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OCR01040 - Chrono Trigger "600 A.D. in Piano"


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Okay. First off if you want to flame me do it in email.

This song, is mediocre. If this was Klutz's only piano arrangement on here then I would rave and beat people into downloading it.

But, this is the fourth. And really, the structure doesn't change much, his left hand lines are still just about the same as his other songs. (The waltz bit is a nice saving grace, props for that bit) And the performance is fantastic as usual. But the arrangement...it just doesn't feel like he brought anything new to the table. Seems like a one trick pony to me. Sound quality is good as usual...

My major gripe with this is just that...it...doesn't seem that klutz is really progressing much in terms of style. But this is still a good song. Download if you enjoy relatively simple piano pieces.

One Word ReView - Disappointing.

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How you look at this song depends on how you look at kLuTz. I personally enjoy his work IN that its not overly complicated, and all his pieces so far have appealed to me a good deal.

So, when I saw a 600 AD one by him, I leapt in joy. And I was given just what I expected: a piano piece, plain and simple. I wasn't looking for growth, just kLuTz's adaptation of 600 AD in the style I knew and loved so well. And no doubt, this is the best 600 AD remix ON the site. I wasn't really looking for variety, per se, I was looking for kLuTz.

If you like 600 AD, download this. If you like kLuTz's other pieces, download this.

And on a personal note, it's hard to do a review of this while listening to the Hogan's Heroes theme.

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This is a bit better than standard-fare kLutZ. It sounds great, and it's a step above basic arrangement. Nonetheless, it's not *incredible*, like Trial in Concert, due to the arrangement. As I said, he DOES do some things in the latter half that sound pretty cool, but on the whole, it's not all that special. I would say 7/10.

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I loved this remix of Chrono Trigger. I have been a fan of kLutZ since accidentally stumbling across his website while searching for mp3s of Chrono Cross. (He has two, by the way, which are excellent remixes of Another World theme and People Imprisoned by Destiny), and had no idea until now that he was on OCRemix... I'm gonna go get the other songs now! (and send in the non-piano remixes too klutz!)

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Thanks for taking the time to listen and comment! =)

Glad you guys enjoyed it (for those of you who did).

Yeah, it is true that this song is pretty old..improved since then..I don't know? About the sheet music some of you may be wondering about, I've never made any sheet music out of any of my songs before, but there is someone who has transcribed this piece for me, and it's in overture file format. Should I leave it in that format? Not sure of any other way to release it, anyways, I'll post it up at my site after I go back home from school and proofread it.

I certainly don't think I'm an awesome pianist or anything, heh..I usually just try to create or arrange easy listening music. You guys do have an interesting point of the music growing a bit repetitive, hehe. While it is true that these pieces may be improvised, I'm trying to change my style of playing these days too, we'll see how that goes, I guess, heh..

Well, thanks again guys!



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Thanks to all your comments again! For those of you looking for sheet music, someone has transcribed this song for me. As of now, it is available in Overture (*.ove) format. Also, pertaining to the left and right hand positions, it may not be exactly how I played it, but play the piece

how it would most be comfortable to you =).

Check out http://klutz.vgmidi.com/music.htm for the piece.

Thanks a lot Nana!


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