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Song name project?

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Whatever happened to the project run by LT that tried to name all of the source tunes used in every remix? There's a lot of remixes out there that don't have their songs listed and when new remixes are posted they too often lack song names. Has this been given up? If the project is still around, please show me where, because I can't find it...

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I think that thread got pruned. We'll catch up on associating ReMixes with songs down the line, but it's admittedly not a huge priority.

As far as adding new songs, most games lacking song names are from games with no formal soundtrack releases and no way to extrapolate formal titles for the tracks. We'll may eventually institute something that compensates for that by simply allowing unofficial track titles, so definitely feel free to banter some ideas on that level.

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...feel free to banter some ideas on that level.

I've got a ton of ideas for you.

At the moment I'm right in the middle of a massive research project exactly for this purpose, and the biggest reason I was disappointed you couldn't make it to OTAKON was that I wanted to discuss it with you. My website update (finally) mentions this: I want us to have some sort of standard for untitled tracks, because I can't stand seeing folks just taking "guesses" - some educated, most not - and presenting them as official. I'm forced to do mostly the same while creating MIDIs, and I have to stop.

I'm close to something resembling a plan, and I may run it by you soon before possibly bringing it to various VGM communities (Gamingforce, VGMdb, etc.) for help and suggestions.

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