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Fantastic Contraption


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I managed to make it to awash before my brain committed suicide, I wish i would have saved my solutions to some of these puzzles, as a whole bunch of them were really retarded.

Also, try completing every level without moving the starting position of the red key piece. It is at least possible till awash, because it wasn't until I watched some others' solutions when stuck at awash that i noticed that said red pieces could be moved...

Also, this was addicting enough to steal 3 hours of sleep time (3:00AM to 6:00AM my time).

MY entire body cries out for sleep.

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It took me forever to figure that one out. I ended up with something similiar, but it had three wheels and went a little faster. Not simple enough to remember how to do it again, though.

This game robbed me of much needed sleep yesterday. It's really way too addicting. Thank God I'm a miser enough to not be willing to pay for the full version. Otherwise, I'd be pretty screwed...

You guys had much better ideas for Unpossible... I used a stick with a motor attched to one end and a chain with the ball so it could swing over the edge once I'd javalin thrown the stick... It was way too complex...

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Hah, I especially like the bulldozer and your back and forth ones. Your "four balls" solution is almost exactly the same as mine.

Few new ones:



I'm still working on my back and forth design.

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I couldn't replicate my javalin, so I made a drawbridge and car-on-chain solution for Unpossible...


Hah very nice. I still haven't tried that level much.

Finally got claw machine working on back and forth in case anyone cares :)


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