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Halloween Costumes


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I went as the goddamn BATMAN


I sadly could not do my CSI: Miami thing. I have the suit and the sunglasses. The hard part was getting a portable speaker small enough to carry around, play the "YEEAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" the instant I needed it, and the time to not be in agony.

It would have been great, too. Random people can unintentionally deliver great setup lines.

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Ness? Miyamoto? Batman? Mario? Luigi?

Where are the ghosts, the wizards, the vampirers, the demons and zombies?

I hate what's become of the one day devoted to fear and terror (well, other than mother's day at my parents' place anyway.) Apparently, now sexy replaced scary, and well, it sucks.

Unless I wear a sexy nurse outfit because that would be down right scary.

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