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Fantastic Contraption


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This is an engineer's dream in Flash form. Thank you oh so very much. I'm hooked. And stuck. I've gotten to level 13, "Big Ball", and I can't seem to figure out a solution. I'm sure I'll come up with something... hopefully.

There are two general ways: either come up with something to get there before the ball drops, or build something that can "dig" under the ball, pushing it up and out of the way. A powerful catapult is probably the easiest way to do the first version (just play with the angle to avoid the obstacles above and still get into the goal zone quick enough), and something that has a "drill" wedge in front (possibly with counter-clockwise wheels to help lift the ball all the way up, if you don't stick the red block in the front) will do the trick for the second way.

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17 - Handling is fairly straightforward once you figure out the trick to it.

Is anyone else up to 18 - Tube? You have to lift/fling the ball up a vertical shaft which has no floor. I am stuck.

I spent about an hour on the tube before I got it.

I was over complicating it because my early attempts at a simple tube crawler weren't working.

Then I went back and tried it again... it can be done with just three parts. =/

I've enjoyed the rest of them, but the tube was just frustrating.

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