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Satriani is suing Coldplay


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Yaaaay! I mean really, how pissed off would you be if someone got nominated for a Grammy for a song that you wrote?


For those of you who never heard the song, here's a before after:


Even if you don't think its an exact match, you've got to admit its pretty close at worst.

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the satriani song has like ten seconds of song where it sounds like the coldplay one


The first part of Satriani's melody is the same, but then it goes off in a completely different direction from Coldplay's. It wouldn't surprise me if that part of the Coldplay song was "inspired by" (aka ripped off from) Satriani's song... but on the other hand, it's a simple enough melody that it would surprise me if Coldplay had never heard the song before and the whole thing was merely coincidence.

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To be honest I think it might be, the main reason I'm all up for the sueage is because its a pretty standard tune, and yet Coldplay make million's off it and Satriani makes very little. I really don't think its worth a Grammy.

I'm looking forward to seeing Joe on the cover of the next Guitar World headlined "Satch show's you the hot legal briefs that took him to the top! Page 78"

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This just in, Chrono Trigger Composer Yasunori Mitsuda copied Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" to make Robo's Theme.



I lol'd.

Honestly, Stariani's an obvious ass. It degrades musicians everywhere to do like this :/ I mean before the romantic period (19th century) it was ENCOURAGED do rely on standards. And something relevant: it's a VERY basic melody+chord progression, the melody is only similar. As Shariq said, if this is a valid reason for suing everyone should sue everyone and it'd be very hard to make chord-based music anymore.

Honestly, it's mostly sad.. I guess he really needs that money.. :tomatoface:

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I remember reading an article a while back and Coldplay themselves said the use other bands work as "inspiration" for their songs.

Interpret it how you like.

If someone could help me out on the article, that would be great.

That's the thing, because I'm pretty sure a lot of bands use other artists as inspiration.

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