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Tron 2

The Phalanx

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Well, this is certainly piquing my interest more and more after every new trailer!

Also, I don't know if it explained it quite as well in the trailer, but apparently Kevin Flynn, Jeff Bridges' character, disappeared some time after becoming the CEO of the company that had used his technology, and what's most interesting is that he put himself back into the Tron world. Not to mention that his son, back in the real world, carries on the torch and ends up finding his dad inside the world. :-o

Also... Olivia Wilde for the win. Just saying. :lol:

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Considering the first movie is a bit of an acid trip to begin with, I'm not sure how well I'm going to remember the plot points of the first one going into the second one... Weird. I can't believe they're actually doing another one. I suppose the technology is better than it was in the 80's. It might age better than the original did. Who knows...

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Has anyone seen this, yet?


Part of the Tron Legacy viral marketing. Apparently if you can name all 56 games alluded to in this picture you'll get a free Encom badge.

I'm up to 32 and plateau-ing at this point...

I'm up to 36. There's a few that I feel I should know the answer to, but can't quite form the title.

{edit} - I'm up to 44, but I'm a little stuck now...

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I got 30, not bad, but nothing special.

You're close

I can't figure out the owl with the crown, the snake in the soup, the guy with the frisbee at the bottom and the fire engine. Otherwise, i have them all.

I got the fire engine one on my first try with a wild guess, never heard of the game that goes with it though lol.

Also, I am saddened that the tiger-copter is not Flying Tigers, spent a lot of time playing that game.

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Some of them are pretty stupid.


  • Tiger-copter = Tiger Heli
    Guy with star on his star = Stargate (It's Bill Gates with a star on him...)
    Owl with crown = Birdie King (what the hell?)
    Snake in soup = Super Cobra
    Guy with frisbee = Discs of Tron (I know, stupid)
    Fire engine = Firetruck (believe it or not)
    Rocket = Missile Command (took me forever until I realized I was spelling "missile" wrong)


Let me know if you need any of the other ones...

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