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Braid (the XBLA game)


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I realize that this is almost a week late for the game -- I've been on vacation and couldn't get it until late last night. I was very skeptical spending $15 on any XBLA game, but it's been worth it -- this is the neatest puzzle-based platformer I've ever played.

For those of you who don't know about it, it's basically a Mario clone that's incredibly aware of that fact, and the game makes numerous allegorical references to the plumber. In any case, the gameplay is based around the idea that you can reverse time at will infinitely with no penalty (think Prince of Persia with no sand limit). This isn't a problem -- not because you'll need it, but because they do things with the time reversal (and fast forwarding AFTER said reversal) that you won't believe.

The art style is also brilliant, but I'll wait for people to try the demo and let me know what they think. I still think the coolest part is that when you reverse time, the music also reverses -- and most of it is composed in such a way that it still sounds good.

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I can't wait to download this once I get back home from this course. I've been hearing it's kicks ass and pays a lot of homage to Mario in addition to being so unique with the time-based mechanics. Not to mention the excellent narrative I hear of as well.

EDIT: listening to its soundtrack. It's so mellow and ethnic. The cellos sound excellent. Apparently, the tracks are all licensed from particular artists in Magnatune. That's kind of a first for videogame music, eh?


You can stream the stuff for free. I'm planning to pay for some of these tracks in the near future because of how awesome they sound!

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LOL and applause that this game is the top ranked game on GameFAQs today.

This game is really like a good book with open interpretations for everyone. It's all a dream, it's all a conspiracy, it's the princess's trap. It's the hero's delusions, etc etc. And the scary thing is, a lot of those theories actually make some sense.

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I know this is an old topic, but I am just amazed at this game. While it's had its share of attention, it seems it ought've garnered more, being one of the most thought-provoking games of the year.

In addition, the worlds bear a unique impressionist painting art style. For those who've never seen the game, its beauty is clear in this

(EDIT: Is there no way to make a simple link to YouTube? This embedded version is nowhere near the HD resolution of the version on the actual site.)

The soundtrack too is one of the best & the most atmospheric I've heard in any recent game. For that reason, it's a damned shame that it's all ineligible to be remixed on OCR. As the game's creator revealed in his blog, all the music was licensed from artists on Magnatune.com. I've never used games as means of music discovery before, but I so enjoyed Jami Sieber's work that I paid the maximum price allowed for all her albums on the site. And now I have a sort-of "extended" Braid soundtrack. :-P

I'm just heavily impressed with the amount of artistic care that went into Braid, in all aspects.

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I just got the game after seeing gamespot have it win XBLA game of the year. After playing castle crashers (great game) I couldn't figure out why something would be rated above castle crashers.

From the demo, I was immediately hooked to the music! The simplicity of the game mechanics is what makes it amazing. They took a very simple mechanic and made it into an amazing experience. Not to mention, the story itself is not what I expected at all. Much more profound and insightful then most games I've played. It's a game that makes you think about numerous different things.

I love the art style too, reminds me of Yoshi's Island for SNES for some reason :-P

Music from the game on YouTube:



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