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OCR01025 - Mega Man 2 "Dr. Wily's Wedding"


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ok people, I am seriously going to commission a professional to transcribe this piece to piano sheet music. It will cost me $24. He is almost set to do it.

I have not paid him yet. Before I do commission him, is there anyone here who's willing to chip in?

I am not selling this commission. It is not done yet. However if nobody chips in for it, and the remixer gives me permission, I might sell it here to try to recoup some of my costs. Right now, I am simply asking if anyone wants to chip in for this commission.

It is a lovely piece and I really want to play it; i know some of you guys do too now!

More info: email me at premiumg (at) yahoo.com

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I've sent everyone who made positive comments on this thread about the piano sheet music commission a PM

For some reason, some PM's wont go out. They go to outbox and I cannot send them. Anyway, if you want this song, please email rather than PM me cause PM's aren't working too well.

Also, I've already emailed the author of this remix. He does not have the sheet music for it. I've looked people, its not there. I am commissioning a professional transcriptor. It will sound EXACTLY like the MP3.

With that being said, thanks.

EDIT: Well!!

Good news people, i've got email back from Jay and he's going to do the transcription himself for free!!!

He'll have something ready for us after 1-2 weeks or so. He says he was a perfectionist and wanted it to be note perfect.

Thanks Jay!


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Wow... that's great news!

I had actually emailed him about a transcription a while back and it looks as if he feels like making one...

Thx to everyone who suggested sheet music for it!


Yes, it's NEVER too late to learn piano... but I can't speak for myself since I started at 10, but as long as you're dedicated enough it works out fine (and as long as you ahve a good instructor)

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Hey Guys...

I am shocked that I received about 60 personal emails either asking for sheet music or just to comment - so for starters, I wanted to thank everyone for being so nice again and also for wanting to play it for themselves. I guess I'll do some more piano arrangements, lol.

I only learn and write music by ear, I do not read music; mainly because I taught myself how to play piano and never took lessons. So this is my solution for those who want it..

I don't know how (or if it's even possible) to post files on a thread, so, if anyone emails me at magickal7@aol.com, I will send them the MIDI file of the piano part for Dr. Wily's Wedding. It was not sequenced, just played 'live' and is the exact notation of the MP3. So don't expect the time signature to be correct, or the tempo - just print out the sheets and go with the flow.

Thanks everyone! - Jayson Litrio

I am awaiting 3 new OC posts, as well as working on a new piano arrangement and a secret side project for OC. Future is bright!

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Jayson is DA MAN!!

Seriously, I first hear this song a bunch a years ago and only your version keep this notes in my head against my will... it's... just... so... damn... great bro!!!!!!!

Keep the piano thing working dude! The concept of turning a beaty songs into a mellow and quiet one (or the inverse) is one concept that'll never dry out of potential.

If only I was a pretty girl, I would thank you in so many ways man! lol (Forget that last one...)

Hope my gf don't ever see this post!

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I really deserves my username. I actually listened to all the remixers from the games I´ve played before I joined, now I just thought I go through all of them again and review, but the question is:


Seriously, beautiful piano, strings and flute as excellent side-instruments, and an arrangement so magnificent that I imaginarily punches myself for finding this masterpiece so late.

But nothing is too late, I can still download it, can´t I? Jayson, dude, one of the best pianoremixes I´ve heard, thanks again.

I only learn and write music by ear, I do not read music; mainly because I taught myself how to play piano and never took lessons. So this is my solution for those who want it..

Then we´re in the same boat. I myself play some piano, and it´s all in my head. I can´t do much while I´m playing piano. I can´t talk, can´t look, sometimes not breath, so trying to read while playing would be nearest impossible. But who knows? Learning Song of Storms single playing was impossible at first, now I nearly master it in a easy way.

Good to hear that you have new stuff coming up. Keep on playing dude. Someday you might play at your own wedding as well.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01025 - Mega Man 2 "Dr. Wily's Wedding"

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