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Have you ever cried because a song was THAT good?

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Not many songs get me to the point of tears forming. Not because I don't feel the emotion the music is trying to convey, it's more along the lines that I need more than a moving song to... well, move me so much as to make me tear up. But if there are visuals to go with it, then it stands a better chance of impacting me.

As an example, the song in this video, on its own, likely wouldn't get me misty-eyed. There is certainly emotion in it, but its coupling with the animation... well, it got to me the first time I watched and listened.

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Kaia's song from This Binary Universe. I watched the whole DVD of the music videos and basically had my brain melted by how awesome it all was, and then right and the end he goes and does this out of the blue for his daughter and you basically have no soul if you don't find this awesome.

Also Red XIII and his dad. I am defenceless to this song because of it's association to this scene, especially when the drum gets going.

Edit: lol didn't realize how old this thread was.

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I thought I was weird for crying at beautiful songs, but I guess I'm not the only one :) two songs that I recently listened to that made me cry were Aqua's Theme from Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep and Theme of Love from the Final Fantasy: Pray album. I was literally bawling when I heard these two songs, especially Theme of Love. For me, that's probably the best version of that song.

Usually I never cry at much of anything, but my obsession with music has grown so much that crying comes naturally if a song really touches me.

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No, but I did get real upset as a kid when I'd hear Bohemian Rhapsody. (I thought the first ballad-y part was really sad at the time.) I will admit that I came close when my school's orchestra played the 2nd movement of New World Symphony and I had an amazing vantage point (I was in the percussion section); that movement is still among my favorite pieces of music.

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