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pixietricks and I are officially engaged.


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Zircon and Pixie... I kept saying to myself and Jordan when this was gonna happen. I'm glad it finally did!! I went into the living room screaming this to my roommates. I'm so happy for you guys. :] Trust me when I say this... It's so much better after you get it all over with. You guys took 3 years though... Too long... Pick it up, ya? :)

Can't wait to meet you guys at MAGFEST. You two are a cute couple indeed.

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Jillian Aversa...? There goes your brand identity. :P

Congrats, you two!

That's where the hyphen comes in. Any self-respecting professional woman, whose maiden-name is well known does the hyphen. Observe:

Jillian Goldin-Aversa

Much more professional. :P

It's either that or zircon takes her name: Andrew Goldin...

Or alternately: Andrew Aversa-Goldin

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