air-grapples.

You can basically narrow the meta down to about 4 types: Kilik/Mina, Amy/Raph, Nightmare/Sieg and Cervy/Shura. I met 3 Rocks today though, that was pretty neat.

Anyway, Anosou on XBL. Add me and play some playermatches if you're bored, european time mostly.

Also, props to you I-n-j-i-n for palying Yoshi, a char I always wanted to play but sucked too much to control :3

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