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OCR01764 - Goemon’s Great Adventure "Kabuki Frogs"


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Breezy; the vibe on this one really reminds me of the pretty awesome and overlooked Aerobiz soundtracks. If you dig this, be sure to check them out.

ANYWAYS, there is a ton of great soloing on this one, especially the heavily panned solo, and some great grooves; Nice and clean drums that punch right through, but still has plenty of room for the solos.

A great morning pick-me-up. Nice work. :-D

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I'd like to thank everyone for the great replies. This was a BLAST to make, and I would love to say "expect more", but I actually don't have anything in the works for now (too much stuff going on in life and etc.), so this is probably my last release for the foreseeable future (unless a CERTAIN PROJECT decides to man up and get released).

I intend however, to spread some Goemon love around OCR, which I will do through a combination of vicious political campaign and, eventually, music making (ask AnSo, he already got a taste of my ridiculous Goemon stalk).

Thanks a lot guys.

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This is one of my favourite games, with one of my favourite soundtracks. I'm very happy at the choice of source material! I'm also very happy about the remix! It's very smooth and stylish sounding, with a good sense of what the original is about and a very strong bassline. Good remix :D

I'm glad you like it man. But, if you like the soundtrack so much, help me spread the love! =D

BTW.: It seem I am not able to access the Judges Decision on the song, is something wrong?

BTW2: Nevermind, it's ok now.

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loved the remix, loved the game. we need more goemon remixes, that music was great.

forgot though, it's been a while, which part of the game does 'Burning My Soul (track 20)' play? anybody got a link to the original .mp3? :)

(edit: was it edo castle or something like that?)

Edo Castle in flames, last stage of the first world. The place where you fight the freaked out Impact.

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DAMN we have a lot of funk on this site. It wins just for the rock organ. It's so campy I have to love it. The fact that you stole the lead instrument from 'Superstition' gets you some points too. Normally funk and groove makes me go blah, but there's just something fun about this one. I can see Foxy Cleopatra dancing to it, and that alone is enough to make me giggle. Good mix.

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Super nice Eastern-influenced funk. It's really rich in that 70s and 80s vibe, with a lot of unique touches to make its own identity out of it and bring it in line with the original source material.

Definitely strays into djpretzel territory, which is always an awesome territory to occupy. The solos are off the hook and varied enough to keep everything increasingly fresh.

I can't say I'm at all familiar with the source soundtrack, but it sounds interesting, to say the least. I might have to check it out. In the meantime, I'll just heart this mix as a placeholder.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01764 - Goemon’s Great Adventure "Kabuki Frogs"

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