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OCR01008 - Final Fantasy VII "Of Transformants and Brevity"


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I actually first got this song from the Vgmix forums a looooong time ago, and I'm so happy it got to OC!!

I can't say much else that anyone else hasn't: Zyko took a creepy song from a creepy atmosphere with a creepy background and amplified it all into a very great remix. The very first time I heard it, it sent chills down my spine. The name also adds to the affect. Very creative, unique, and all around a beautiful piece. It's to date my number one favorite remix.

Very, very awesome work, Zyko.

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Creeeepy stuff going on here. Hard to pick out a melody, period, but very interesting to listen to...weird laughing/hacking sounds, footsteps, those whispers...perfect for a horror scene.

I like it while I'm listening to it, but not after...the aftereffect is weird--it's like I'd be insane to listen to it a second time, but I listen to it again and enjoy the ambient horror of it.

Put a happy song after this on the playlist. You'll be glad you did. This is not a cheery piece at all. That said, enjoy!

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This mix sounds a little strange. I dont like it.

*Helps Kenshin escape from angry mob using secret waterfall passage. *Turns to him and starts to agree.* I still don't know what the hell I'm listening to, I don't like it, (personal prefrence) the sounds are decent though. But they don't seem like they're directed in any way to make a song. I may not be experienced in making music but I do know what sounds like nothing to me. :?

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i wanted to extend my thanks to everybody who commented, reviewed and/or emailed me personally about this track. this was a very personal and intimate work for me and i'm genuinely warmed by such a positive response.

for all those wonderin, yea its definetly vincent's theme. the piece is about dark places and the things that lie forgotten in the morbid shadows of rooms and minds... as is the rest of the trilogy, i suppose but "transformants" more so

know wats funny? pink floyd and queensryche happen to be two of my most prominent influences and over the course of my life have been amongst the bands i've listened to the most. i'm thoroughly flattered by their mere mention; they are idols of mine.

again, thank you.


p.s. Part III of Trilogy of Dark Places will be this year's halloween indulgence... the track is currently titled "Of Disparity and Reason" and is the final installment of the halloween-themed trilogy. The first two installments were "Of Darkness and Legend" and "Of Transformants and Brevity"

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01008 - Final Fantasy VII "Of Transformants and Brevity"

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