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Beatdrop -- 'Revolution' Album Release (Free Download [Not anymore! Sorry.])


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Wow. I've been listening to this for quite some time. After so many repeats, here are my thoughts. Please note that this is not a review by any means.

The intro is sick. When The Collapse first started playing, I knew this was going to be one hell of a ride. Revolution is very ambitious; It further strengthens already strong first impressions. Burn Out is cool. I'm not a fan of the effects processing on the vocals though. Flash is pretty simple, and there lies it's strengh - it lends itself to dancefloor quite well. Get Down follows the similar pattern but it's much more elaborate. Both Flash and Get Down seem to be very DDR-friendly tracks. Minutes to Seconds is my least favorite. Everything kind of just rubbed me the wrong way here, vocals primarily. This is also the only track on the album I regularly skip.

Heetseeker is an old favorite of mine. Now this one caught me off-guard. I didn't expect this flavor of trance, much less to be this intense and deep; I was shocked at how clean and polished everything sounded. It feels like this one just came out naturally. Blood Inside I also remember hearing earlier but it didn't impress me at the time. It was when I first went through the whole album that I realized how good the instrument choices were. This one's a grower definitely, and also one of the more danceable tracks on the album. Air is pretty nice and relaxing, one of the tracks that caught my attention on the very first listen.

This Isn't Happening bored me at first which made me skip it a few times, but later on proved to be extremely catchy. A grower. The Return of Supernovatomic...now this is where I...well, cringed. :) It's a pretty good track but the vocals sound really cheesy (even more so than on Burn Out)...kinda like the German 90's sound (Scooter), little of which I can stand. But otherwise, I really like the beat and especially the melodies on this one. Revolt and Praxis are both huge. Revolt especially gives me chills. Oh, and finaly some guitars on Praxis. Thumbs up.

Though Everything May Fade Away is my absolute favorite! It's just mindblowing. I'm so impressed with this track, I consider it my #1 favorite Beatdrop song (followed closely by Afterburner). As for Seek High + Low, I like this chiptune sounding style a lot. I seemed to dig the track at first, but it didn't hold my attention for too long. I like when artists leave the best for last, so in that respect this one is a little bit dissapointing (but not bad).

Overall, this is nothing short of amazing. Thank you so much for putting this out for free! Your music has become very dear to me.

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Hi Beatdrop, another lurker chiming in with my 5 cents worth. I've been a big fan of yours since I first heard your Antimatter remix (which is still one of my favourites on this whole site) and I always enjoy hearing your new remixes. That said, I have also listened to In The Dark more times than I could say, and was eagerly looking forward to Revolution.

I was a bit late in actually getting it though, so I'd planned to listen to it a few more times before posting. But since this thread might be going the way of the dodo soon I'd just like to say that on the two occasions I've listened to this so far I've enjoyed it immensely. The opening crunch on The Collapse made me smile, since it evoked Antimatter to me. Some of the other stand out tracks for me were Flash and Revolution. Blood Inside I liked too, I wasn't really expecting to after AnSo's comments, but I found the bell-like lead to be a cool effect. I'm also a big fan of both hyperactive DDR music and Scooter, so at no time did the vocals detract from the musical experience for me

So yeah, it's a shame more people haven't posted on here, but from this fan, please don't stop making awesome music! I can't wait to hear more from you.

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Hey Beatdrop,

I've been a long time fan, and more recently, a fellow competitor on ourstage.com and I finally downloaded this album today. And I must say, it is an absolute EPIC. Wow. Gotta love the glitching effects, eh? :D

I'd say that Flash, Burn Out, Heatseeker, This Isn't Happening, and Seek High + Low were my personal favorite tracks on here. Everyone always gets caught up with the euros and prog trances of the world when they first come across electronic music, but this album is truly 'electronic' music; and I love it. I wish you the best of luck and I will try to spread the word as much as I can. Good luck man!


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Wasn't planning on giving commentary before because there were already people who commented on how good it was; plus it was old before. Yet the revival has sparked me to bring in some really late comments.

Well, more praise than comments XD. Honestly, I listen to your album quite aLOT, and to me, it's made of AWESOME. I especially enjoy tracks like Heatseeker, Air, Revolution, and surprisingly, quite a bit of The Return of Supernovatomic. For some reason I've always enjoyed how the lyrics went with the electronic beat. And it's not like every other track doesn't win it with me.

The best part: it was FREE! Thanks for doing that man!

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I know I freakin' love this album, it's still located somewhere in my iPod, in it's entirety, I didn't delete none of this...I also went back and downloaded In the Dark, although I really only kept "Until Forever" from that one...XD

Yeah Dain, I remember you posting an awesome Blood Inside Remix on your Myspace profile, when's that remix album of yours supposed to be coming out?

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