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OCR TF2: New Server forthcoming - new server IPs and other stuff


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I think that if all of FTF could play, we'd have...Lumpy, Joseki, me, Bleck, D-Lux. So, that's 5 total. As you say, not quite enough.

Also, I just found this for anyone who's interested: it is a good deal of TF2 icons blown up and fixed to be backgrounds for your desktop. Very sleek looking, minimalist wallpapers.



And meatball. So I suppose if we all could make it on one day we could do the FTF vs thing, but I don't think we'll all be able to make it.

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Hey guys! First of all I'd like to say that I love your TF2 server. The regular players are always entertaining and fun to play with and so far I haven't had any real bad experiences there with other players. In fact, I play fairly regularly with the OCR members such as Bahamut, Chadly, Hish, Rambo, Scytheful and others.

I was just playing as usual the other day when I noticed the time and logged of for the night. I came back today, 7/20/09, and found that my steam ID has apparently been banned from the server. Naturally I've been sitting around scratching my head trying to imagine why; as far as I know I've never stepped on any toes or started any conflicts with other players so I'm pretty well in the dark as to why.

So if there is some legitimate reason I was kicked I would very much appreciate knowing what that reason is and if this is some sort of mix up I would greatly appreciate allowance back in. Either way, I hope to see some of you guys around again soon.

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Holy crap, this Thursday? I won't be able to make it on Thursday, I'll be out of town.

And scribble a "maybe" for Sunday. My poor lappy hasn't been handling TF2 very well for the past week, to the point of unplayability. I dunno how else to lighten the load on my poor graphics card, everything's on the lowest setting and I'm still dropping to 5-10 frames.

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So, I went AFK for a long time earlier today and came home to discover a nice little surprise waiting for me via Steam chat.

Also, Joseki will be able to play Thursday, so the whole FTF vs thing might kinda work out, as we apparently picked up another person.

[FTF] Hoseke: Hey I think I'm gonna make it on thursday. I just found out I don't have to work.

[FTF] Hoseke: Gaar at least set your status to away if you're AFK....

[FTF] Hoseke: Now I feel like a tool


[FTF] Hoseke: I mean, it's not like anyone cares...

[FTF] Hoseke: About this or about me...

[FTF] Hoseke: /wrists

[FTF] Hoseke: So yeah. I guess I'll just talk to myself until you get back.

[FTF] Hoseke: So, Chris, how was your day?

[FTF] Hoseke: Oh, it was great, Chris! Except for the fact that I think I might be a supervillian.

[FTF] Hoseke: O RLY? Why do you think so?

[FTF] Hoseke: Well, I saw some guy being an asshole to some old lady, and my first instinct was to strap him to a table and fire lazers at his crotch.

[FTF] Hoseke: Oh really? What did you wind up doing?

[FTF] Hoseke: Well, I settled for shoving a small bomb into his mouth and taping his gob shut.

[FTF] Hoseke: Wow! That sounds like it was unpleasant!

[FTF] Hoseke: Oh my, yes. The tape got stuck to my arm while I was sticking it to him and it pulled a lot of the hair out. I think I'm going to be okay, though.

[FTF] Hoseke: So what happened to that guy?

[FTF] Hoseke: Well, after a while I got bored, as I'm prone to do, so I pushed the detonator. I ruined a perfectly good lab coat / goggles combo. Gut stains are really hard to wash out, you know.

[FTF] Hoseke: I know what you mean. I recently had to trash my favorite lab coat and pair of goggles for that same reason.

[FTF] Hoseke: So, anyway, later on that day I had an extremely strong urge to hijack a nuke and hold the world ransom.

[FTF] Hoseke: For one million dollars?

[FTF] Hoseke: How did you guess?! It's like you're in my head! Anyway, shortly after I discovered it was just gas.

[FTF] Hoseke: Oh wow! That must have been one hell of a gas attack! Did you take Gas-X?

[FTF] Hoseke: Nah. I just let it ride. We supervillians need pain in our lives so we have an excuse to blow shit up.

[FTF] Hoseke: So what happened next?

[FTF] Hoseke: I'll get to it! God damn, you talk a lot. Anyways, when I got to work, my manager was being a dickbag to me so I stabbed him in the face with a salad fork.

[FTF] Hoseke: Jeebus! Did he bleed a lot?

[FTF] Hoseke: Not really. All he did was roll around on the floor and conjecture that my mother was a prostitute, using a flurry of artful and vulgar phrases.

[FTF] Hoseke: Did you get fired?

[FTF] Hoseke: No. He tried to fire me, but I finished him off with the soup ladel before he could.

[FTF] Hoseke: So what happened next?

[FTF] Hoseke: Well, after stuffing his corpse underneath the refrigerator, I worked the rest of my shift killing only the bare minimum. Uh, two teenagers were being a bit too loud, so I headbutted them both and tossed them out the window.

[FTF] Hoseke: You're crazy!

[FTF] Hoseke: I get that a lot. So, anyway, after my shift ended I came home and now I'm talking to myself OVAR TEH INTERWEBZ!

[FTF] Hoseke: Chris, I think you might be what is commonly referred to as a lunatic.

[FTF] Hoseke: I think you might be right about that. I do like the moon.

[FTF] Hoseke: No, Chris. A lunatic, not lunartic. God, you're dumb.

[FTF] Hoseke: Your mom!

[FTF] Hoseke: She's your mom too, idiot!

[FTF] Hoseke: Why you! COME HERE!








[FTF] Hoseke used tickle! It's super effective!

[FTF] Hoseke fainted!

[FTF] Hoseke is out of usable personalities!

[FTF] Hoseke purpled out!

[FTF] Hoseke is now Offline.

[FTF] Hoseke is now Online.

[FTF]Sensai: Jesus Christ, you sent me a lot of messages.

[FTF] Hoseke: yup

[FTF] Hoseke: I was bored. And a little crazy.

[FTF]Sensai: Hold on, I'm reading.

[FTF] Hoseke: Enjoy.

[FTF]Sensai: What is this monologue from?

[FTF] Hoseke: I made it up

Lesson learned: Crit rockets from Joseki < crit tickles from Joseki.
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i'm not down for FTF versus. Count me out if that's what you guys plan on doing.

They're the same six guys. They haven't been practicing(that I'm aware of) any more than the rest of us.

Anyway. I only suggested that format because that's just what's done in scrims; 'ringers' from other teams/clans aren't generally effective. If people are really that opposed to it, I can draw lots or straws or whatever and assign the teams myself.


Sensai, that reminds me of someone I know. Many lols were had.



















Prophet Orwell






If anyone has hosting suggestions, now's the time to pipe up. I realize that's probably something I should have taken care of at the beginning, but real life has been coming down on me pretty hard while trying to put this together. My head has not been on quite straight, so to speak.

I have a few options in mind, and when I get back to my computer tomorrow I'll investigate them.


EDIT: From TF2Wiki:

Spies can destroy their own sappers with the console command "destroy 4" (0-3 correspond to engineer buildings). In most situations this is an undesirable and counterproductive tactic; but it can be useful for drawing an engineer away from his nest, particularly now that spies can take enemy teleporters. It can also be used to refill your cloak bar by picking up broken sapper parts.

This could take spy mind games to a whole new level.

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My brother told me something very surprising about Otakon...

There were a lot of spies. Everywhere. Including one with a Jesus mask. And there were other classes, though he never saw a demoman.

Spies destroying their own sappers... I suppose you could sap something for one second, destroy the sapper and confuse the crap outta the engineer. Huh... I'm just not sure what you could with that ability.

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If you only saw two or three spies, you must not have been spychecking properly. Trying walking through people more often.

My schedule changed (more like, I remembered that something was different), so Thursday is actually better for me now, although I think I would be able to make both days.

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I didn't see that many spies at Otakon - did see like 2 or 3, including the Jesus mask one. Saw 2 or 3 red team medics, 1 blue team medic, a heavy, several engineers, several snipers, and a female scout.

Reminds me of this thing I saw at Anime Expo. (Oddly enough, there was a significant number of TF2 people over there...)

BLU Spy holding hands with a RED female Medic.

So... the RED Scout's mom is a Medic?

I also witnessed a Heavy get backstabbed, a Demoman get pissdrunk, and an Engineer dominating everyone with a level 1 sentry.

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